iridescent-moon-balloon  asked:

holy shit!!!! your blog is LITERALLY *THEE* prettiest I've ever seen. Your Sims 4 screenshots make me really wanna give the game a go again and like, buy every expansion.. I have a question about that, though! Did you notice they don't have a seasons expansion? Does it upset you? It suuuuper puts me off, which is one of the reasons I find it so hard to get into it!! And I also love your Animal Crossing stuffs too sdfghj you're just incredible and I hope you have a lovely day, ily ♡♡♡

i’m actually crying, this is so cute, i can’t thank you enough. ;A;
i am painfully aware of the lack of seasons in sims 4, tbh it’s probably my favorite of all the expansions in the franchise. after the release of toddlers i’m thinking we’ll definitely get it in the future, (along with pets), but now it’s really a matter of when… hopefully we don’t have to wait too long!! sims 4 is such a beautiful game, like the graphics genuinely make me gasp sometimes, so the idea of rain or autumn leaves is super exciting, AH! anyway, thank you for being absolutely precious, ily and i hope you have the greatest day!

If he is my walking sunshine, then this would be the walking starscourge