sdcc stuck

A few interesting things from RaM SDCC panel:

-So Rick is definitely a pickle in that clip. Roiland said that for that ep, Rick is getting himself out of something he didn’t want to do by turning himself into a pickle. It had started out as a joke among the writers, but they decided to turn it into an episode! Roiland made the joke of saying “he really found himself…IN A PICKLE!” lmao

-Harmon said that in one episode they spend the entire time not mentioning alcohol once- yet, the entire episode is about alcoholism and functioning alcoholics, which is “Rick’s curse”

-Harmon ALSO said that in another episode, Rick is totally steeped in his drinking, but the episode isn’t really about his drinking at all.

-They’re going to explore Beth and Jerry’s relationship more

I cannot wait for season 3! HYPE!!!