Beautiful Days SDR2: Super High School Level Friendship

Story: Onogami Meiya (小野上明夜)
Illustration: Fujiwara Ryou (冨士原良)

(I’m still on vacation and am already posting this way later than I finished it, so I’m not going to reread it for mistakes as thoroughly as I usually do. Please don’t hesitate to point out anything that seems weird! Otherwise, please enjoy the final story of Beautiful Days!)

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WIP pictures of the jacket I sewed for my Komaeda arisatounox, in some semblance of chronological order… ♡

I’m really proud of the silhouette and the body so have a raw picture of komahina rushing to stand up and escape the waves. I know it looks like I’m the only one in panic but that’s because komaeda is full of hope.