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Worlds 2017: Video Masterpost

Art Love & Inspiration Fluff Piece

Practice Day

FD Practice CBC

SD Practice in Main Rink (fan version) credit: Rusalka

CBC Olympics: PJ Kwong and Scott Russell (discuss 20 yrs)

Friday (Short Dance)

ISU FULL Practices SD

SD Practice 1 2 and Run through

Backstage Warm Up

Pre SD warm up Hug (fan version) credit:sleeping bee

Warm Up

SD Warm Up (fan version) credit: Rusalka

Intro + Warm Up (fan version) credit: @sleeping-bee

SD (CBC version)

SD (NBC version)

SD (B. Euro version)

Kiss n Cry (fan version) credit: skating4us

Full Group 6

Small Medal Ceremony + Press Conf. + Interviews

Backstage 360 video

Post SD (Helsinki Greeting)

Post SD Interview

Post SD Japanese TV 1 2 3  credit: amomomijie12

PJ Kwong Post SD

Interview with Charlie White

Canadian Press (Press Conference)

Small Medal Ceremony + Press Conference

Small Medal Ceremony + Draw (Periscope)

Saturday (Free Dance)

ISU FULL Practices FD

FD Run through (protective Scott clip) credit: schistostega

FD Run through

FD Run through (fan version) credit: @olyagasanova

FD Run through (fan version) 1 2 credit: @hazyhorizons

Pre-FD Practice (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Pre-Morning Practice (fan version) credit: Rusalka

Warm Up

Pre-Warm Up (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Warm Up (fan version) credit: Rusalka

Intro + Warm Up (fan version) credit: @sleeping-bee

Introductions (fan version) credit: Rusalka

Introductions (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Pre FD Hug (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

FD (CBC version)

FD (NBC version)

FD (B. Euro version)

FULL Group 4

Kiss n Cry (fan version) credit: skating4us

Kiss n Cry (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Kiss n Cry (fan version) credit: Rusalka

Medal Ceremony (fan version) credit: step by step

Medal Ceremony (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Victory Lap (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Medal Ceremony (BBC high quality)

Post Medal Ceremony (fan version) credit: @hazyhorizons

Press Conf. + Interviews

Pre- Winners Interview (fan version) credit: hazy horizons

Winners Interview

Press Conference

Post Medal Ceremony Interview

Virtue & Moir on their Comeback with PJ Kwong

Post FD Interview French Televison

Sunday (Gala)

Gala Practice + Post FD Interview

Interview with Scott Russell

Pre Gala (goofing off + singing)

Pre Gala (Scott greets) credit: teamuniquehsk


Gala Finale

Gala Finale (fan version) credit: オリンピックお兄さん

Gala Finale (fan version) credit:todoyurikas

Gala (Yuzu focus/can see TS in beginning) credit: tt Lo

Gala  (fan version) credit: Itiahs A.

Small Medal Ceremony

Small Medal Ceremony (Periscope)

Small Medal Ceremony


Periscope Banquet (dancing Scott) credit: @dreamofawonderfullife

Fan VLOG  (BTS) credit: Мария Лоскутова

**FAN MEETING** 1 credit: Anastasiya Mosina2 credit: @rusalka4

**ISU BEST OF DANCE HIGHLIGHTS** – backstage hug

CBC Highlights + Fluff + BTS – SD // FD // Gala 1 and 2


Selfie Sunday, and also tagged by @theunstuffedpepper to sds, so here you go.

Me and @i-want-to-be-wonderwoman just chilling out on the sofa after making some pumpkin curry, and watching bad TV.

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@ficinferno neither actually. my brother and i essentially share an hdtv bc the xbox one is exclusively hdmi and his cable box is also exclusively hdmi

hes been watching neflix and youtube via our xbox360 when i have the tv and i guess while i was at work he decided he wanted to watch cable for once

Random Thoughts on Japril in 11x11

- Disclaimer: I was fully prepared to distance myself from the Japril story before the episode started. I knew the baby was gonna die and I really didn’t want to be involved. 

- Update on Disclaimer: Grey’s is a crafty mo-fo and sucked me into their storyline anyway. 

