VesVes and Daichi go out! (part 2)

VesVes’s hair was flying in the wind behind her, red locks going everywhere. She was holding on to Daichi’s waist as he drove, and from her hands were, she could tell he was kind of muscle-y.

‘This is…nice.’ she thought then shook her head. 

“Whatcha doing back there, Fireball?” Daichi asked. 

“Oh, uh nothing.” 'Stupid head! Don’t think like that!’ “So where are we going?” VesVes yelled to him. 

“We’re gonna see a movie first.” he said then made a turn and there was the movie theater. He parked and put money in the meter. “My treat, of course.” he smiled a big cheesy grin and unsnapped the helmet on VesVes’s head. 

“Aye, hands off!” VesVes said and smacked his hands away. She gave the helmet to him, which he put under the seat. “What movie are we seeing?” she hadn’t seen any of the newest TV commercials for any, nor had she ever seen a movie in a movie theater. 

“It’s a surprise.” he said and winked. They walked into the lobby and Daichi asked her to stay in there while he got the tickets. 

“What about popcorn?” VesVes questioned. 

“You need to keep that itty bitty belly full for dinner!” he said and led her into the theater after they got their ticket checked. After the previews were done and the movie started, VesVes realized it was a horror movie. From the one horror movie she had seen, she hated them. They scared her senseless. She sat there trembling in her seat, and screamed and jumped when the killer got to another person. Daichi looked over at her, his eyes wide. 

“Fireball, are you okay?” he whispered. VesVes shook her head while she was trembling. Daichi grabbed her hand and led her out of the theater. She took a deep breath of fresh air and felt a hand rubbing her back. “Vesta, are you-” he tried to say but she cut him off. 

“That’s not my name.” she breathed out. He looked at her, confused. 

“What?” he questioned, even though he obviously heard her. 

“That’s….that’s not my name.” she said and sat down on the ground, not caring if her white pants got dirty and trying not to sit on her hair. He sat down right next to her. 

“Then what is?” he asked, getting serious. 

“It’s…it’s uh VesVes.” There wasn’t much of a change, but it was still something. 

“Why change your name?" 

"Uh…new school, new me?” she tried, but laughed nervously. 'More like new life new me.’

“Cut the bullshit, Fireball.” He replied, seeing right through her. 

“Just… security purposes.” She said and sighed. 

“I don’t buy it, but I’ll let it go, for now.” he said and grabbed her hand. 

“What are you doing?!” she yelled. He put his arms in the air. 

“Hey, you lied to me. At least give me something!” he yelled and grabbed her hand again. She sighed heavily. 

“Whatever.” she laid down on the ground, again not caring. And he did the same. 

  • Sephora cashier:Do you have a Beauty Insider card?
  • Me:Yeah, just let me pull it out.
  • Selena:Man, I need to find out where I can get a Student Price Card
  • Me:Aw, I'm too old for those now.
  • Selena:Yeah, just for high school students.
  • Me:Yeahhh, almost 22. Not so much
  • Sephora cashier:Oh my god, you're 22? I thought you were in high school! I mean, you could pass for grade 12.
  • Me:tear.gif

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