“I love that we get a Cena vs *insert indy darling* feud each summer for the past couple years. Through his feuds with Kevin Owens and AJ Styles, Cena has showcased probably his greatest work in his entire career, and on top of that he’s given each a clean win over him which is a huge rub to both Kevin and AJ. I hope they give him another feud along the same lines this year”

How to Get Trades in Animal Jam

                            A How to Guide to gettin them sweet trades!

Step 1: Put on your best outfit.This will give others the illusion that you are “rare” and “hip” and therefore a good person to trade!

Step 2: Surround your 1 (one) good item with miscellaneous ones. This gives the impression that you have cooler stuff. ( don’t.)

Step 3: Go to Aldan, the coolest place in Jamaa! (It’s the best because it starts with an “A”!

Step 4: Panic and leave! What were you thinking??? You’re not cool! These people are so much rarer than you, that wolf has a spike AND a Headdress, what the HE-

I hope this helped people in getting rare! <3

This was my attempt at humor,it wasn’t meant to offend,and if it did…my bad.