“My Lady, I know this a bad time,

“But please just hear me out,

“I’ve already lost quite a lot of blood,

“I’ll die without a doubt.”

“Chat, stop.”

“No, I can’t,

“I still have things to say,

“Like how this isn’t how I planned

“To end this dreary day.”

“Chat, please, I gotta call an ambulance–”

“No, My Lady,

“It is already far too late.

“Just stay here with me,

“And accept this cruel fate.”


“I don’t know how to say this,

“I don’t know if I should.

“But ever since I met you,

“You told me I was good.

“I know what you’re thinking,

“I know you’ll say, ‘You are!’

“But see that’s a lie I’ve told myself

“Every day thus far.

“My home life is terrible,

“And I’ve had those dreadful moments

“Where I want to break my fists on the walls,

“But those emotions, I can’t show them.

“I’m not as good as you think,

“I don’t often have heroic thoughts.

“I just want to lay in bed,

“And cry until my eyes rot.

“I think about pain,

“And how good it might feel,

“And I consider death,

“Which is now far too real.

“I realize

“That I’ve made some stupid mistakes

“And wish I would have done something

“So I wouldn’t end this way.

“Please stop crying,

“Because I do have some hope.

“This is because of an akuma,

“And the solution I think you know.

“This death may be temporary,

“I may be back in a jiff.

“But I need you to use that Lucky Charm,

“And use it real quick.

“When you do, I might be back

“And I’ll get to stop talking in rhyme

“For this way of speaking

“Is really a waste of time.

“The Actor is behind you now,

“Please, just fix this mess.

“Be careful with your Lucky Charm;

“He’ll put you to the test.

“I'm…afraid my time is up now,

“It’s…g-getting hard to…speak.

“S-so when…you k-kick…his butt, love,

“Kick it…to America…f-for me….”

“Chat, Chat, please!”

“His act in the play is over, Ladybug! Give me your Miraculous and his and I might spare you, and bring him back.”

“No. I’m bringing you down. For him.”

aka an akuma causes people to rhyme and can make them act like they were in a play and well kills Chat off like in a typical Shakespearean play. except. he gets stabbed. not chased off stage by a bear.

yes i know im just full of sunshine.