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whats your favorite thing about finnrey

their devotion. here are two people who fell into each other’s lives by happenstance; these two people who stumbled upon each other in a moment and aligned themselves together without a second thought. they barely knew each other and yet there was a piece of them that kept fighting to get back to the other. 

rey went back for finn and held out her hand to this boy she’d met minutes ago. she went after him again when he was taken by the rathtar and her grief at the thought of losing him was palpable. she begged him to stay when all he wanted in the world was to get somewhere safe and you could see the brokenness when he said he couldn’t, not this time.

and finn went back for rey. he went back to face the people he wanted to get away from at all costs. he broke that promise to himself - to get as fast and far away from the first order as possible - for her; this scavenger girl who he’d found a home in. finn went back for her again in the forest. he turned his back on kylo ren, whose wrath he feared, to make sure she was alive. to settle that scream in his chest that she was alright. and after that, you can see the darkness in his eyes, just like rey had; the revenge and anger and destruction that crept into both of them at the thought of the other dying. 

they are devoted to each other. across every galaxy, every system, every planet. they are devoted to each other, and nothing could keep them from each other ever again.

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Sorry if this sends twice. Who does domestics? Who get ridic excited for holidays? Who is more affectionate? What do Bilbo and Bofur do when Thorin is busy kinging? Are there fights over who gets to be the middle spoon? Who wins?

YESSS OK this took a bit to get to because I discussed these with my boffinshield partner in crime, amahhi. Answer’s under the cut because WOW DID I TALK A LOT ABOUT THESE THREE….(warning for a very mild drug mention down in there. old toby leaf. freakin hobbits)

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