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I recently got my SD prospect, she's a 15 week old Border Collie. She's honestly everything I've ever wanted and she's turning out to be a great prospect. My only concern is how hyper she is. I know this is typical for the breed and because she's a puppy. But even after lots of walks and play time she is still crazy. It's making it hard to train because she just wants to bounce around and play. Do you have any ideas about how to combat this? Thanks!

Hi! Faith was the exact same way lol. Welcome to the world of owning an active herding dog.

To me, it sounds like she needs mental stimulation. Most herding dogs can physically exert themselves for hours, and still be ready to GO GO GO afterwards. While physical activity is extremely important, mental activity is even more important. 

A while back, I posted a photo of how Faith eats. It’s called the muffin tin game. This requires her to THINK in order to get her food. You can also purchase more interactive toys such as these! (easy) (medium) (hard

Aside from interactive toys, you can also purchase some FitPAWS equipment and work on her confidence, balance, core strength, coordination, and more! I started working with Faith on FitPAWS equipment (doughnut, wobble board, peanut, and balance disks) when she was about your pup’s age. She loved it! 

Lastly, look into some Trick Dog Titles! Trick Dog Titles are such a fun and rewarding experience. Kyra Sundance has some excellent instructional books, and you can also join Facebook SparkTeams for free training advice :)

I hope this helps! Good luck with your little girl!
~ Lex (& Faith)


I tried to lighten my load by changing my shading technique. Hope it looks ok~

Especially this time with the needlessly detailed bedroom as the background. Also the bloopers will be posted in a separate post~

Btw, Toriel will be making her last appearance next week. *tears* 

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Just got word that we’re getting to move forward with a book we pitched late last year for a new Lil Gotham series, titled BATMAN: Lil'er Gotham.

We’re working up themes for stories right now, covering all the Lil'er holidays we missed last year. The biggest change you’ll notice is that we were asked to go even bigger with their heads, and will most likely be eliminating legs and limbs altogether. Marketing felt this would help us compete with the growing trend in chibi toys and SD styled merchandise out there.

I for one, was against it at first ,but then i considered how much less i would have to draw, so im definitely on board. Also, editorial is looking at even shorter stories, down to roughly 5-6 pages per chapter, hence the “ Lil'er ” part.

I’m crazy excited, i hope you’ll join in as well!