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31/07/2017 Hey guys!
I’m studying Human Rights and I actually love this topic so I can’t believe I failed this class before. I must admit I procrastinated studying this course a lot so I probably failed because I didn’t study enough. I had this exam in January and I know I studied like 6-7 days in total for this course. I never studied it during the semester. So it’s kinda logic I failed this exam. But I’m motivated and I love this topic so I will pass this exam in August. For sure!!

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Allowance use

Alright my dolls, you locked that SD and started getting that money, what y'all gonna do with it?

-don’t even think about spending the whole amount. I mean NO. No matter if you are sure that’s a steel deal you got yourself, remember your daddy can leave you any time. So -

-always take some of your allowance and stack it like it doesn’t exist, literally, DEAD, burnt. Have your own little rainy day trust fund, it can be your childhood piggy bank, I don’t care as long as those paper bills aren’t spent.
You are in a great position now yet how you gonna know what tomorrow can bring you? Maybe you will be in drought for weeks sometimes a month or more. Always be prepared.

-don’t get into that terminator spending mode as soon as those hands feel the paper. Do you really need them Chanel bags and Loubies? If you are really craving for it make your SD get em for you. But honestly, shoe/bag/clothes shopping will make you happy for a while, a car or a house/apartment shopping would make you a bit more permanently happy ? These are big goals I know however aren’t unreasonable and aren’t something so not possible to reach.

-first take care of your bills/rent/tuition/food supply, COVER your basic needs for the month, SAVE the rest. You would be amazed by the sum if you counted all of them bills spent on cute little things you bought yourself from sugaring.

-Keep the receipts and sum it up in the end of a month, if you aren’t going to keep track of your money who will? God? No.

-set up some bigger goals that you plan on reaching from sugaring. It’s maybe paying off that student loan, signing up for masters degree, saving up for your own place, investing in stocks or a small start up of your own. You name it. But I’m sure there must be something more valuable to you than the shopping sprees. Tend to be more friendly to your future.

-I saw a movie few months back, and there was this scene where a bodyguard of a rich guy asks these SBs hanging in the mansion how are they investing their money? What they all said-shoes and bags. And then he spilled the basic truth, What y'all gonna do with them shoes and bags in few years? Mr X will replace you all with them younger bitches and then what? You gonna live in ya shoes? Damn. Opened my eyes. You ain’t gonna be sugaring forever.

-if you HAVE a vanilla job, don’t even dream about leaving/quitting! NO. No matter what or how good your SD is. No matter what he promises to you no matter how much money he gives you. THAT is NOT your PERMANENT INCOME. Allowance is your little/big lottery ticket you are getting every month/week. Treat it like one. It CAN be a losing one just from next time.

-be a HOE but a smart HOE. Always mention to these SDs your actual goals for your future, he is more likely to spend and help ya out with that education/business venture for example than he’ll be interested in spending on some flashy superficial stuff. I’ve learned that hard way.

-think about the way you get your allowance (wire transfer, pay pal, cheque etc) this does vary on a country you live in but CASH will always be the good old almighty cash.

-if he gives you a card, don’t buy everything you see! Take cash from ATMs and stack it. If that card is really at your disposal use it SMART. Pay your groceries with it, bills if possible, replace a thing in your home, help out your family if you are able. But don’t go on a crazy mall tour. Your SD won’t really give a damn how you used it, moreover you can earn bonus points if he notices you are spending it smart.

-I’m not saying that you should not go shopping eventually but be smart about it. Keep inventory of your wardrobe, do supply/demand chart. Do your supply renewal every 3 or 6 months. PLANNING is the mother of SPENDING. If you take care of your wardrobe it will always look fresh and new. Respect it. Remember- your bomb pussy earned that!

-you have stuff in your closet you haven’t worn a year? Great. Sell it online. It will clear up your space and get you some extra $$$.

-another tip on saving- don’t necessarily go all the time to beauty salons (if it’s not something mandatory you can’t do yourself), take some time and do your own mani/pedi, if you can style your hair (there’s some new brushes that literally do the straightening for you while using it, if I find a link I’ll post it) learn to do your own makeup. Don’t buy all the most expensive beauty products all the time, there are cheaper ones which are also good. Take note: BRAND sells the product. So don’t be a victim of someone’s successful advertising. Just because it’s a Dior cream it’s why you need to own it?

-stack as many SDs as possible, short time ones, regular ones, it means MORE money for your wallet.

-don’t show off, don’t bring that negativity out from people. It’s still bad energy and why would you possibly want to make yourself a problem or an unpleasant situation? E.g. Outing you to your friends family coworkers etc, list has no end. You DO NOT have to impress anyone! You live in your OWN skin NOT in other peoples EYES!

-if you can’t keep track of your finances/spendings hire an accountant, it will help you big time!

-take advantage of the sales when you are getting your food/wardrobe or whatever

-don’t be lazy and go to the restaurants all the time! LEARN how to cook if you don’t already know. I’m aware how delicious that home delivery is but the price of a single order could maybe cover more meals if you went to the supermarket. It’s ok occasionally ordering food/going out to eat but think how much you can save up just by cooking yourself.

-be bills and environmental friendly, which means that you don’t need to have all of your lights in the home ON all the time, take your charger out when finished charging your phone/computer, don’t leave your desktop running all day/night or on sleep mode. Same applies to your tv. Take showers instead of filling up the tub. You will be amazed how much all of that can reduce your monthly expenses! Now sum that up for a year! Oh, yes.

-instead of paying for a crazy expensive gym, go out for a run, work out at home/in nature, don’t be lazy and look up YouTube tutorials for different workouts that don’t include gym.

-use public transport whenever you can instead of taxis/uber/your own car (if you own one), take a bicycle if you can, it will do magic to your body and your bank account.

-learn the difference between your NEEDS and DESIRES. Your desire can be your worst enemy if you can’t control it.

-don’t hoard food! Do your supply AD HOC (when necessary).

-make list of all monthly expenses you have, write PROs and CONs for each. Ask yourself do you really need it every month? Cut all unnecessary things off that list.

-get a vanilla job if you already don’t have one!

Combine some of these tips and do good for yourself, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow up to the point rather customize it to your own convenience!

Be a smart Hoe with your money.

Yes, I have a Service Dog.

This is something I didn’t think I’d ever need to post, but apparently, I’m a horrible person who needs to defend her right to have and use something that’s legally considered medical equipment.

I went to Warped Tour in Dallas TX this year (07/28/2017), and I brought my Service Dog, Ahyoka, who I need to be with me when I’m out in public, along so I could actually enjoy the day. While I was waiting to meet Andy Biersack/Black, the infamous “MYanni” (aka “Turkamayne”) tweeted something rude that was directed at me (screenshot of tweet is at the bottom of this post, as well as the link to it, though I don’t know how long the link will work), literally while he was about three or four feet away from Andy. He said it “wasn’t cool” to have a dog at Warped, “service dog or not”, and that I should’ve skipped going this year.

I have checked with the venue, and to their knowledge, I was the ONLY attendee there with an SD for that show. Out of the countless people who were there and saw her, it seems that he was the only one who had a problem with it. Hell, Andy was excited to see her and had a huge smile on his face!

I can rarely leave home for more than 10-15 minutes at a time if she’s not with me. She gives me the ability to go out and do things I love, one of which is going to concerts and seeing my favorite artists.

While at Warped Tour, Ahyoka was cared for properly and has suffered absolutely NO ILL EFFECTS from going, except for being tired (but who isn’t tired for a day or so after Warped Tour?). Her paw pads were protected with a high quality balm specifically meant to protect them from hot AND freezing concrete/asphalt/etc. Said paw pads were uninjured upon returning home, and actually weren’t as dry as they were before I put the stuff on (it moisturizes the pads too).

I gave her cold water every 5-10 minutes to prevent dehydration and help keep her cool. We were in the shade about 90% of the time we were even THERE. Her fur was repeatedly soaked with cool water during every rest in the shade except the first two (which were very brief, maybe 5-10 minutes each, because we were trying to work out who to see and when/where their sets were and she didn’t want to go into the stage with me for New Years Day’s set, so for that she rested in shade backstage with my mother). Yes, she was hot, but so was EVERYONE THERE.

Someone else has started attacking me on Twitter, actually directed straight at me as replies to me, and has said that I need to be a “responsible dog owner first and foremost”. So, what, taking such good care of her that she’s 100% fine with not even the slightest bit of heat exhaustion (which I got a bad case of) or any type of injury is being irresponsible?

I know some will say I am because I exposed her to heat. Thing is, dogs survived in worse weather than that before being domesticated and kept as housepets, and countless stray/homeless dogs do it every single day of every single year. If she needed a break five minutes after we finished one, we’d find the nearest shady spot and take another one.

I took MUCH better care of her than I did myself. I put her needs and wants before mine the entire time there. I spent several months learning everything I possibly could on keeping her safe, cool, and happy in high heat. I talked to her vet, who cleared her to attend with all of the methods and precautions I was taking to ensure her wellbeing. I even had Pedialyte, Gatorade, and electrolyte water at home ready for us both for when we got back (yes, very small amounts of Gatorade are safe for dogs if they need something stronger than Pedialyte).

Am I not allowed to have a life because I’m disabled and the tool I use to manage my disablity is a Service Dog? Am I supposed to just stay home and never go out anywhere? Am I wrong for doing what works best for me to regain my independance?

No. No I’m not. Those who think that are wrong. I don’t think anyone would tell someone who can’t walk that they’re irresponsible for going somwhere with their wheelchair that’s not exactly designed for wheelchairs when they do everyting they can to keep it in good condition and have it prepared to be there, would you? What about someone wth an oxygen tank? Or even someone who’s blind?

If you answered “no” to all three of those, then why would you say something like that to someone like me with a Service Dog?

She had a ball at Warped Tour, and she generally enjoys going to concerts with me because she likes people and it’s rare she doesn’t get a lot of compliments from random people when we’re out anywhere.

I am not ashamed of my choice, and no one will make me feel shame for it no matter how hard they try. They should feel ashamed for trying to make a disabled girl feel bad about herself and how she manages her disability. I care about my Service Dog, who’s a cherished and completely irreplaceable member of the family I love more than anything, much more than I could ever care about myself. She will stay by my side until she’s ready to retire from working, and I will stay by her side until her time on this Earth is up.

She will continue to by my partner, and to go with me wherever I go, including concerts. You don’t have to like it, you can throw all the temper tantrums you want to, but it won’t change a thing. I’m not going to apologize for my condition or my need of an SD. And that’s my final word on the subject.


August 11, 2011: ‘In Your Dreams Tour’, Sturgis, SD. 

 “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Stevie Nicks performed her classic hits “Landslide” and “Rhiannon” along with a haunting version of “Soldiers Angel” which she told the audience was written and inspired by her many visits over the years to Walter Reed Hospital and Bethesda to visit wounded soldiers. The moment could not have been more dramatic. Commented American Thunder’s creator David Clark, “Our giant 40'x60’ foot backdrop was ripped from the rigging and went sailing through the back of the stage like a leaf in the wind. I was on the verge of pulling the plug. At that point I looked at a determined Stevie Nicks as she braced herself against the wind with hair flying and those famous streamers from her mic violently flying as she launched into her song about the need to care for the country’s wounded warriors. Over 50,000 people watched with me in amazement as Stevie continued to perform. It’s no exaggeration to say that this was the most emotional moment I’ve ever witnessed at a show.


Landslide’, ‘In Your Dreams Tour’, Sturgis, SD - August 11, 2011. 

“Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Stevie Nicks performed her classic hits “Landslide” and “Rhiannon” along with a haunting version of “Soldiers Angel” which she told the audience was written and inspired by her many visits over the years to Walter Reed Hospital and Bethesda to visit wounded soldiers.


When Harry styles tells you to shut up, you do the opposite.

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