sdk is one!

happy YOU year

make this year all about you and your goals and what will make you 100% truly genuinely happy.

  • you want to wear a fur coat to school? do it and don’t care what anyone else thinks because you’ll look fab as fuck
  • you want to go to a concert for a band none of your friends like but you don’t want to go alone? go by yourself and make friends in line and have fun and dance like no one is watching because you don’t know anyone there.
  • you want to dye your hair a crazy color? do it because if you let other people hold you back you’ll never truly be able to be happy

So make this year all about you and what you can do because the only person stopping you is yourself.

The 3 C’s of life: choices, chances, and changes

“you must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change”


anonymous asked:

how did you seriously meet all the members if sdk?

jonah: he tweeted one day that he missed being in a collab channel so i hit him up about one i was trying to start ( a different one than sdk ) and then we met at digifest nyc and realized we both love john mayer and then became hOMIES

adam and nick: their friend posted my video on someone elses facebook wall and they saw it and hit me up cuz they saw i lived close to them so i just like went to their house one day and we became hOMIES 

josh: i met at playlist live cuz my roommate in college was dating chomiks cousin and she told me about chomik but i never got to meet him. She texted me while i was at playlist live like hey go meet them and i met sobo and he like shouted me out on twitter in the first 10 seconds i met him it was so funny we took like 7 selfies. 

joe: um he randomly followed me one day and i just dmd him and was like hey lets be friends. It was funny cuz i think i asked him if he wanted to meet in the city and get food and his response was “you tryna fuck?”

Ryan: i dont have like an exact memory of meeting ryan, all i know is we knew eachother from and i remember skyping him, mikey bolts and adam and nick all the time 2-3 years ago like really late at night talking about youtube stuff for hours. We just gradually became homies from that. 

and that kids is how i met your mother

theres this theatre in my hometown where i did this talent show as a kid and i dream of sdk doing a show there one day where we headline that would be the coolest thing for me 

anonymous asked:

Who are the most genuine youtubers you know outside of sdk? Like who are the ones that actually are who they seem to be on the internet.

rebecca black is my closest friend out side of beast coast and yo shes the realist