”We aren’t robots. What makes us exceptional as human beings is that we have the capacity to feel so many emotions all at once. Even though that can sometimes be overwhelming it’s still pretty amazing what our bodies can do. Sometimes I’ve laughed from crying or cried from laughing. Either way, emotions aren’t a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength and passion.”


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Could you describe the Pastel! Dan au? I see fanart all over the place and I'm curious about its origin!

sure! i’m gonna like„ make a summary of my own au right here, okay? ;v;

this is super long but to be honest it’s the whole au;; i won’t answer any questions about the fic anymore :U

Dan is a 17 year old boy in high school that likes wearing pastel goth styled clothing. He doesn’t get much fuss about it, only a few insults or so. He’s used to them overall.

One day Dan’s father gets a promotion and they have to move to London. He doesn’t really mind it, since he has an internet friend called PJ in London, and with this they would be able to meet up more often.
However Dan’s stressed about his new school because of the many teenager dramas he has seen, but the whole place is actually pretty nice and better than he expected. He does indeed gets a few insults in here as well, but it’s just all ordinary for him. Well, at least he tries to think like that.

He learns that a guy called Phil Lester, who is 18, is the most popular guy of the whole school. Dan’s first thought about him that he should avoid him at all costs, since Phil sounds like a “bad boy” that would probably beat him up in two seconds. ( While, in fact, Phil is popular because of how sweet he is. )

Dan really likes flowers, which is an obvious reason to why he likes flower shops a lot. He meets a tattooed guy there, and they spend hours talking about flower kinds. Being the dummy he is, Dan forgets to ask for his name. “Oh okay wow,” He thinks. “Now this is both embarrassing and cliche.

A few days later, he meets up with PJ again, and they have a drinking party in Dan’s room. A lot of crying happens, with both of them being emotional drunks.

Dan goes to a very popular park quite often, because even though there’s a lot of people around ( couples, old people, just some adults smoking ) it’s a really quiet place. He notices that the tattooed guy is there as well, and they sit down together to talk for a while.
What’s your name, by the way?" Dan asks awkwardly, playing with his sweater’s sleeves. "Sorry, I forgot to ask last time. That must’ve been kinda rude.”
The guy laughs. “No, no. It’s okay, I forgot to ask as well.” He turns to him, a small smile on his face. “I’m Phil, Lester.”
Wait, you’re— You’re Phil Lester? I thought— I thought that—
They spend the early morning there together, making daisy flower crowns.

As the time passes, it starts to become a bit harder for Dan to stand all the insults he’s facing. It’s not only an insult for him, but also for his pride. Getting fed up with all those guys, a fight breaks out and Dan punches someone in the face for the first time in his life.
He’s proud for like, what, three minutes? He makes his way back to his home, with a purple eye and blood stained knuckles. As his mother scolds him and his wounds gets fixed by her, the realization of what he had done hits him.
This is the thing that improves Dan’s character in the fic. The transition between a teenager and a young adult; making you own choices, stupid or not.

Phil and him talks a lot about this, and I’m gonna be honest— Phil doesn’t “save” him. Phil is there for Dan’s emotional support; a person he could go up to when he needs to talk, a person who will listen. Dan improves himself by himself in the fic— and so does Phil.

There’s a period of time that Dan feels empty and weird; like he had done something that he could never ever erase from his past. But just like Phil says to him, “Just because you did something you deeply regret, doesn’t mean you can’t fix it.”
And Dan fixes it.

Chris, Phil’s friend from his class, meets with Dan and PJ as well and they go out to have fun like simple teenagers. Why I’m also telling this is because all of them feels really alive in those meetings; they truly do feel happy with their friends. ( I think as the readers you all should also know that they’re happy as well. )

As the summer comes, Phil starts his Youtube channel. The summer passes quickly, but also happily. Dan’s emotional state improves a lot. Phil talks about how he wants to be taken seriously as well, not just some “funny guy that doesn’t have any problems” because he is smart, very smart. And he is more than just a simple punk guy.

Phil goes to university, while Dan experiences a lot of existential crisises. The future worries him, the thought of making a very very bad decision scares him— like he did before.
But he remembers that if something that he deeply regrets happens,
he could fix it somehow.

The rest of the story isn’t much different from real life events, with just Dan’s clothing style being pastel goth and Phil being punk. 

It’s a story of their teenager awkwardness and mistakes, but also how they fixed those mistakes.

Dan really likes daisy flower crowns.

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