It was midday, with gloomy grey clouds hovering high in the sky. The soles of your shoes tapped against the cold concrete of the rain-soaked pavement as you made your way to your hotel, your mobile phone in hand. You were here on a visit to see some friends of yours, and you had taken the time to venture your surroundings by yourself; it was a much better plan than staying inside your room all day while you waited for your friends to get off work.

Thankfully, the rain that had been falling for the majority of the morning had lessened its vicious onslaught by 12 o’clock, and had instead transitioned to cold air and mild winds with small showers here and there. Luckily, you had so far evaded getting drenched in rainwater…

With that being said, that didn’t mean you were any less likely to stand in puddles. 

Hissing as you did precisely that, you scowled lightly to yourself. That’s exactly what you got for being too caught up in your thoughts. As you took a step back, you glared at the muddy water as though it was personally responsible for all evil in the world; and by your current judgement, it was. 

Your irritation, however, was washed away immediately upon hearing the sound of laughter. 

It was smooth and deep, and completely unalike to anything you had heard before. The pureness of it made something in your chest do extravagant flips and cartwheels, making you feel slightly unsettled.

A part of you wanted to wince. It was partly because you were aware that this magnificent sound was aimed at you, but also because you had just stepped into the puddle again from your momentary surprise.

You gritted your teeth as you lifted your foot from the water. Lovely laughter be damned, now you really wanted to incinerate that mocking miniature pool. 

If you didn’t know any better, you would be thoroughly convinced that it was out to get you.

“Excuse me, Ma’am/Sir,” a soothing voice materialised behind you, sounding friendly and calm, “while it is unfortunate we couldn’t meet under better circumstances and I am in a particularly dire rush, I believe you dropped this.”

Blinking, you turned toward the voice, and felt your entire body freeze up.

In front of you stood a man with dark, unruly hair and an impressively obnoxious tan coat. His left hand was shoved unceremoniously inside of his pocket, whereas in his right he held a set of silver keys - more importantly, your silver keys.

You could tell by his posture that he was in a hurry to be somewhere else, but when you finally observed his face, you could see that he was smiling. His cheeks were partially flushed from the chilly air, but you also detected faint hints of sweat clinging to his forehead.

Did he have to run to catch up to you? Or was he already running when he saw you drop your keys? You hadn’t even heard him! 

Nevertheless, this man didn’t have to help you out. In fact, he had just saved you a lot of trouble, and for that, you were grateful.

“O-oh.” You bit the inside of your cheek, forcing yourself to remain coherent. “Uh, thank you…” Gingerly, you plucked the keys from his hand, unsure of what else you could possibly say or do.

At this point, you were aware that you were staring rather rudely at the man, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. He just had such a… stare-able face, you could hardly blame yourself for doing so.

Neither could he, it seemed. It appeared he was facing the same dilemma as yourself.

His hazel eyes were sharp and keen as they traced your features so slowly it seemed as though he was taking a mental picture for later inspection. He took his time, like he was taking care to remember every detail he saw. “Dazai Osamu. It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss/Mr…?”

Smiling more openly, you adjusted the grip you had on your phone and keys. Maybe today wouldn’t be as bad as you thought it would be.

“[Y/N]. [Y/L/N] [Y/N].” 

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October 24th, 2016

Dear diary,

I’m so glad to have a day off on mondays! It’s not much to be free on only this day, but therefore I enjoy it all the more.

Today the weather was very nice and Lee and I went out for a walk with Carl and Pete. Lee wanted to take some nice photos of the autmn city and the dogs wanted to have some fun in the park… Although the sun was shining, the air was quite cool. When we were outside for some hours, I became a little bit jealous, because everyone had fur in the face - except me! 

Lee has a longer beard right now…and Carl and Pete don’t shave anyway. And I can’t grow a proper beard because of the play I have to do…poor me! :(

xx Richard

Originally posted by ofgreeengables

Poor you! I could knit you a scarf where you can bury your face in…

You can knit?

