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cryengine runtime audio middleware switch

This is a video showing CRYENGINE’s capability of switching the audio middleware at runtime. In detail it is showcased a switch between 2 completely different implementations - Wwise and SDL_mixer.
Interview with Out of the Flames of Ferguson
See an intro to this piece and an update on We're Hir We're Queer here. Who is Out of the Flames of Ferguson (OOTFF)? How did you all get together? What are your politics and what kind of work do...

OOTFF is majority black and majority non-men; in this way, we are representative of the demographics of the broader movement. Similarly, we, like BLM nationally, have had our own internal and external struggles with gender, and with forming an understanding of feminism and its connection to the fight against police brutality that feels authentic to all of our experiences and politics. We have been informed by the feminist and liberatory traditions of the queers of Stonewall and Compton’s Cafeteria, the women of the Young Lords, the women of the Black Panthers and the Black Liberation Army, and the women of the Zapatistas, among others, as well as texts such as the Combahee River Collective Statement, Dorothy Roberts’ pivotal book on reproductive justice, “Killing the Black Body,” and Danielle McGuire’s “At the Dark End of the Street,” an exploration of the central role of Black women’s organizing against sexual violence in the Civil Rights Movement. As McGuire demonstrates in her crucial text, it was the organizing and mobilization efforts of Black women that maintained the continuity of the movement between what we have come to understand as the peaks of struggle: the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Woolworth’s sit-ins, and the March on Washington, to name a few.

The same trend is present today, with heightened moments of struggle concentrated around cases such as those of Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Tamir Rice, and Freddie Gray. These men have become household names, and the struggles that have emerged around their murders have sparked the radicalization of a generation. The significance of these moments should not be underestimated; at the same time, we must recognize the reality that it is the day-to-day and often less glamorous reproductive, relationship-building, and infrastructure-building work of Black women and queers that has facilitated the coherence of these sparks into a fire – a hugely important movement for Black liberation unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. It is also no coincidence that this sustaining organizing work is often around the lesser known cases of police violence against Black cis and trans women, queers, and gender nonconforming people. For instance, Rekia Boyd has kept Chicago organizing steady for two years, laying the groundwork that made possible the pop off after the murder of Laquan McDonald. McDonald’s name is the one most people think of now in regards to police brutality in Chicago, and the one that people were willing to show up in the streets for. We can and must celebrate the amazing moment of struggle that the reaction to McDonald’s murder was, while also fiercely criticizing and combatting the erasure of Black women, both in terms of the violence the state wages against them and the lack of recognition and support they receive for their work that is so central to the success of the movement.

aeternitasintricatae asked:

📚 [ Richard~ ]

(Send me a “ 📚 “ for my muse to
speak another language to your muse. )

☕  ──── { @aeternitasintricatae​ }

Quaint is the mid-morning air, as the two
straggle about, enjoying the mere presence of one
another, mugs warming their palms.

     Content, despite the disturbance of papers
Richard idly shuffles about the coffee table; making
room to relinquish the cup from his grasp. Too hot,

     A quiet hum in recognition; latin phrases; poetry,
… Struck by nostalgia a night or two ago, he found
himself digging up old books from “Victoria’s room(where
he kept all and anything to have anything remotely to do
with his roots).

Richard can’t help the smile that, as gentle as it was–
forces itself to settle upon his lips. A memory. An old poem
from a favourite book he’d never had the heart to get rid of.

     ❝ ‘Sic erit.. haeserunt tenues in corde sagittae,
              et possessa ferus pectora versat Amor…
        Cedimus, an subitum luctando accendimus ignem?
            Cedamus..! Leve fit, quod bene fertur, onus…’

    Blue hues settle softly on Henry […one may say they
nearly SPARKLE]
dark brow raised just slightly. There
was no expectation of recognition. It had, more or less,
simply been a piece that seemed to settle COMFORTABLY
when placed within the same chamber of his heart in
which he kept Henry. He merely wished to utter it aloud.

    Perhaps it was the silent romantic that wished to articulate
itself; to show himself subtly, quietly. As if, had it been in
English, it would have somehow been more difficult to say

    A smile rests upon his still slightly sleepy features and
he sits, first two fingers idly grasping the handle of the mug
settled to his right. He leaves the words to hang within the
silence. Satisfied, perhaps, at assigning words to match
his feelings.

{ –Thus it will be; slender arrows are lodged in my heart,
and Love vexes the chest that it has seized
Shall I surrender, or stir up the sudden flame by fighting it?
I will surrender - a burden becomes light when it is carried willingly.

@sweetscreamer   (x)

Malia sighs, she was really trying to avoid Lydia all day just because she dind’t feel like talking about what happened between her and her mom, that one night. It still brought an unimaginable amount of pain into her heart, and she didn’t want Lydia to see that side of her- reflected in her brown eyes. “No, I already ate, I’ll… text you later.” She tells her girlfriend, as she starts to head the other direction, not wanting to look back at her face, because she knows it will just hurt her even more.

venting sorry

ive been extra stressed about grades lately cuz its the end of the semester and i dont know sometimes i get violent urges but not super often i think its mostly just left over self harm coping techniques but because ive been more stressed lately theyve been pretty bad and i keep thinking about breaking my fingers or popping my shoulders out or the other day i cut my hand on the car door pretty bad and i keep like pulling my skin apart as much as i can and hnnnng i hate this so much i just wanna literally tear myself to pieces i dont know

like really im ok and im not going to but the thoughts keep coming up ://


2009, Part 3

Tagalog- Native language of the Filipinos

Kazuma © kaiser44 (me)

Soro © muchymozzarella


Panel 3
Kazuma: OI! IKAW! | HEY! YOU!
Soro: Ha? | Huh?

Panel 4
Kazuma: Ikaw nga yun! | It is you!


Panel 1
Kazuma: Ang tagal na noong tayo'y nagkita! | It’s been so long since we last saw each other!

Kazuma: Ako po si Kazuma! | I’m Kazuma!

Kazuma: Ano pong ginagawa niyo rito? | What are you doing here?

Panel 5
Kazuma: TEKA!!! Ate So- | WAIT!!! So-

Soro: Hindi ako nakikipag-usap sa mga estranghero! | I don’t talk to strangers!



Panel 6

Kazuma: A-Ate…So…ro… | So…ro…-san…


Panel 1

Kazuma: UWA!!! HINDI PO! HINDI PO! | UWA!!! NO! NO!

Panel 7
Soro: Ano ‘to? | What’s this?


Panel 2
Soro: Haah…Ikaw… | Haah…You…

Panel 3
Soro: Talaga… | Really… 

About Learning

A while ago I began to learn how to work with SFML and SDL, I’m still am, now focusing more on the SDL 2.0 because of it’s wide use on multiplataforms. While learning I’m building up an “engine” to make my games on.

I’m having some troubles with it’s design, probably I would like to rebuild it in the times to come. But what’s helping me is the LibUnicórnio, a library of C++ based on SDL2.0, I’m using it as a base of what I could do and what I’m doing wrong. It has been a good experience so far. So good that I was programming ‘till 7am without realizing that the time has passed.

Software Engineering was something that I’ve missed in the last year while developing some games for the course, that’s why I’m currently reading Game Programming Pattern. Is really interesting! I recommend to everyone that is involved with programming, even if not with game programming, maybe there’s something you can learn from that! (and it’s free)