- After watching both this episode and the new Glee this week, I fully appreciate Shonda shows so much more. Grey’s covers controversial topics without seeming preachy or like This week’s very special episode. Grey’s handled their decision to ease their baby out of his pain so beautifully, so eloquently. There were no sappy lines or cheesy moments. It was real. It hurt. Yet, it was inspiring. The same can not be said for Glee though. So Kudos to Grey’s 11 seasons strong still having quality episodes.

- My heart broke when April realized that the place where her baby was supposed to be the safest (her belly) was where he was suffering in pain. How horrible to hear this news! You’re about to be a mom. You want to love and protect your child. How helpless you must feel if you find out you can’t do that.

- The scene with Mama Avery was probably my favorite of the night. I loved how kind and understanding she was. She gave the perfect advice for helping April let her baby go.

- I can’t blame April for wanting a miracle. It’s natural to want one especially in her situation. Heck, even though I knew it wouldn’t happen, I was still holding out for one.

- Full disclosure: I thought random intern was an angel. 

- Jackson’s prayer was answered. Not in the way we’d like, of course, but his wife was able to accept their lot and do what was necessary without losing her faith. So point for Heaven.

- I listened to the AfterBuzz recap and one of the hosts brought up a good point. Jackson and April are both suffering, but for different reasons. April is suffering the loss of her child. While this is true for Jackson to a certain extent, his concern is mainly about his wife. He knows her. He knows she doesn’t take things lightly. He is worried that if his wife loses her spirituality, she’ll lose what makes her her. If she loses her identity, then he essentially loses his wife and that terrifies him.

- I’m so pleased that people are recognizing that this was a quality episode of TV, that SD and JW are fine actors, and that Grey’s still has it after all these years.

Fan Account | 140629 Lotte Duty Fanmeet with Super Junior
  • Lotte FM started with Mr simple ^^
  • Sorry sorry
  • All the fan bases are sitting really far though… No one brought dslr? Haha
  • Donghae poked Eunhyuk’s chest
  • Heechul danced wrongly during Mr Simple and laughed at himself
  • Question: is there any member who is very loyal?
  • Eunhyuk: none because our relationship has exceeded that of loyalty… It’s love!
  • Heechul: I have
  • Donghae said Kangin looks like a real man
  • Heechul wiped his saliva on Sungmin
  • Question: do they envy any body parts of other members?
  • Ryeowook envies Eunhyuk
  • Heechul envies Sungmin’s big butt
  • Kyuhyun envies Donghae’s big eyes and said Donghae is pretty
  • Question: do I have a special interest now?
  • Heechul raised ‘x’ (no) and everyone went “aiiiii”
  • Donghae said he started liking photography this year
  • Question: is there something i am especially persistent abt?
  • Members teased siwon. Kyuhyun said Siwon is persistent about his sister. Eunhyuk said Siwon had also asked about his sister before too. Kangin said Siwon even asked about his aunt. Kyuhyun asked Siwon if he was just fooling around with his sister XD
  • Shindong is envious of Sungmin’s butt and feet becuz Sungmin has small feet. Small feet can wear many pretty shoes..
  • Eunhyuk has never learnt on his own,always asked others, kept asking and doesnt know how to use SNS and computer. Shindong is better at that. Eunhyuk: So i always don’t know and members dont teach me.
  • Kangin must check on what other members are goinf when he gets home. Heechul keeps touching Sungmin’s face, body , chin and tummy
  • Sungmin is persistent about noodles. He will shiver when he sees noodles ..
  • Shindong learnt composing with Eunhyuk 5 years ago. EH didnt know how to pay online or via TV so SD paid. SD said he hopes EH pay back soon.
  • Heechul said Eunhyuk ate his egg 8 years ago
  • Siwon kept asking Kyuhyun for his sister but Kyu rejected cuz he felt SW is his sister is not good enough for SW
  • Heechul said Eunhyuk took his clothes 12 years ago, ate his egg in kimchi fried rice 8 years ago and 2 years ago
  • EH said he will buy HC earphones but nv did. EH then said he will buy 1 at Lotte Duty Free
  • They sang Daydream and You&I
  • Kyuhyun and Sungmin are the only 2 who keep fanning themselves with a fan
  • Question: Any member here that makes you disappointed?
  • Shindong: Yes. I paid for eunhyuk’s online payment 5 years ago. I hope he will pay me back soon
  • Heechul: 8 years ago eunhyuk ate my fried egg
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  • Linda_Z_小枝 & SJ-M咨询台
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