Nope, but I can learn it for you :D

XD I think it’s enough if I can bury my cold nose in your warm hands…:D

Alright! I can clearly live with that!

Mo money more problems - confessions of an sb

R.I.P Big Poppa but boy wasn’t Biggie a scam. Mo money more problems hunh? How about no money all problems.

This week is registration week. My GPA is at a 3.8 and I have been steadily going to classes and doing my all time best to be a prolific student. But not today.

I woke up at 5am as usual: had breakfast, read some pages of an inspirational book, jammed to some music. As I got ready for class, I thanked God for another day. I checked my phone to see that once again the D.C metro was running slow. I chuckled. I used to take the metro last year but given my financial situation of this semester, I only take the bus. I always check the metro-line out of habit tho. I grabbed my bag and played the interactive arabic app while I took the elevator: this was my last exam in that course before finals week. I felt confident. I am good at arabic - the teacher loves me - never scored less than a 99 - I got this. I jogged down the street to catch the bus on time. This morning was quite chilly but I didn’t mind the weather. And as I was waiting for the red light to cross, it hit me: This week is registration week.

I never crossed the street. The light turned green as I walked back home. I couldn’t go back to the appartment because I live with my aunt, she would have questionned me for a whole hour. I wasn’t ready for that. I walked to the nearest McDonalds instead. I didn’t buy anything - I just chose the furthest seat by the corner, and opened my computer. I sat at the McDonalds from 7 something to 12:45 (the time I normally go back home) 

I passed my time on tumblr and talked to you guys. The heartfelt messages, the advice, the new babes I got to meet and connect with: I felt at ease. I did not feel like I was losing my time - I realized that I had a change of priorities and I needed a new focus. I don’t have any other choice but take sugaring seriously and the support I received from the bowl makes the choice easier. I answered, asked, researched and updated all my sugaring profiles. I lost a splenda but messaged about 75 people today. I did not get any satisfying response yet, let alone a POT material - but I felt busy. It did not feel like a useless effort : unlike college.

I never took my exam. I am hoping the teacher may be lenient because I never missed class. If he is not - I honestly don’t care much. I work so hard to have good grades to only receive a pat on the back. I am an international student and thus, I am not elligible for most scholarships - regardless of my GPA - only citizenship matters. I have no idea why I am working my ass off for. My parents worked all there lives to save enough money to send me to a college here - to offer me a better opportunity than they had - and I ruined it.

I had a gap in my budget - I could go on about how and why that happened but frankly - it was my fault. I had an emergency and it ended being charged on my credit card : now I have a thousand dollar gap in my tuition. I cannot work because of my F-1 visa status nor can I ask my parents for money. Sugaring is my last resort to get it somehow (I could sell weed LMAO I mean people do it but drugs are just not my lane -). Entering this I realized it will be hard work and dedication. I realized it will take some time but I have always been too optimistic. Now I understand why babes always suggest not relying on sugaring as a necessity. I have always thought I will be able to get the money somewhat, on time. Darling was I a fool. 

It is registration week. I obviously have a hold on my account and I won’t be able to register for classes. It will close in 2weeks before it reopens for the first week of December. I need to get the money by then. I don’t know what I will do if I don’t. If I don’t get the 1000 by the end of registration I will be kicked out of school. It will affect my visa eligibility - I don’t know how I would explain that to my parents after all their sacrifices. I don’t know what to do.

I work so hard. I am involved in student activities, I volunteer to tutor students, I am part of the honors program but just because I am not American I don’t get to work legally or receive financial aid. I am not complaining because I understand it on objective ethics - but on days like this - it kinda hirks me.

I have never asked money to anyone before . To me - sugaring is not even asking for it, it’s working for it. The dedication we put into the craft deserves more than an allowance.

In the meantime; I have another exam to study for. I will  do that all night while occasionnally answering to Salts that will propably l abuse of my time - Once again. I just hope the odds work in my favor.

I can’t wait for the day I get to say : Mo money more problems

Capitol xoxo