Nothing in canon says Yami Bakura didn’t like bath bombs. He could have loved taking warm baths with pastel pink and yellow filling the water and a family of rubber ducks floating next to him. “I am the embodiment of evil” Ryou says in his head. Bakura ignores him and keeps making his ducks travel the magic ocean

They were in this ancient dwarven fortress. All the dwarves had died out centuries ago, and now the ruins were infested with goblins.

Players: approaches group of goblins

Cleric (dwarf): I cast light on myself, and roll performance to trick the goblins into thinking I’m a dwarven ghost

Rogue: I hide to move stuff around to make them think he has telekinesis, using the aid another action

Cleric: rolls 14 for performance

DM (me): The goblins rolled a nat 20, they fall on their asses laughing.

Rogue: I run up and I coup d'grace a goblin with my rapier

Cleric: I run up and I coup d'grace a goblin with my warhammer

Fighter: I run up and I coup d'grace a goblin with my longsword

They all killed our targets. No goblins remaining.

Fighter: I play golf with the goblin’s severed head.

Rogue: I hold up the bits of goblin still on my sword, and say, “Anyone up for some shish kegob?”

DM (me): ….

(In a homebrew space-based comedy game, our heroes find themselves infiltrating a rival company as “technicians”. The issue comes when they try to get on the ship to where they’ll be “working”, because they’re not allowed to bring weapons. They need those weapons. While two of them have weapons they can sneak past the checks, the other three party members have to get creative. One is a warrior-type with a rocket launcher, one is a scout with a handgun, and the last is the party medic, an eldritch abomination pretending to be human for the hell of it.)

Guard: Halt! Is that a rocket launcher?!

Warrior: It’s a work tool. I’m, uh, a demolitions technician. I need it for demolitions.

Guard: (rolls badly) Oh, okay. Carry on! 

Scout (OOC): Okay, I’m going to tape a couple of wrenches to my gun and claim that it’s a wrench itself and thus a valid work tool.

(DM gives Scout an “are you shitting me” look and rolls, critical failing.)

Guard: …Ah, of course, a wrench. Carry on!

DM (OOC): Okay, what about you, Doc? Your scalpels are small, but you do have to go through a metal detector with them.

Doc (OOC): Well… truth be told, I’m not entirely sure these scalpels are made of any metal known to man…

DM (OOC): You know what, I’m actually going to allow that.

Doc (OOC): I was kidding! I’m going to make a serious attempt, I swear.

DM (OOC): Eh, you had to get through somehow.

(This was the one and only time Doc got away with something like this.)

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Regarding the 'Rouge' class that noctumsolis suggested in the makeup and thieves list. I think it's a great idea. Maybe the characters should be forced to dress in the brightest colours possible with full badly done makeup but they think it looks amazing. Their only weapon being their startling/horrifying appearance and associated delusions. They cannot have more than 3 in charisma. I may have to create a character like this now, I've been inspired by poor spelling :P

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My deepest, deepest apologies if this upsets you or creeps you out but since your blog is an esteemed beacon of sin-- Uhm. What are your thoughts on underage shipping? Because I've been having terrible ideas about de-aged Credence and Graves, and I don't know who to share them with ^^;;

I……. am down with it, but I also really understand that a lot of my followers probably aren’t and idk if I’m ready for my blog to take that plunge /: