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Oldie of the 7.5″ SBR.

So apparently there is a “Boruto SD” series in Japan, and the first issue showcases how scary Hinata can be when she is angry.

I don’t know what exactly Boruto and Denki did to piss off Hinata that much but I suspect it has something to do with the fact that Boruto’s pants are down.


Quite a few people messaged me about this. Hinata is angry because she just witnessed Boruto and Denki pissing from Naruto’s Head on the Hokage monument. Can somebody please give me a link to the full chapter?

UPDATE 2: Aaaand here is the preceding page:

(Warning: Unreliable translation. Plus, I can’t make out some of the Kanji clearly, feel free to correct me and point out my mistakes.)

(First Panel)

BORUTO: Doesn’t it feel great to do this from that height?

DENKI: Yes, I could get used to this…!

(Second Panel)



(Third Panel)

HINATA: What are you doing?

HIMAWARI: HNN!! (She points with her byakugan active how cute!)


Again, I probably got the translation wrong. Feel free to correct me.

Okay, does anybody have scans for the full chapter?


OK so this is early but I couldn’t wait and the idea is just rolling in my head so yea! Short WWE Themed Halloween story 1! Imagine coming next

Before brand split

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“You’re a what?” you laughed, back turned to Dean as you put the finishing touches on your Halloween costume.

You were going with a classic this year. Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat and you pulled it off pretty well, actually.

“I’m a vampire, y/n. Blood sucking, dead of night, blah blah blah, vampire.” giggling yet again, you turned to him with your hands on your hips, half expecting him to actually be in a Count Dracula outfit but you flinched as his eyes pierced yours.

They were glowing red…

‘Forget the damn color, they’re glowing!’


“D-dean…y-y-your eyes are…gl-glo…”

“Glowing?” he finished with a smirk as he backed you up against the wall. He leaned down, after caging you in with his arms, and licked a slow stripe up your neck to which you shuddered. “You always smell so good, y/n…I always wondered what you taste like…”

“Okay, that’s enough Dean.” Roman interrupted as he pulled the smaller man off you and he frowned. Hell, he was damn near pouting at Roman!

“Aw, c’mon man! I was just gonna take a little taste of y/n…”

“Y/n is off limits, Dean.”

“Yeah, yeah…Buzzkill…” 

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Siren Reader x Human Dean one shot! Direct sequel to this imagine x

Hope you all enjoy cause this is gonna be a fun ride so I only got two words for ya…

Let’s go~!

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“Damn…Can’t get that song out my head…” Dean murmured as he wrapped his hands for tonight’s match. See Dean was bringing his Asylum Match to Smackdown Live and was having the first against AJ Styles. As to the song he mentioned…that just happened to be the song you were singing a couple weeks ago at the hotel.

The one from when you two went and got lost.

Yeahh, that one…

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Dogs of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Han Solo
Handler: Bobbi Morse
Breed: Anatolian Shepherd
Trained for: Mobility impairment
Tasks: Bracing, providing balance and stability, item retrieval, item carrying

Can often be found: Trailing Agent Morse, carrying her batons or gym bag. Running charts in the lab. Fetching crutches, a knee brace, or an inhaler.

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anonymous asked:

The fuck? You complain about boruto being ooc and you want the the guy from sd to write the serie? Really? Boruto and the others are even more ooc! Hinata beating up jer kids? Boruto pissing in public? Even boruto doing the sexy justu is ooc as fuck

…those are personal opinions, anon ._.

and I am not even tagging my complains in the naruto/boruto tag…

if you are following me, feel free to… unfollow me? :”D I love Boruto so much (not the new series tho)

well SD are doing the jokes in purpose so they are OOC indeed, but I can see the author does have a good grasp in the characters and universe. So if he ever write a “serious” styled story, he might actually pull it off.

But once again those are just my opinions, it’s not like I have an actual power to make him the actual writer of Boruto series.


hey guys~! So this suddenly came to mind for a reader and Dean Ambrose series. Gimme your thoughts, pls~!

Basically reader is the tatted up, ripped jeans wearing, converse sporting, baseball bat wielding badass of the SmackDown Live women’s division and current romantic pursuit of one Dean Ambrose. Cause of her rough and harsh demeanor both in and out the ring, Dean couldn’t help but start falling for her.

This leads to, in reader’s opinion, utter chaos as Dean takes every chance he gets to flirt with her.

Off script.

Whether it’s segments or matches or interviews or hell even the news shows, Dean always tries different ways to just fluster reader and believe me, it’s getting on her nerves.

The fans were so into it, however, Shane and Daniel thought it’d make a great storyline. So, they called you into a meeting with just the four of you to make it official for on screen. But off screen…that was a different story entirely…

The lines are beginning to blur for reader and you can’t help but wonder when it’s scripted and when it’s not.

think I should go through with this?

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Boon Episode on UK TV, Drama Channel

For UK ‘SD-ers’, keep an eye on Drama Channel over the next couple of weeks.  They’re doing a full re-run of the whole Boon Series, currently on Series 5.  SD was in Episode 1 of Series 6, Help Me Make it Through the Night (1991).  Might be worth recording it every afternoon next week and week after (3 pm) as Drama Channel listings of Episode numbers and titles don’t quite match Wikipedia’s listings.  Plus Easter holidays might play havoc with TV schedules. There is an ‘on demand’ option on Drama Channel’s website but I don’t know if this works for anyone overseas.  Worth checking out in next couple of weeks.