adorejinhao  asked:

How do you make desktop wallpapers? (If I can ask)

hello! of course you can ask sdlkfsjdf ✧˖°

there’s really no / specific / set way one should go about making desktop wallpapers, but here’s how i do it!

  • i open photoshop & cntrl/cmd + n for a new canvas. 
  • i usually set it to 1440/900 (px) because that’s the dimensions of my screen!! though the more hd the better in my opinion ; ;
  • fill / adjustments panel > solid, usually some offwhite or paler colour!

this is usually where everyone veers off to different directions depending on what they want for their desktop wallpapers! :’)

  • usually, i like very plain calender wallpapers (nothing fancy) so i’ll usually use the text tool + some sans serif font to type out whatever the current month and add the month name on top with a serif font! sometimes if i’m a typography kinda mood, i’ll do a quote
  • sometimes i’ll add a drawing or doodle from other psds, or a photo from pinterest, but that’s usually how i make my wallpapers! 

i hope this was a little useful! i know it wasn’t really in depth & kinda vague, but making wallpapers is really dependent on your personal preference ・*♡