When I was younger I was always told to: “Not express love for boys in any form, because it would backfire. Or they wouldn’t get the thrill of chasing me.” I’ve learned that isn’t true at all? People like knowing you care. If you truly love and care about someone, it’s ok to let them know. The right person will just be thankful to have your support in general. I wish I had realized this years earlier, because it would have helped me out a lot. Bottom line: just tell people you love and care for them. It’s better than bottling it up.

Some of you out there have incredibly difficult challenges thrown your way everyday. I’m so proud of you for still getting up every morning, and living your life. Even if the world has not been kind to you, you still persevere. You still empathize with others even though you go through hell everyday. You manage to make life all your own, regardless of the standards you are held against. I’m just so proud of you in general.