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Featured Film Maker: GINO SANTOS

Gino M. Santos, a 22 year old AB-FILM  of SDA, has shown much interest on films at such an early age. For a 108, he sure shows knowledge and skill that are beyond his years. He is the first ever Benildean Student who’s been included in the official selection in the 2011 Cinemalaya Film Festival with his short feature film, “Every Other Time”. That itself is a big achievement already yet he is still widely known for many more awards and recognition. He has been included in the Best of Benilde 2010 & 2011.

For his talent and skill, he has already attended workshops at New York Film Academy in Kyoto Japan, the Marilou Diaz-Abaya Film and Arts Center, and the Asia Pacific Film Institute.  Gino was chosen to represent the Philippines in the MPA-CICE workshop to be held in Beijing, China this December 2011 together with 12 representatives around South East Asia. He has also worked under ‘62nd Cannes Best Film Director’ Brillante Ma. Mendoza’s mentorship program in the international film 'Captive’ coming out in 2012.

Take a dose of inspiration from Gino Santos himself by watching our interview with with him. Hearing him talk was pretty much of a strong push to innovate any aspiring artist and film maker. Gino himself advises, “Don’t expect everyone to like your work. Maybe it’s not for them or it’s not for you but definitely its not suppose to pull you down, it’s suppose to make you a better person.”

Video Editing by: Kimpoi Lazaro
Article by: Kristine Lua

Featured Illustrator: Jerwin Dee

Jerwin Dee, A 109 student of SDA’s AB-MMA, who’s interest revolves around Video games, Cartoons, Fashion, Gaga, Lana del rey and even food is just oozing with creativity. His tumblr url is a wordplay of the famous surrealist painter, Salvador Dali and the word Saboteur. His works of art shows humor and personality with depth in it. For an artist who has great appreciation for femininity, he shows it well with Adobe Illustrator. You can see some of his works at

When asked what art is to him, he says that it’s funny and shouldn’t be taken seriously, hence, his works of art. He’s one of those lucky people who got to study what he loves the most, if not, he would have ended up in COMSCI and we wouldn’t be able to see what wonderful art he has to offer. Not only is he good at his craft but he also can play volleyball. With brains and brawn plus creativity to boot, he would surely be a fine model for the upcoming generation of artists.

For a guy who is unbeatable at tekken, who can win a staring contest with cats and fishes and who makes a mean lasagna, it truly shows that he is your average everyday teen- just so happens art and humor is his specialty.

Article by: Kristine Lua


A feel-good film directed by Andrea Montelibano starring Marco De Vera of AB-MP and her very own Husky, Sushi. It’s a film about a boy’s usual day at the park that has an unusual surprise at the end. Here’s a sneak peak of what she’s capable of. WATCH and enjoy!

It was just right in time when we caught up with Andrea for her interview because she was just about to run to her Equestrian Training.  This amazing girl from AB-FILM loves both competitive horse back riding and film making. Since she was two- years old, she has been riding horses. It was only two years ago she started to compete professionally. But it looks like this wasn’t the only thing Andrea was good at; apparently, she’s also former ballerina and now she’s a film maker.

Why we think she’s awesome: Despite the hectic schedule her training requires, she still manages to keep her grades in good form. Equestrian and Film Making are both demanding fields and it requires time and dedication. Obviously, this girl can give it her all. You can find her competing often at Polo Club, Makati.