I got to thinking about the universe and it hit me like a brick wall. We were the moon and ocean. You were my moon. You were transcendent and absolutely disarming. I was the ocean; deep, immense, full of mysteries I had not yet to discover. And you were my moon.. You determined my mood and controlled my chaos. You were a large orbiting rock and the gravitational pull you had on me could calm my currents or trouble my tides.

S&W 4506

A popular but out of production .45 ACP pistol. Being a 3rd generation series from S&W, it shares a similar appearance to the 1006, 4006 and 5906, all of which have their own respective variants. Simple design and appearance, the 4506 can also handle .45 Super with a simple changing of its springs. They aren’t exactly rare but may become collectable over time; something that happened to the 10mm models. (GRH)