In the most recent chapter of Mirror’s Gaze, there’s a scene where Scooby comforts Arthur(Shaggy) after a bad dream. Now, this is based off that, obvs, but also something my own ‘Scooby-Doo’ does. He’s a giant golden retriever named Joey, and has this way about him that when he licks me, it’s often a very tiny quick one, just on my cheek. It’s gentle, and he’s only been known to give ‘tongue baths’ when I come home from college and he tackles me full on to the ground

So, whenever Joey finds me in a slump (and he’s very good at knowing when I need him) it’s not uncommon for me to get a giant golden pillow next to me, and also a quick little peck on the cheek. It’s as sweet as it is comforting.


My fellow Thot’s,

I think I have found a gem on tinder. Life is fucking peaking. He works in the same field I want to go into when I finish University and guess what? When I told him about my future plans he literally said “I can mentor you!”.

I am not even trying to be extra, I am literally just being myself. We have so much in common and he asked me on a date!  His words ‘I was hoping we could have dinner one night if you could drag yourself away from your studies and join me at one of Melbourne’s fine restaurants. It would be my pleasure.’ Of course I said yes.

Then he said something else. Something that tells me he is sugar daddy material. He said ‘I am seeking a companion, a friend, a student of life, someone I can spend my money on and care for, nurture their dreams and be entertained by their success. That’s what I’m looking for *inserts my name*.’

He gave me his full name to look him up. I am seeing him this week. He is so eccentric and I cannot wait to meet him.


Body work on Zeke. I worked to match the shape of his hip bones as they flow into his pelvis, his abdomen, and the round that seats into his chest cavity. I also made some alteration to some of the musculature in his upper arms so his shoulders feel less bulbous. I worked on freya too but it was all joint work so looks very unexciting. I reversed the waist joint so it is in line with how I intend to do my jointing moving forward. I like how Zeke works and want to carry that idea through Freya (my msd) and Cain (my ssd). I think the parts will be easier to cast and seem to offer nice organic feeling movement. I feel amazing after sculpting again! I feel both exhausted and invigorated. Now I’m going to make myself a mug of tea and then punch in to work. I wish I had more time to sculpt today, but I don’t want to mush what I made in an attempt to rush, so this is good.