On sharing your OCs...

Do it. Just do it. 

You aren’t bothering anyone by sharing all the thought and love and work you put into your OC. You aren’t boring them or imposing on them. 

What you’re doing is having fun with your space on Tumblr which should be you first priority. You’ve chiseled out a place, built a blog, now use it to host all the creative stuff that you come up with, OCs included. 

Never forget that a lot of us in fandom WANT to see your OCs. That’s part of why we’re here and a big piece of what we enjoy about Tumblr. I think most people don’t post nearly enough about their OCs.

So post everything you want to: art, fanfic, screencaps, character outlines, whatever and let the rest of us share what you’ve created. 

thejbusition hosts an OC Sharing Day every Wednesday so take full advantage of his generousity and submit some of your stuff to him. 


PART ONE of ten favorite gifs of Liam. I have more that I love but these were honestly the first ten that I love more than anything in my liam gifs folder. Tagged by giggleshrug and freeballinpayne for this truly awful thing. I already know I’m going to have to make like three posts for this…so…. (also none of these gifs are mine!)

hmmm I tag paynekink ayyliam fannyann liamguey liamurdock lirryduo niamandthings paynoisperfection


honestly why was that niam mating ritual necessary


Get to Know Me Meme: 3/? non-human characters; + 6/? antagonists 
↳ Road Kamelot from D.gray-man. She is the Noah of Dreams and is actually the second oldest Noah despite her cute appearance. Her powers are very surrealist, abstract, and dangerous, as they throw her opponents into a dream world in which she controls everything. She twists her opponent’s sensory functions and destroys them from the inside out. 
Welcome back my queen, Road Kamelot!