Oldie of the 7.5″ SBR.

real quick head canons about maggies aunt

- she calls maggie every thursday “you can always come home” “im 30″ “it has not be 16 years has it…youre making me old” “you are old”

- maggies aunt is at most only a solid 15 years older, theres not much of an age gap between them but her aunt still was the most respectable parental figure maggies ever had

- maggies aunt keeps trying to get maggie to introduce to her alex??? she refuses?? and so she threatens to show up at national city and maggie tells her not to dare

- ( she does, at 830 in the morning with a text 30 minutes prior that maggie misses bc shes too busy kissing alex that says she just lands in national city )

- she tells the WORST stories of maggie and her crushes on girls when she was just a baby gay

- alex thinks her aunts adorable, she thinks it seven cuter when said aunt pulls maggie into a hug and kisses her head, and whispers the words “i am so glad you have found the love you deserve, you have no idea how much you deserve to surround yourself with it”

- alex tries to say they should invite her over for thanksgiving dinner and maggie shoots daggers at alex and she LAUGHS

anyways if anyone thinks kara knew what maggie told alex that night you can kindly step back, she clearly didn’t. she hadn’t seen alex. clearly her plate was full. when she was telling maggie to change she wasn’t intruding on maggies traumas, thank you. she had no idea, and if you think kara who, she herself, has suffered traumas would say, sit up buttercup and gtf over it for someone else, and move on, then you’re wrong 

Status Update: I‘m back!

I flew back to California yesterday, so I am no longer on hiatus! Sorry for the long absence - my last month in Korea was pretty hectic because I had to prepare for my grandmother’s 80th birthday, and take turns visiting each of my relatives again once my mom flew in during February.

Things will still be pretty slow on the blog for now since I have a lot to catch up to, both in real life and in the LL community. My first priorities will be finally getting around to translating stuff from the Aqours in Seoul event (…which happened in December 2016 OTL) and easing my way back into QCing for Uraraji. BTW, this means that I’ve finally updated my status page!

I predict that I won’t be back at full power, however, until around the second week of March. This is because of…

THE SAN DIEGO LIVE VIEWING OF THE AQOURS 1ST LIVE. I had the great misfortune of being on my 10+ hour flight from Korea to LA when tickets for the 11am showing became available, but I managed to snag one for the 4:15pm showing when that was released!

I’m pretty excited for this event, but it has also made me realize that I have a little more than a week to learn all of the calls and prepare for meeting some fellow Love Livers *screams quietly* i am so short compared to some of them!!!. This is actually going to be my first time meeting Love Livers IRL…it’s gonna be such a great change from my friends going “oh great Yuja’s screaming about her anime game again” during university and my cousins in Korea going “oh my god I’m related to an otaku”, haha.

I’m also lowkey nervous because this is actually the first anime-related event I’ve ever attended. I know, I should be ashamed because I live close enough to LA to go to Anime Expo and was close enough to Boston during university to attend Anime Boston…but anyways, I hope that my hype for the event doesn’t make me keel over from a heart attack on the day of the LV, lol.

If any of y’all managed to get tickets for SD (regardless of time slot - I’m tentatively planning to arrive around lunch time to see if I can hang out with people), feel free to let me know so that I can say hi at the LV!

me: im fine
me, really: maggie sawyer was the most encouraging and wholesome person in alex danvers coming out journey because maggie knows how it feels to be pressured, unwelcomed, and possibly hated for being yourself. and probably had to learn not to hate herself after being forcefully outed, because thats the biggest thing thats ever happened to her and she deserves to be okay with it. so when alex needed support, and was scared maggie sawyer told a little white lie so alex would have the courage to tell kara so she would have the loving support that maggie probably never got