[TEASER 2] Underverse 0.3 - Part two [Sounded by Strelok]



River Children up for sale!!

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Got some more Desert Dweller monster kids up for sale!!

The River Spirits are a gentle folk, often taking the forms of great birdlike beings to those who can perceive them, and can be found wherever there is flowing water. Since all river spirits are the direct children of the moon god, they are all siblings. These three were raised under the watchful eyes of their older siblings, Bahyek and Reksa, guardians of the Canyon Spring at the heart of the desert, and were privileged, unlike many of their siblings, to grow up in the direct presence of their father’s mortal husband, who they love dearly.

 Now, they are fully grown and have left their vibrant home behind, searching for rivers of their own to guard.

Ikindi the Fisher - Metals/Metals/Carribean Skink/Seraph/Contour Noc M  200 g or treasure equivalent 

Osley the Flower-Maiden - Metals/Metals/Azure Skink/Seraph/Contour SD F 200 g or treasure equivalent

Keyzey the Kelpie Tamer- Metals/Metals/Jade Skink/Seraph/Contour SD M 200 g or treasure equivalent

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Weregild Child up for Sale!!

There’s another sibling after this one, but i’ll be spacing these two out a bit!

A child of Rax and Jusk, the elite fighters of the Canyon, their family was once part of the sun-god’s personal bodyguard.  Their parents hold themselves responsible for their god’s murder at the hands of his beloved, and seek penance in every battle and fight they find themselves in.  Their children, masked and solemn, follow in their footsteps, carrying in their blood a dangerous knack for holding long-standing grudges long beyond what is healthy, and a penchant for ending them violently…  

Vahzen- Midnight/Midnight/Buttercup Rip/Cur/Opal SD M- 350 g or treasure equivalent 

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