Tony Moment Tuesday: Dianne’s Tony-winning fangirl moment with 2-time Tony winner for Best lead actress in a musical, Sutton Foster!

Photos 1 and 2: So, I made a Sutton illustration because I loooove her, tweeted it and to my surprise, Sutton frigging Foster replied! & not only did she reply but she actually wanted a copy of it. I legit died and went to fangirl heaven!

Photos 3 and 4: When she received it, she tweeted me this photo of her with my illustration. I died and went to fangirl heaven again. What’s more thrilling is when I found out she framed it and displayed it on her Anything Goes dressing room!

Photo 5: Aaaand… my extreme fangirl-ing even made it to BroadwayWorld!! Amazing!

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Stagedoor Saturday (Submitted by twogoodtobetrue):
My Phantastic Stagedooring experience! Dreams do come true :D

I found out the news about the Phantom of the Opera on April 3. Since then, I’ve been searching for details like who’ll be the cast (wishing it was Ramin and Sierra), etc. That’s when I discovered this very helpful and informative blog, the Stage Door Canteen!

I watched it on August 28, their third showing day. I’m saving my money and it only reached 2k and my goal was the seats for 3.5k. Then this discount for students came and I didn’t decide anymore, because my friends are going to watch too but they don’t have money yet. I went to the CCP to buy my ticket on Saturday, their first showing day.

I came home sad because, on local productions, the cast usually comes out at the lobby; but here, they didn’t.

Then I saw the SDC’s post on how to stage-door on CCP. I was looking for an opportunity, since I stay at the a dormitory on UST and the curfew time was 11pm; and the show will end at 10:30 which means they wouldn’t let me in. After some time, my classmate, Kit (whom I was inviting to watch with me) will watch it on October 10. And during that day, we’re having a sleep over on my other classmate’s house to finish our group project. My other classmate, Marchie, allowed me to go since it was planned first that I will go to CCP with Kit because I need a someone to accompany me because the streets at 11pm is so dangerous.

And so it happened. I’m the first person on the line. I get to see the Jonathan Roxmouth, Claire Lyon, and Anthony Downing, with photographs with them and signs to my Playbill!

(me wearing the blue top with brown cardigan was taken on Oct 10. I worn the same clothes that i worn on august 24 so my parents wouldn’t know. but i told them afterwards because I was so happy)

I feel so discontented. Parang nakakabitin yung pagpunta ko. I was searching for Carlotta & Meg Giry. They didn’t stop for the autograph signing. Thew went straight to their bus.

Another opportunity came. I convinced my classmate, Arielle, to come with me on Friday, October 12, because it is the last day of our sem and we’re not busy anymore. But we’re having the same problem as before: It was dangerous at night. So we postponed it to Saturday and then, due to another complication, we rescheduled it on Sunday, Oct 14: their last showing day.

Arielle and I arrived at the CCP at 12 noon. The guards said that  Jonathan was already inside. Luckily he came out! Then Claire and Anthony arrived too.  so we get to take a picture with them and sign my poster (because I forgot it last time.)

I was supposed to give them my artwork but I fell asleep during the night before it. As a result, I only finished Anthony’s. Our plan was to stagedoor at noon and go home right after, but since we don’t have to do anything during that day, Arielle agreed that I should finish my art and then wait til 5pm after the matinee. We stayed at the bay and rushed back to CCP because writing my cheesy love letter at the back of the sketch  took much time.

When we reached CCP, we saw Emilie Lynn. I never watched her perform but I believe she’s as great as Claire. She was so nice and humble too just like the 3 main cast. She said she was there just to hang out. Then Cat Lane came out too to have her break.  We’re too busy asking her signature that we Jordan Pollard and Dondi Ong was gone and we we’re stuck in the middle of the crowd. (see the last photo above. the last column was me with Cat Lane and Emilie Lynn)

 When Anthony and Claire came out again, I gave them my art.

We were thinking that Jonathan won’t come out, and we should go. But Thabiso Masemene went out just to sign for few people then went inside again. I was one of the lucky people who had his sign. We’re actually not in the line sice we came from the bay and the line was too long. So I just cut in. Then I asked him to give to Jonathan his portrait. 

The portraits I gave them:

Jonathan showed up at the balcony above with his prosthetics. He said he didn’t come out after the matinee because he can’t remove the prostethics until the last show. 

 The whole day was so Sulit! I’m so happy that I screamed Jonathan’s name at the top of my lungs with a very high pitch tone. Then he showed up again and he waved at me (yeah. just me :D *kilig*)

As of now, Oct 16. 12:30 pm. I have these on my twitter :D

Super Thank You SDC! without you, this experience wouldn’t happen! The rest of the photos are here :D I hope you experiece something like this too. sorry for the very long post :D ~@mickytorres16 


That’s so awesome, Micky!! We’re soooo happy for you and we’re so glad our little blog has helped you with your stagedooring! Thanks for the submission! ~SDC

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Fun Fact Friday: In 1999, Rama at Sita marked the history of Philippine theater and is considered the most lavish original Filipino production to date. The whole production amounted to 40 million pesos! Wow! 

Wanna know what we’re talking about? Part 1 starts here.

