sd10 megu


Momo-chan arrived! Meet Rin’s younger sister ♥
I’m still waiting for her blond wig and yellow eyes, so she’s being Rin chibi version for a while! I will also re-face-up her later becase I don’t like how lips came out and she will need blond eyebrows as well. 
Yet I’m so happy I got her because Rosenlied Mignon is my favourite doll in the whole company and I was lucky with DOA seller! Holiday’s Child size is so cute and comfy, I’m enjoying her body proportions a lot (she’s 38 cm msd with yo-sd style). It was a real challenge to find a doll which would fit volks f-01 who’s head is really huge, but I’m so glad I got Momo and they made such a couple together <3


I am so so pleased with the set for these, even though half the pictures were junk, ahhh. Merishu you’re so cute nowwww.

The outfit isn’t ultimately for her, but darn it, I wanted to get pictures of her haremed out. >3> So here we go! With a near-complete background, too. I’m so pleased with the skirts and fabric I have now. They really work. The cats think so, too. >3>

Sari by PeachBlossomLLC on Esty, jewelry by me.