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Monster High & SDCC 2017: ADDENDUM

UPDATE: This Saturday, I asked Garrett Sander (the Monster High creator) how the fandom can best express our feelings about Monster High and its presence at comic-con to inspire change. He gave a me a few pointers:

• Call the customer service number, and leave comments about how much you love Monster High and how much you miss the SDCC panel and display: 1-800-524-8697

• Write letters to Mattel, Incorporated explaining why Monster High is important to you, and why Mattel should put it in their focus. This is an especially good option, because it allows us to relay the largest amount of information.
Mattel, Inc.
333 Continental Boulevard
El Segundo, CA 90245-5012

Concentrate our social media efforts as much as possible to one place. I was told that it’s important to consolidate ourselves so Mattel can see how many of us there are! I’d like to propose that we choose the Mattel Instagram page (, because it serves the dual purpose of getting our point across while also keeping negativity away from Monster High’s social media pages. if you don’t have an Instagram account, don’t worry; the above two options are still really important.

Perhaps most importantly of all, though, we have to STAY POSITIVE. Be cordial, be kind, lay off the swear words, and speak from the heart. Social media reps are trained specifically to ignore negative comments (or to respond with positivity), so if you’re going to post on Instagram, make sure to say that you love and miss Monster High, and wish to see them again at SDCC next year! When you write letters, keep the suggestions and complaints to a minimum. Mention how the artistic integrity, detail, individuality, and posability of these dolls is important to you, so Mattel knows those things are worth putting money into. We can absolutely do this. I believe in us.


I just spoke to Becca Shipman, the current lead designer of Monster High.

the higher-ups at Mattel decided to focus only on their licensed brands at SDCC this year. it’s supposedly a better business strategy. that is the reason for the huge focus on WWE and DCSHG, as well as the lack of a Monster High panel. the designers of Mattel’s home-grown brands, Monster High included, were crestfallen, but there’s nothing they can do about it. Monster High spent the year preparing for SDCC as usual before the corporate decision was finalized, so they slated reveals, which are now happening on social media, and Becca designed that Cleo de Nile and Ghoulia Yelps 2-pack, which was supposed to be the SDCC exclusive.

the Monster High crew cares so deeply about the brand. they care about girls, they care about misfits, they care about stories, they care about fashion and art, and more than anything, they care about their fans. I know this firsthand. I know they love each and every one of us.

there’s been a lot of transition from the Monster High fans I follow from despair into acceptance. people seem to be sure that this is the death knell for the brand. I’m telling you otherwise. please make an uproar about Monster High’s presence at SDCC. please try to make your voice heard, guys - and don’t bother Monster High’s people about it. go directly to Mattel. storm their official Instagram. write letters and e-mails. even if nothing comes of it, they should at least know how we feel about this. the brand is important to us! its presence is important to us! and the artists behind the brand who care so deeply about it are important to us. we don’t have to whine about it online (although we still can - a healthy amount of whining is important), and we don’t have to accept defeat. I think it’s time we make our feelings known in the most positive way we can. conventions aren’t just for superheroes and wrestlers! they’re for ghouls, too.

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The promos were time for SDCC as with Sam and Cait ramping up their SM interactions. All in the name of PR. SDCC will see more of that unsavory character Sam calls girlfriend. Don't get sucked back into this drama, Soka. I thought you are better than half the drama queens in this fandom.

The entertainment industry is about money making. So, it would make sense if STARZ is ramping up the OL promo in preparation for SDCC. While I begrudge STARZ’s incompetent in general, I don’t see a problem with getting excited about S3 based on what was released today.

As for aligning the SM interactions with promos, I don’t think it is an anomaly in showbiz. I also don’t think we can know anyone’s true intent with what is showcased on SM. So, take it as it is - good fun and cute banter.

As for Sam having a girlfriend, did I miss the memo where he came clean about it?

Any fandom has drama. That said, I don’t see anyone in this fandom as a drama queen. We have our opinions and various ways of expressing them, which I very much appreciate. There is a wealth of talent, respect, love and intellect in this fandom that keeps me here. I came for J/C and S/C but stayed for the amazing women and friends I have made.

Re: Leaked Footage

Though I am sure that many of the blog followers are desperate to see the footage aired at D23/SDCC, I am not prepared to share the leaked low-quality versions that are floating around online. 

If you want to see it, I’m sure you’ll be able to find it. However, the legality of viewing and sharing the footage is obviously dubious and I’ve also been made aware that Marvel/Disney have been demanding that online accounts sharing the media be deleted. 

