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Nice new theme!!~ HCs for Tachihara, Chuuya, Dazai and Akutagawa with a trained classical pianist/composer s/o pretty please?

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• He would study your music sheets while you were out of the house. Regardless of him not being able to read a single symbol on the page he would be mesmerized by the notes and flowing rhythm on the paper. On days when you’re gone and he’s missing you your music sheets are the first thing he picks up. He’d trace the marks with his fingertip and imagine you nestled in the small corner where your piano and things reside just completely concentrated on your music and feel a little less lonely.

• Nights when he has trouble sleeping or is upset about something he often asks you to play something for him. If you manage to create something specific just to play for him when he’s needing an atmospheric change to help him relax he will subtly inch you towards the piano and murmur a soft “please” with his eyes cast to the side. Of course he assumes you know what he’s talking about and won’t ever forwardly ask you to play his special song.

• There are some days where he watches you from the corner of the couch as he pretending to be enthralled with a book but really his eyes are glued to you. If you happen to be playing, even just messing around with a few random notes, he’s completely taken aback at the beautiful music you create with just the tap of your fingers. He’ll chime in with a few “I liked that” or “that sounded nice” sporadically, but mostly he enjoys everything you create even if you hate it.


• Even if you didn’t ask for it Chuuya surprises you with a very beautiful and expensive baby grand piano the moment he finds out your passion for music and composing. Unless you already had the best Chuuya refuses to let you play or compose with anything less. He even sets up a small area or your own room in his penthouse so you can compose when you’re staying at his house.

• Once Chuuya gets a taste of your music he asks you (more than once) to record a few of his favorite pieces so he can have it on is phone when he travels. Being able to listen to music you created at any given time helps fill the hole in his heart when he’s away from you for work. If there’s a day where he’s home with you he’ll ask you to play for him while he’s cooking dinner or enjoying a nice glass of wine next to you, if he gets tipsy enough he’ll even hum softly along with the tune.

• Knowing how important your hands are to your work Chuuya will massage your hands (or pay someone if he can’t) at least once a week as well as a manicure, even if it’s just to keep your nails trim and tidy. While you’re playing or composing if Chuuya sees you wringing your hands or stretching he’s by your side in an instant offering his own talented hands to rub out any kinks or soreness.


• His favorite part of his house is the area where you keep all of your books, music sheets, and piano even if it takes up a good chunk of the room. Dazai is often by your side lying on a blanket with a pillow beneath his head while you play. He’ll sit for hours listening to you play and enjoying every minute of it. Many times he ends up getting sleepy and will start to tickle your ankles and shins (and whine) until you crumble and agree to take a snuggly nap with him for an hour or two.

• Dazai’s heart flutters when he watches you play or compose because of that passionate glint and happiness in your eyes each time your fingers hit the keys. Often Dazai takes candid polaroid pictures of you while you’re concentrating on a new piece or just playing to get the juices flowing. He keeps his favorite in his wallet and hangs the other in his bedroom next to the other photos of you two.

• Since Dazai is good with his hands he asks on occasion for you to teach him, plus it’s an excuse to be snuggled up next to you on the piano bench. He’s very skilled and learns quickly but he doesn’t like playing on his own. Instead he suggest you playing dual songs together or challenges you to a “who can play it better” while both using the same piano. He, of course, cheats and nips your neck or the shell of your ear so he can finish the song while you’re flustered by his touches.


• Tachihara is not familiar at all with classical music and he’s always asking “what song is this” or “who wrote that” when you play anything when he’s home. It does make him feel like a bit of an uncultured ass but he wants to be somewhat educated on the subject and who better to ask than his favorite pianist? Expect to have a lot of your practice sessions interjected by his questions, but he doesn’t mean to be annoying he just wants to learn.

• He’s completely awestruck while watching you play. Even if you play for hours at a time Tachihara will sit near you and just watch the nimbleness of your fingers with disbelief. He tries to follow the patterns in his head but most of the time he ends up getting a bit lost in your music and just listens with a smile on his face.

• Tachihara is the first to suggest you playing at one of the mafia’s casinos. Even if you don’t need the money or exposure he really wants the rest of the world to hear your music, and give him an excuse to brag that you’re his s/o.

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