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Stagedoor Saturday: (Submitted by songthatwillstayunsung)

Top Left: Me with super gorgeous Emilie Lynn (Christine); Top right: Me with Anthony Downing (Raoul); Bottom: Me with the super gwapo Jonathan Roxmouth (Phantom)

I watched the Matinee show last September 8 but wasn’t able to go to the stage door because of the weather, so me and some of my friends planned to stage door on another day. Aaaand this happened.

We met Anthony (Raoul) first and let’s just say on the inside I wanted to sing All I Ask of You to him. He’s so adorable and charming and all those other adjectives you can think of. Aaaaahhhhh!!

Then, when Emilie (Christine Alternate) went out—we were just speechless. She’s just SO beautiful.

I’ve been tweeting her lately (lol) and it said in the programme that she played Maureen from RENT. I tweeted her “Moo with me!!”. So, when we met her, we told her “Moo with me!” and she said “OH IT’S YOUUUU!!” AND SHE MOO’D!!! She is so sweet to everybody in there and too perfect to be true! Aaaaah x2

Lastly, Jonathan went out. And my god he took our breaths away. My friend, Trish, introduced herself to him and he said “oh Trish? As in Twitter Trish??” and he gave her a hug and I was just so happy for her! 

Oh, did I mention that his bus left him just to chat with us stage doorers? Too sweet for my life.

By the way, thank you SDC for the CCP stage door guide! Without it, I wouldn’t know where it was!!! Hahahaha I owe you all big time :)

Good job, stagedooring! :) We’re glad the CCP Stagedoor guide helped you! Thanks for submitting, again!

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Thumbs Down ThursdayThe set design of In The Heights Manila. It’s not the worst but not the best, especially in comparison with the set design of the Broadway and tour productions which really looked like a legit neighborhood. Thankfully, the amazing cast and the energy of the whole production takes your eyes away from the physical set and transports you into this amazing little neighborhood en Washington Heights. (Share your own ideas here)


Stagedoor Saturday: (Submitted by ohyesjamie)

Last summer, I went to New York and watched a bunch of shows. More  like, I died and went to heaven. I saw Priscilla, Anything Goes, War Horse, Book of Mormon, and Newsies. My favorite show would have to be a tie between Book of Mormon (OBC, botches!!), and Newsies. Since Newsies was the last show I watched, and I loved it so much (it’s such a high energy, dance heavy musical, which I love), I watched it again two days later… I know, I’m kind of obsessed. 

So I stagedoored a second time, and met some of these schmoes.

Aren’t you just jealous of this girl? Thank you ohyesjamie for the submission!

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Stagedoor Saturday: (Submitted by songthatwillstayunsung / Bea)

This was my Theater Down South family’s Stagedoor experience during REP’s “Jekyll and Hyde”!

This, by far, the best stagedoor I’ve ever had. We basically stood right in front of the Cinema entrance, waiting for the actors to come out and basically flail right in front of them.

When our director + mentor Michael Williams (who played Jekyll/Hyde) came out, we screamed — his reaction? “SHHHHHHH!!!!” We all talked about theater, he told us about his life during production weeks, and of course, we got a picture with him.

After that, we waited for Ms. Lauchengco-Yulo to come out, good thing 2 of my friends worked with her in the past, so they pretty much begged her to go to the rest of our group. One of them actually said “Tita, my friends really, really want to meet you.” So she went to us, and I was just so excited that I almost fainted right in front of her.

My best friend, knowing that I’m such a big fan of Menchu, out of nowhere, told her, “Menchu, Bea’s (me) a really big fan of yours.” and Menchu told me, “Really?! I’m so overwhelmed!” and then BOOM she hugged me!! (cue my creys) Again, I almost fainted right in front of her. This was an early birthday gift from my best friend. thankyousomuchily4lyf

I am really looking forward to watch God of Carnage with them, and we hope we can get to stagedoor again! Woo!

Yay, Bea! Thank you for sharing your stage door story! :) Menchu really is the nicest person in the whole theater world! ;)

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Stagedoor Saturday: (Submitted by ixnayontheupidstay)

My friend and I flew all the way to Singapore back in January 2012 to catch Wicked playing at Marina Bay Sands Theater. Before we saw the evening show, we decided to drop by the OzDust Boutique first to get some souvenirs. When I got out, I decided to check why people were crowded at the entrance. Turns out, the matinee show just ended and the actor playing Fiyero, David Harris, was doing a little CD signing for his new album “At This Stage”. I was never really a huge fan of David Harris before this, but I still got starstruck when I saw him. He’s really handsome and very charming. Even if we didn’t buy CD’s, my friend and I queued up to take a photo with him along with some other fans. He was nice enough to pose with me and even patient enough to endure my little embarrassing moment when I had to restart my phone’s camera (We were such noobs at stage door-ing that the camera stalled and you can see my friend’s finger on the shot. Haha).

After we saw the evening show, I have decided that David Harris is one of the best actors who has ever played Fiyero (I’ve only seen bootlegs of other Fiyero’s, but I’m sure as day he’s one of the best). 

My friend and I were just happy enough to even make it to Singapore and watch the show, but meeting David Harris made  the whole experience… wicked! ;)

Thank you for submitting! You lucky witch. You appear to be a pretty good stage door-er, too! 

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