So, I was reading (again) some comments and opinions from other people that read Nanatsu no Taizai, and this is what I saw, literally: «Elizabeth is annoying. She’s so useless».

Okay, you see: it is just an opinion. One out of hundreds. But, sadly, that isn’t the case. I’ve already read enough of these kinds of things to know that it doesn’t matter what we, supportive part of the fandom, say. Haters gonna hate.

Buuuuut, I feel like I NEED to make something clear, regardless if they can see it or not: ELIZABETH IS NOT USELESS.

SPOILERS AHEAD~ Long post incoming, too (xD) [Yeah, I can’t use the “read more” option, sorry.]

[This is going to be be a little bit salty, but not too much. Think that this is an opinion and nothing else =3]

People hate her because they see her as a damsel in distress, which she isn’t. They compare her with her old self, Liz, and that annoys me, and I can’t help it.

They’re different, guys, understand that. I won’t say anything more about this, because I think I kind of explained it in my previous post about Melizabeth.

Yeah, Liz had a “stronger” type of personality, we all agree on that. She was badass and she could punch and kick someone on the face without hesitation, and that’s awesome.

But we are talking about Ellie right now, and her actual self is not like Liz. She’s different.

Ellie helps people when they need to be helped. She endangers herself just to SAVE someone, even if it is an enemy, and that kind of stuff is called empathy and/or humanity. And this kind of stuff is something we see in shonens, in films, in books… It is everywhere. But know what? It isn’t that easy.

What she does is what doctors do. They save lifes, they heal, they treat, they fix. And if that’s useless for some people, then we have a problem; humanity is beyond comprehension.

Because not everyone can be a warrior. Not everyone can be a hero. Not everybody can save, not every human is as brave and as strong to do that.

Jump in front of a train to save someone? Rescue a guy you don’t know out of a building on fire? Climb a mountain to help a rock-climber? Do cardiopulmonary resuscitation when there is someone who is nearly dead in front of you? Protect someone who is being attacked by bullies or thieves?

No. Not everybody can do that. Don’t think even for a second that what heroes do is easy, just because you have seen it everywhere in fiction or in TV. That people are as crazy and as amazing as humans can be. Their empathy, their courage, is beyond all of us, keep that in mind.

So, with all that said, here is a petition: try to remember every single time Ellie has heal and/or save someone. I’ll help you:

~When she scaped Liones after the holy knight’s coup d'état and all by herself started to search for the seven deadly sins. Searching for knights that were seen as CRIMINALS, to save her father and sisters.

~When, in that same first chapter, she thought of surrending to the knight that wanted to kill her just to let Meli, a person who had just met and wanted to help her, live peacefully again.

~When she rescued a boy who was being sorrounded by insects, an attack from an enemy (Freesya, I think was her name), and turns out to be another enemy.

~When Meli was hurt when they where in Liones and she decided to go with the enemy just to keep Meliodas out of danger’s way.

~When she healed every single citizen and knight in Liones after Hendrycksen and the holy knights had hurt the majority of them.

~When Diane was being attacked by leeches and she swam with the will of saving her from her friend’s most hated fear (insects).

~When she was the only single one out of the knights and sins that had seen what had happened to Meliodas that actually had the courage to go see him, even when she knew how bad he was, dead; even when she saw it with her own eyes.

AND THERE ARE EVEN MORE. These are only the ones I can remember (it’s too early here, don’t ask me to be more precise with my thoughts xD) from re-reading the manga.

Not everyone can be a hero. But if you carefully look at the definition of that “hero” thing, you will discover something: she is, in fact, one. She has a strong will, regardless what other people think, and she is braver than a lot of characters.

And if she’s useless, being practically a doctor, then doctors are useless too, right? They don’t save, they don’t heal. So, could we live in a world without them?

In times of war, doctors are the most important people out there. They heal, whether the person they are saving is an enemy or an ally. They don’t let people die, and that’s all.

In an action shonen you will see warriors who will punch each other on the face, and that’s pretty cool and we all like it. But don’t be stupid and forget even for a second that behind those fights there will be always someone standing bravely watching how their beloved are suffering and struggling or attacking and fighting with all they have. These people are sadly waiting for the next time someone is hurt pretty badly and they have to help them and save their asses. Because without them there won’t be any action. Who would be alive, with those kinds of fights?

