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sdr2 au where instead of nagito & hajime...normally investigating, they do it like over the top, law and order level shit.

hajime: *bends down dramatically and swipes finger through blood, and in voice of ice t* well ko, looks like someones been *turns to camera* murdered here

nagito: *busts down door, hajime following suit with bloody knife* KOIZUMI.

mahiru: i was........just outside.....the could have opened it.

and like...they go way over the top with evidence in shit. its hilarious to watch them. they’re like mulder and scully, in a sense.


Dangnronpa 3 makes me sad so I spent time making myself happy instead. 

“I’m Chiaki Nanami, the SHSL Wrestler….I’ve tried out all styles, but high flying is my specialty…It’s nice to meet you, I think.”

talentswap aus are my favourite… (pls don’t tag as kin/me!)