I will not be sharing it on this blog until marvel themselves release the high-quality footage on their own social media platforms. 

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ooohh jd purposefully talking about the pairing @ sdcc would make me 👀 😤 @ him so hard... but also him doing that is not surprising... and they ARE his characters... we're almost done w/ the show anyways

He said Stiles and Derek both show up in 6.11 and that he’ll probably be able to talk more about it at SDCC so prepare yourself. Also remember that he likes to troll so take whatever he says with a grain of salt. But yeah, we’re almost done. The very last episode of Teen Wolf will probably air on October 1st then we have Sterek week starting a little over 3 weeks later on October 25th. So if canon fucks us we’ll have tons of new fics and edits come out to heal us. 


Yoooo!! You guys have been asking me to do a list of preparations fro SDCC after doing one for Wondercon. So here it is! Everything you should take care of and get ready for the next four days!

Tonight remember to…:

  • Take a shower 
  • Exfoliate!
  • TAKE AN AIRBORNE – Do not risk getting CON FLU! 
  • CHARGE everything!!! Camera/phone/ipad/mp3s…
  • Do some last minute laundry
  • IRON YOUR CLOTHES/COSPLAY (I always forget to iron my cosplays and regret it when the pictures come back and I’m a wrinkled mess. Do it now so you don’t have to later)
  • Check your cosplay contacts - change the solution and make sure they are full.
  • Eat a good meal and drink some water. Please. For me.
  • Do you need petty cash for the weekend? Make sure to write a little note on your hand to stop by for an ATM (lets not get those fees for having to use a random one at the con – plus LINES)
  • Need Gas? Note on hand. 

GENERAL PACKING the night before

  • Grab your business cards, badge (or printed barcode), wallet, ID, tickets, cash, printed schedule, prints or thing you want SIGNED and but them in a pile  by the door. PUT YOUR CAR KEYS ON THIS PILE. You can’t forget it this way (alternatively, put your phone on it.)
  • Grab Airborne, asprin, ibuprofen, any prescriptions or emergency medication you may need. You NEVER know when a headache will ruin your day. Bring it. 
  • I usually pack a bag of food. Cookies, granola bars, some instant ramen and instant mac and cheese (if you have a coffee maker in your room, you can have instant free hot water for quick lunches like this). AND water water water. Food around the con center is usually EXPENSIVE. This will save you time and money. (they charge like 4 bucks for water.)
  • Bring clothes of course. But specifically do not forget socks, bedtime clothes, stockings, belts, or swimming clothes.
  • HAIR TIES. Yeah I know, I forgot about those too. 
  • Make sure you have all the shoes you need. The sexy heels, and the good ol’ flats when you get tired of the heels. Also sneakers. 
  • Contact case & solution

COSPLAY PACKING the night before

  • I usually start stacking my Cosplays in folded piles by the door in order of the day I will be wearing them.
  • Put costume jewelry,belts,hair accessories, gloves, trinkets, small props, and extra pieces in SANDWICH BAGS and put them on top of the folded costumes they are for. 
  • WIGS. Pack your wigs in sandwich bags. By the door. Stuff a WIG CAP into EACH BAG so you are guaranteed to have one for each day.
  • Pack an extra sandwich bag for Bobby pins, safety pins, a needle and thread, extra thread, FASHION tape, super glue, fabri-tac, hot glue/gun, HAIR TIES (yes again), and anything you may need as back up. Extra sequins, some metallic paint for that prop you are worried about, or etc. This is your REPAIR BAG.
  • Rubbing alcohol is great to bring. It removes makeup stains and paint stains from most anything.
  • Wig Brush, Wig Detangler, Hairspray, Styling Gel. 
  • Remember how we packed the costumes by the day you will be wearing them? Now decide what civi-clothes you want to wear on each day afterward. This helps me remember what else I have planned those days. (Like after parties or contests. So now you can have contest entries, party shoes, and etc remembered and taken care of.) 
  • LIGHTENING COSPLAY MAKEUP CHECKLIST:  Foundation, face paint, sponge brushes, powder, makeup sealer, concealer, eyebrow glue, eyebrow colors to match your wig, regular eyebrow pencil, pencil sharpener, eye liner, that other back up eyeliner I know you have, white eyeliner,  eye shadow (for each character), WHITE eye shadow, BRUSHES, MASCARA, fake lashes, fake lash glue, lipstick (for each character), chapstick, lip gloss, blush, bronzer, contouring shadow, that weird thing you need for that weird cosplay (a marker or jewel for your forehead or something), CONTACTS and solution, wig glue, wig caps, hair ties, bobby pins. (I said these twice and thats because its important.) Oh and if you are making a fake beard, don’t forget the stuff you use to make it.
  • Are you wearing earrings this con? Fake nails? Need Nail glue?
  • MAKEUP WIPES. (if you dont have any, get some, they are magic. Also, q-tips)
  • COSPLAY SHOES. Each day. Piles by  the door. You got it. 
  • All props/weapons – by the door. 
  • To the left to the left – everything you need for the con in suitcases to the left by the door. 