Yeah, there are other druids that are shown in the manga and that can use the same type of healing magic, but even Zaratras has said this: her magic is stronger. Her feelings too. Her capacity even more.

Just stop degrading her just because she hasn’t kicked someone’s ass yet. She will. I’m sure she will. She’s strong, and she’s amazing, and she’s the only very character with her characteristics that I’ve liked like this, probably because she’s Ellie and she deserves a lot more than what these haters think.

So be patient, please, and try to understand her, because once you are able to do so, you will discover how nice she is indeed.

[And don’t bite me or the post, please, it was just an opinion xDD]

If you guys think something different I would gladly read it if it is written respectfully, really xD

kind of an aside for the sd gundam force I am writing,

I really like writing sazabi and his constant disgust and over-dramatic persona are very fun but at the same time also sad, because after he’s lost he’s subject to the same kind of ‘punishment’ he inflicts on others who fail. And you’re your own most brutal critic.

He has a very meandering, grandiose (but often high-conceptual) and egotistical inner narrative simply because he is used to giving the orders and yelling at others and being considered of-importance, and now he has no audience so that behavior turns inward to malevolently narrating the treacheries and insults of the world around him. he projects his violent attitudes on everyone around him and when they behave in ways he can’t understand he tries to fudge it as some sort of aggression,

but in the end it’s all just a self attack. He’s the only one tormenting himself and trying to externalize this inner voice as coming from the world around him. But he knows he’s failed, he is realizing that if something has beaten him it must have a power he did not account for. And that rather than being in control. he was the one being controlled from the very start.

He’s just a case of like… someone who has never had positive relationships with anyone in the world before… when they fail or run out of people to destroy they will begin to destroy themselves. The world will seem completely hostile for them, even when it’s more forgiving than it ever has been before.

So like… on a second look at the concept and the first part I wrote. You could read this as a humor story… or you could read this as someone brutally screaming at himself 24/7. Even when he tries to push the negativity onto the world around him.

A lot of it needs some polish-up after I finish but. I guess I have sudden feelings about things being funny-ha-ha or funny-sad.
The Next Anniversary of SD Gundam Force - Countdown
The Next Anniversary of SD Gundam Force - Countdown timer to Sept. 1, 2016, 04:00:00 AM

((Alrighty everyone, the 13th SD Gundam Force anniversary livestream is next week! Here’s an updated list of all the fanmade videos I’ve gathered so far:

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If I missed any videos, let me know!))

aside, writing sazabi threatening people is super fun if sometimes sad. he’ll threaten anyone. he’ll threaten things that he has no hope of defeating. he’ll threaten things he doesn’t really care about but doesn’t know what else to do. he’ll threaten a mom for trying to serve him breakfast. he’ll threaten a baby that could not possibly do anything to him. he’ll find everything he ever stood for suddenly to be threatening and try to threaten it back. he’ll threaten the threats he used to make. He’ll threaten himself by imagining others threatening him. he’ll make the entire world hostile and threatening just because that’s comfortable to him. He’s a hot mess.


Oh My Little Jyushiko! (Kara&Sisters AU)

The answer to that, anon, is YES. (And thank you!♥)

Just some silly strips featuring Karamatsu and his sister, Jyushiko! Boy or girl, his relationship with Jyushi isn’t actually all that different. OuO

Anyway, some time this week I will probably create a masterpost for this AU. Then, next Monday, we will begin another multiple part arc in this AU, so please look forward to that~! ;D


Todoko’s Friend/zone part 1 of ? (Kara&Sisters AU)

Okay, so this arc came out earlier than other planned strips for the simple reason I wanted to draw potato boy over there. Welcome Futsuumaru, everyone~! (Or Normalmaru–Whatever.)

If you’re thinking “Why Todoko, again?” Sorry. I can’t help it… she’s my fave girlymatsu =u=;; *guilty*–And anyway this does come after the Atsushi incident as you can see her complaining about it here–And there are arcs planned for all sisters. So, please bear with me. You’re all awesome~!♥♥♥ ;D

[Yer here] | [part 2] (Update Next Week)