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Antagonist: Twogami
Suspects Me: Sonia
Kills Me: Nagito
Killed by Me: Twogami
Weapon: Electric Shocks
Execution?: Yes, because of a death message
Best Friends: Mikan and Gundam
Crushes on Me: Gundam (ughhhhhh my Tanaka loves me💖)

Why I think Komahina is probably one of the most canon ships in SDR

By the title of this blog post, I’ll just be stating my reasons on why Komahina must be one of the most canon ships in SDR. I’ll be starting out my reasons with the most obvious, but it won’t come as a surprise with my later points since the fandom has basically covered over all the points.

Reason number 1: Nagito’s free time events.

At the end of Nagito Komaeda’s free time events, he states that he has Stage 3 Malignant Lymphoma and Frontotemporal Dementia and then he goes on a rant about how it’s lonely to die alone and all he wanted in life, was someone’s love. But as he began to open himself up to Hajime, he retracts all his statements and begins to construct a wall around him once more, stating all he said was from a book he read. Not wanting Hajime to get hurt by his luck cycle, he created a wall, once more. He then went on to say as Hajime was leaving that he, and I quote. “From the bottom of my heart…I am truly in love with the hope that sleeps inside of you.” Now, doesn’t that sound like an odd phrase to say? It was present in the Japanese version, that Nagito says the word ‘aishiteru’ which is a term that even married couples are hesitant to use. Aishiteru, is a Japanese word that means, I am in love with you, as it correlates to what Nagito is saying with the in love with the hope that sleeps inside of you. What Nagito was truly doing, was he was trying to make a confession, but then changed his wording, he was probably afraid of the outcome that were to happen. 

 Reason number 2: Island Mode

This is a tiny reason, but all the more important, (and adorable). So, when You hang out with Nagito in Island Mode, using trip tickets, Nagito will make little remarks here and there, giving small hints at his affection towards Hajime. To summarize, Nagito states at the beach when you recommend to take your clothes off, that he doesn’t really mind for you to see him naked. And the usual response if someone were to ask you this, is no. And either at the amusement park or at the beach, he suggests to go back to their, ‘love nest’. Which is a place for lovers to go in peace.

Reason number 3: CD Drama

So, you can find these CD Dramas on YT and such, but a CD Drama is an interaction done by characters, but are usually just done with music, voice acting, etc. As I was listening in, I heard the words Daisuki, directed at Hajime, the word means to like something very much, it’s not as passionate as aishiteru, but it’s close enough. The subtitles said much more descriptive things, such as Nagito saying, “But I won’t give up. I’ll continue to do anything in my power to assist you. Because…I like you, I love you, for being willing to talk to me like this, even after knowing what a hopelessly incompetent person I am…” And quote. But obviously, this confession goes over Hajime’s head. But the meaning is true, Nagito hasn’t said this to ANYONE, he feels this way since Hajime was the only person whom was trying to understand Nagito, the only person willing to talk to him, and that obviously means a lot for Nagito. At the very least, he RESPECTS Hajime, telling him that you’d need courage to even attempt to understand something you can’t, and that, is enough for someone to embody hope.

Reason 4: Nagito’s character theme

So, Nagito’s character theme is called Poison, and in one line, it says, “I love, and want to understand him more than anyone else.” Take note of the him, pronoun. Nagito is not saying them, or even her, he says him. And since all the other guys are weary of Nagito, and took a disliking to him, the only person Nagito could be talking about, is our main protagonist, Hajime, since he was the only one to try and talk to Nagito throughout the game. That in itself, is important to Nagito’s relationship and character.

Reason 5: Chapter 3, the despair disease

This is obvious in itself, but the despair disease prevented Nagito to say anything but lies, he had the lying disease, so it’s pretty obvious too mistake everything he says as a lie. When Hajime went over to Nagito’s room, he was discouraged and forced out of Nagito’s room by, Nagito himself. Nagito kept saying things about how he wanted Hajime to leave, or how he didn’t want too see Hajime’s face again. And that obviously pissed off Hajime, but in reality, Nagito was just lying, and he wanted Hajime to stay with him. The thing that pissed me off about this, is that Hajime should have KNOWN Nagito was lying, and how Nagito wanted Hajime to stay with him, but nope, Hajime forgets that detail, and leaves.

I’m sure there is much more detail into the facts about how Nagito loves Hajime, and how this was already made and how all the points in this was already known to the public, but I just wanted to make this since I can. Oh, and I don’t want anyone refuting this and trying to make a debate against me with my incorrect statements, all I want is too share how I feel about the beloved Komahina, alright?


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