Do you think Sherlock really wants to connect to another person?

Benedict: What I think that he learns is that in order to be the best consulting detective he has to do that. To understand people better he has to become more of a person. It’s not just sentiment that makes him do it, it's effectiveness, as much as anything else. This friendship, he utterly relies on that, he’s loyal to Watson, Watson is loyal to him, because he takes him into the world in a way that makes it possible for him to function better as a detective, that's primarily where the friendship is formed.

Is it a real friendship? It seems like everyone in his life has some sort of a function.

Yes, that’s coldly true, but I think through that, as it’s the case, you form an affection. What maybe weakness to a degree, for other people that are trying to attack him, and use those soft points, those targets. In the end it makes him a greater person. It sounds a bit soppy this but…Love conquers all.

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