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AU Tom Hiddleston fic

Chapter 6: The feeling of fear


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Her heart. It raced and she didn’t know why. Kali felt it only a few times before in her life.

At 13, it was when her Uncle Jack smiled to her at Thanksgiving before he died on the lazy boy from an aneurism. She remembered how he closed his eyes and went to sleep. Everyone had carried on like nothing happened. That was just life. At 17, she was on her way to the Prom and her brother Demi was able to drop her off. She didn’t want to take a limo because she all her money was tied up in the dress.

Her brother took his eyes off the road for a second to playfully tease at her nervousness. Their car was on a backroad and a truck had struck them, sending the car into thick weeds. Cars passed by for hours and no one turned their heads to the raising smoke until dawn. Now, Kali could still feel pinching in her side. Elevators didn’t help either.

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