sdcc homestuck


Comic Con adventures??

Had a blast, did some photoshoots, and met up with tons of old friends while making new ones!

Also had a completed beta kid god tier group and I was the only alpha haha. But yo they were so chill.

Jake is me, Dave is skaiia, John is daveshakirastrider, and I don’t remember Rose and Jade’s tumblrs :C I’ll ask around and tag em here.

More pics to come!!


Costume Feature: John Egbert

Stanley caught Kas and mine’s eye right away; it’s kind of hard to miss that giant hammer.  Despite the meet being mostly over, he was getting a lot of attention, so I didn’t get to take as many shots as I liked.  One of these days I’m going to become a hot shot cosplay photographer and get to drag the cosplayers I love away from everything and make them pose their asses off.  Zillyhoo weighed somewhere in the area of fourteen pounds and was made primarily of wood and cardboard (with half of a squishy basketball at the end).  It was incredibly impressive, and I will be forever envious of his upper body strength.


Need to cosplay Marceline or female Homestuck troll?

Take a look at this absolutely gorgeous tutorial! It’s perfect for Homestuck trolls or vampire princesses!

Hope see y'all soon!

 - Kira ^-^

On the last day of SDCC 14 me and my matesprite went as Dave and WV. This was my first home-made cosplay and i’m really proud of it~~ QvQ My friend Ryo was the one to took this picture.