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Sorry if this sounds silly but how do you use tinder to find a sugar daddy?

Here’s some great posts about using tinder to find a SD

Worlds 2017: Video Masterpost

Art Love & Inspiration Fluff Piece

Practice Day

FD Practice CBC

SD Practice in Main Rink (fan version) credit: Rusalka

CBC Olympics: PJ Kwong and Scott Russell (discuss 20 yrs)

Friday (Short Dance)

ISU FULL Practices SD

SD Practice 1 2 and Run through

Backstage Warm Up

Pre SD warm up Hug (fan version) credit:sleeping bee

Warm Up

SD Warm Up (fan version) credit: Rusalka

Intro + Warm Up (fan version) credit: @sleeping-bee

SD (CBC version)

SD (NBC version)

SD (B. Euro version)

Kiss n Cry (fan version) credit: skating4us

Full Group 6

Small Medal Ceremony + Press Conf. + Interviews

Backstage 360 video

Post SD (Helsinki Greeting)

Post SD Interview

Post SD Japanese TV 1 2 3  credit: amomomijie12

PJ Kwong Post SD

Interview with Charlie White

Canadian Press (Press Conference)

Small Medal Ceremony + Press Conference

Small Medal Ceremony + Draw (Periscope)

Saturday (Free Dance)

ISU FULL Practices FD

FD Run through (protective Scott clip) credit: schistostega

FD Run through

FD Run through (fan version) credit: @olyagasanova

FD Run through (fan version) 1 2 credit: @hazyhorizons

Pre-FD Practice (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Pre-Morning Practice (fan version) credit: Rusalka

Warm Up

Pre-Warm Up (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Warm Up (fan version) credit: Rusalka

Intro + Warm Up (fan version) credit: @sleeping-bee

Introductions (fan version) credit: Rusalka

Introductions (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Pre FD Hug (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

FD (CBC version)

FD (NBC version)

FD (B. Euro version)

FULL Group 4

Kiss n Cry (fan version) credit: skating4us

Kiss n Cry (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Kiss n Cry (fan version) credit: Rusalka

Medal Ceremony (fan version) credit: step by step

Medal Ceremony (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Victory Lap (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Medal Ceremony (BBC high quality)

Post Medal Ceremony (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Press Conf. + Interviews

Pre- Winners Interview (fan version) credit: hazy horizons

Winners Interview

Press Conference

Post Medal Ceremony Interview

Virtue & Moir on their Comeback with PJ Kwong

Post FD Interview French Televison

Sunday (Gala)

Gala Practice + Post FD Interview

Interview with Scott Russell

Pre Gala (goofing off + singing)

Pre Gala (Scott greets) credit: teamuniquehsk


Gala Finale

Gala Finale (fan version) credit: オリンピックお兄さん

Gala Finale (fan version) credit:todoyurikas

Gala (Yuzu focus/can see TS in beginning) credit: tt Lo

Gala  (fan version) credit: Itiahs A.

Small Medal Ceremony

Small Medal Ceremony (Periscope)

Small Medal Ceremony


Periscope Banquet (dancing Scott) credit: @dreamofawonderfullife

Fan VLOG  (BTS) credit: Мария Лоскутова

**FAN MEETING** 1 credit: Anastasiya Mosina2 credit: @rusalka4

**ISU BEST OF DANCE HIGHLIGHTS** – backstage hug

CBC Highlights + Fluff + BTS – SD // FD // Gala 1 and 2

charlotte having the audacity to be impatient because she didn’t get a shot at the title until, oh yeah, the first women’s match after the draft

charlotte being out of the title picture for only a literal week after being in it for two straight years

charlotte winning a title shot on her first sd match

charlotte probably winning the title off naomi at backlash

charlotte becoming a 5 time womens champion 

blue eyed blonde charlotte with her “genetically superior” bullshit winning the title off naomi, a black woman who’s been in this business for years and received less than half what charlotte’s gotten in this year alone



vincent kennedy mcmahon


SCI17 – All of TSN behind the scenes + more Clips

  • Walking backstage
  • HPC photoshoot fluff
  • Stretching before Warm Up
  • Backstage practice
  • Warm Up introductions clip
  • Full Warm Up
  • Before SD Hug
  • Post SD Interview

I’m baaaaaack!

Hi, friends! I’ve missed all of you! I wish I could promise that I will catch up on what I’ve missed, but I’m going to have to rely on all of your tolerance for me as a cactus friend, because the pace of life seems unlikely to allow me that much additional time. 

This past week has been spring break, and whereas that usually means a slower pace at work, that was NOT the case this spring break.  We’re expanding our office space, and we are on the campus of an elementary school, so all of our major moving had to take place while students were off campus.  Plus, I had a ton of homeowner projects going on.  And…of course, for my own sanity, I had to fit in a little fun and reading time! Speaking of reading–The Hate U Give–put it on your to-read list.  Trust me.  Doooo it! It is phenomenal, and the opportunities for discussion are amazing.  I already have several friends reading it and it’s going to be next month’s book for gym book club!

I have to say, though, I am soooo not used to maintaining this sort of pace for my life.  I have had something going on from early morning into the evening/night most days and my poor regular schedule is just destroyed.  I am mostly a creature of habit, so that’s a challenge for me.  I like my routine.  I have not been keeping up with my checklist (for shame!!), and I didn’t go to the gym at all last week.  (Although, I did get LOTS of steps from moving and hiking with Conner and with friends after work.) Still…I’ve also overindulged more than once–notice our office snow cone day photo. I am craving order!! This week, we are eating all vegetarian, healthy meals and I’m doing my best to hit the reset button.  This chaos has caused me to notice some things that I’d like to work on, so I think next week I’ll be starting a new daily/weekly checklist.  I need some updates.  I think there are things I can safely take off the list and some that I need to add. Riveting…I know you can’t wait for that update! ;)

Mostly, I’ve just missed you all!  I’m excited that I think from this afternoon forward I should have at least a bit more time back! :) Also, please consider this my belated SD&S post for @thelipstickchronicles, @leebeeloves, and @liikeahummiingbiird! <3 Thanks, friends!!!!!!! :)  

Chuuya: I had a dream last night.

Dazai: I was there?

Chuuya: Hell no! You never listen to me carefully, aren’t you? Huh Dazai? I said dream not nightmare, asshole.

You know what that was a strong skate. One little mistake that kinda kept us from having our all time best in that program. But to be honest we got lost in the moment and we had a blast out there with each other. We did a ton of improvement from the last competition, so I think that’s a big win for us.
—  Scott / Post SD Interview Japanese TV