jilys  asked:

omg, you're one of those blogs that when i see any posts from you on my dash (which is regular btw and which i'm so happy about) i scream in happiness, cause wow elena,, just everything is quality asf!! you light up my dash and make it the amazing and jam packed place it should be! hope you have a lovely day babe ♥ ♥ ♥

ahhh liyah!! i’m cryingg you’re so sweet. this means so much!! and coming from you?? i’m d e a d omg thank you liyah :”) you’re beautiful, ok? you’re wonderful and amazing and deserve all the cute things sdkjfsf i hope you’re doing great!! and having a wonderful week and a gorgeous day!! and same to you i’m?? my dash wouldn’t be the same without you hksj ilysm liyah <33

tell me who I am on your dash