sdcc: 2013


What’s your excuse?

Did our parents unknowingly love you too much?
Has their careful advice failed you more than once?
Tell me, was their support a burden
when you became lost and couldn’t support yourself?

What’s your excuse now?

Were you unsatisfied with the roof over our heads,
the food on our table?
Were the hugs too tight and the kisses too much?
Were our parents unreasonable with their love?

What’s your excuse this time?

Should they have not respected your thoughts,
breathing life into your dreams,
softening the blows to your falls?
Did they just seem to care too much?

Are you out of excuses yet?

Is it time to grow up;
acknowledge your failures are your own fault?
Although I can’t respect you myself,
our parents still love you
and raise your child while they hope
someday you’ll be a father
instead of a donor with no heart

20130105 Imprint