• You know, a lot of people say that Shane Dawson is rude, gross, uncaring, cold, etc. But they're wrong.
  • Shane is the most loving, caring, kind, funny, sweet, and amazing person I know of. He makes me feel like someone in this world actually cares about me. Even though he's miles away from me, he makes me feel like I'm right next to him. Like I'm his friend and he's just talking to me. Even though he's an adult and so much older than me, he doesn't make me feel like a little kid.
  • Shane means so much to me. He's now the reason I keep going everyday. I don't know what I'd do without him. He's just so amazing. He's my super hero, but he doesn't wear a cape. He wears wigs.
  • Thank you, Shane. For treating me as a friend. For keeping me alive.

First shane and friends in two years ! :D yay