THE DAY OF (the con or going there)

Don’t forget to..

  • Good Morning! EAT SOMETHING NOW.
  • Brush your teeth and then pack your toothbrush and tooth paste.
  • While your in the bathroom grab your Razor, Shampoo/conditioner/bodywash
  • Hair Dryer/Straightener. 
  • Do your makeup for the day then pack it all up – put it with your cosplay makeup. 
  • Take everything off the charge and PACK THE CHARGERS
  • Camera/Camera battery/SD card
  • Everything else should be pre packed from the lists above. Now get it all together! BUT DONT FORGET
  • Call your hotel if needed/hotel buddy
  • GAS/ATM remember?
  • GPS the directions if needed.
  • Boarding tickets/pass?
  • Badge pickup info?
  • Shuttle Info/shecule?
  • Now as your leaving, grab that important pile by the door with your keys and ask yourself: “Food? Cosplays? Camera? Phone & Charger? Props? Toothbrush?”


  • Where are you parking? Parking sucks and is expensive. PLEASE research where the heck you are gonna park. Some garages arent open 24 hrs. Think about thisssssss.
  • Check the programming schedule. CHECK THE PROGRAMMING SCHEDULE. Check the schedule. SCHEDULE CHECK. 
  • Write down the rooms/times of the panels/events you want to go to. MAKE your own schedule. Seriously. 
  • WHEN IS THAT PANEL YOU MUUSSSTTT GO TO? SDCC is HUGE and overcrowded every year. ALWAYS assume your must-see panel is widely popular and get there 2-3 hours beforehand. That seems extreme – but panel rooms DO NOT CLEAR OUT before the next panel begins. So if you wanna see the Hobbit panel and before it is the Big Bang Theory— Those Big Bang jerks might sit there and fill the Hobbit room and let no one else in. GET THERE EARLY. Plan on sitting in the panel before yours if you are worried. And if the panel you wanna see is in HALL H: Plan on going the night/day before buddy. And pack a board game, your psp/gameboy and a sleeping bag/blankets. 
  • PANELS ARE NOT AUTOGRAPH SESSIONS.  Panels do not host the autograph session. If you want to meet the guest/celebrity you need to get a ticket or go to a different place than the actual panel. The panel is to watch and listen. Signing and meeting is a different event. Check the schedule to understand where you need to go for what you want to do. Or google it. Companies/studios usually make their own rules. For Legend of Korra – you needed a ticket to get a poster and signing REGARDLESS of whether or not you were at the panel. And in some cases – you need to choose ONLY ONE because you gotta line up for both. 
  • It’s okay to make a lot of plans and see a lot of things – buts crazy out there so make sure to PICK ONE THING each day that you want to do more than others. Focus on doing that unless it falls through. This will save you from running around wanting to do everything and ending up not doing anything because you missed your chance. 
  • SHOP EARLY EACH DAY. Exclusives are usually sold with a limited number each day and they always sell out by noon. Get that thing you want ASAP and then be a happy camper all weekend. Check the SDCC website to see what exlusives they have.
  • Remember to pick something up before or during the con that you can have signed if you are going to a signing! They don’t always have freebies to give you! 

Keep a granola bar and safety pins on you at all times. You never know when you are gonna faint or your cosplay rips or both! 

Please eat. Please. Eat. Eat food. No – not  just the granola bar I told you about. Food. Twice a day at least. Please. I’m guilty of fainting at a con for doing this and it is stupid and dumb and I worry about you. 

Finally – HAVE FUN. 


Sorry I haven’t posted much lately, been crazy busy with preparing for SDCC this weekend, D23 the previous weekend…too many cons in Socal haha

I’ll be sure to answer all your asks and post more of that delicious “problematic” shaladin content after SDCC haha


Part one of the conveyor belt painting technique! In preparation for #SDCC Painting all the tables!

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The Magic Panel at SDCC 2014!

Prepare your sensory organs! Mark Rosewater, Doug Beyer, Gavin Verhey, and Mark Purvis discuss a host of upcoming Magic goodies including Khans of Tarkir.