Steven Universe - Extended Theme Song Live from SDCC 2016

Here’s the SU extended theme song live from SDCC in HD!


Check out a 360 virtual reality video of the Steven Universe cast singing at the San Diego Comic-Con panel! 

SDCC News and Team Leaders!

Several things were revealed today at the Pokemon Go panel at SDCC!  Meet your team leaders, Candela, Blanche, and Spark!

  • There are easter eggs that nobody has found yet
  • They’re planning ways to customize Pokestops (more lures?)
  • Pokemon Centers are coming (I wonder what else we can do there besides heal?)
  • There will be more functionality added to gyms, though the specifics aren’t clear
  • Niantic says the game is at about 10% of what they want it to be (Yes!  Think of how much could sitll be waiting for us!)
  • They’re still discussing breeding, but nothing concrete in the works yet
  • The legendary birds are tied to teams in some way, as the original designs implied
  • The radar glitch is known, but no news about when it will be fixed.
  • Events and Legendaries most likely won’t appear until the game has had worldwide rollout.

As for me… I can’t wait for the lore to start with this game.  Ingress has the Niantic Report, I can’t wait for the Go Report!

Source: Kotaku