sdcc: 2013

“Stairway To Heaven” - Eva Igo, Larkin Dance Studio, Maplewood MN, 2nd overall junior solo, Hall of Fame Nationals, Las Vegas NV, June 2013
Stairway To Heaven ~ Led Zeppelin

[ Four years ago, Larkin Dance and Eva Igo showed up at Hall of Fame Nationals in Las Vegas, ans shook up the predominantly west coast scene. Autumn Miller won 1st place junior solo with Titanium” and Eva took 2nd place with Stairway To Heaven, boldly choosing the original hard rock Led Zeppelin rendition. Alas, the music blocks Eva’s video on YouTube so enjoy it here on the down-low 😸 ] 


New Years 2013 by Bart-Jan Verhoef
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Queen Maxima’s foreign visits → Singapore, 2013

Immediately after the end of their visit to Brunei, Maxima travelled on to Singapore with her husband and mother in law. Unbeknownst to the public and the assembled media, this was to be the last overseas visit Maxima made before she became Queen. 3 days after returning home, Beatrix would announce her abdication. The family couldn’t have picked a better place for their significant tour. The Dutch have incredibly close relations with Singapore: they were one of the first nations to recognise and start diplomacy with the country when they declared independence and the Dutch are the second largest investors in Singapore. The visit was just two days but plenty of activities were packed in. They attended meetings on urban planning, networking between Singaporean and Dutch businesses, and receptions for the Dutch community. They also visited some shining examples of collaboration between the two countries including a water research facility named after a Dutch businessman who left his fortune to Singapore. But one of the most memorable moments came when Maxima warmly received drawings by the children of the Dutch speaking Hollandse School. The charisma she displayed- and connection she showed with her people- was a clear sign that she was ready to take on the responsibilities of being queen.