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Please these two are killing me I can’t take this anymore ;-; i just had to draw them being cute like this~ if anyone cares to join me in my bsd roleplay, squealing, fangirling, and everything else my twitter is @akutagawaismine! ^-^

Bungo Event Report

As promised, here is the Bungo event report. This is only a personal report so it may be biased.

The event this time was held at Pacifico in Yokohama and there was a daytime show and a nighttime show. The majority of the event was showing selected scenes from the anime and discussing about them and there was also a game corner as well as concerts of the opening and ending songs of the first and second season of the anime. The opening and ending of the event was a live script reading by the voice actors behind the stage while SD characters showed up on the screen.

Daytime show
The event started about five minutes late, probably due to the fact that the goods line outside was very slow and many people were still in line. The hall darkened and on the screen popped up cute SD characters. They were Dazai, Akutagawa, Atsushi, and Chuuya. They welcomed the audience and the event went on the way.

There were many great cut scenes from the anime and each of the voice actors had a turn discussing about the cut scenes. Mamo started up by impersonating Lovecraft while people were discussing about one of the particular scenes with the Guild. Everyone else also started impersonating Lovecraft and in the end it was quite difficult to tell who exactly was being Lovecraft.

Then they dabbled a little bit into the Kuro no Jidai cut scenes focused on Ango, Jiido, and Odasaku. After each cut scene, there was a video letter from the particular voice actor of each character.

After that was the game corner where they were students at school taking a test and they had to answer questions about the anime. There were a total of four questions but the best question was how on many times Akutagawa says “Yatsugare” between a certain number of episodes. The staff had spliced together all the cut scenes of Akutagawa saying “Yatsugare” which was really entertaining to watch. On one of the answers, it was cute how Ki-yan made a mistake in one of the kanji, which he apologized for later.

The last mini concert ended with GRANRODEO and they called everyone back up on stage to say thank you. After that everyone exited and once again on the screen popped up SD characters. This time it was John S, Kunikida, Tanizaki, and Ranpo. They wished everyone goodbye.

Nighttime show
It was almost the same set up as the daytime show but with different cut scenes and different questions during the game corner. Also the opening and ending live script reading was different with the appearing members switched. In fact, during the daytime show, I had no idea this was a live reading until Hosoya made a mistake in the opening of the nighttime show and Ranpo ad-libbed, telling him to not make mistakes.

Then, during the game time, the question this time was not how many times Akutagawa says “Yatsugare”, but how many times he says “Jinko”. Once again it was accompanied by the spliced cut scenes.

It was a very funny and enjoyable event. Mamo was fooling around as usual and Ki-yan following suit. Hosoya was getting made fun of by the others as usual and also sweating buckets from nervousness; although I think he has made progress since the last time I saw him on stage w. Toshi was very persistent about Naomi while Kamiya-san about pudding. And the multiple Lovecraft impersonators OMGww. It was also great that my seat was so close to the stage that I could see the facial expressions and actions of the voice actors very clearly. It’s a bit of a pity that for both day and night shows, I was seated on the right hand side and slightly far from Mamo… (T_T)

And how could I forget? The two new pieces of news they announced was that Bungo will have a stage play and an original story movie in the upcoming future. Looking forward to the movie very much. As for the play, I’m not so into 3D unless Mamo is involved so I’ll probably pass this one.


[#6 – Hugging HC]

• If Dazai feels comfortable enough to hug you (without it being to mess with you) he lifts you off the ground and swings you around, even if you’re taller than him.

[#9 – General Physical Contact HC]

• He doesn’t exactly know how to go about initiating physical contact with anyone other than awkward shoulder pats or holding a woman’s hand when he’s flirting.

[#13 – Nickname HC]

• Makes up super cheesy nicknames for his s/o that he calls them in public solely to embarrass the living shit out of them.

[#14 – Dancing HC]

• Dances when he’s drunk even if there isn’t any music.

[#17 – Soft Spot HC]

• Little gifts, even if you just buy the man a little plant for his desk his heart completely melts because someone thought of him and cared about him enough to buy it for him. 4

looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: elizabeth

looks like a cinnamon role but could actually kill you: diane

looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: ban

looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: king

sinnamon roll: meliodas

The Root of Orchids

This is something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile to try and help me practice writing out of 2nd person. There are no romantic pairings in this and it will feature all the important characters that molded Chuuya into who he is. It explores his tangled web of a childhood, teenager years, and current canon age. Its all out of order and is plotless, but its Chuuya. This will end up on my A03 eventually. 

A character study revolving around Chuuya at various ages and insights to growing up in the Mafia.

Written in third person limited to Chuuya’s thoughts.
No Pairings (romantically)
Rating : Mature
Warnings: Canon typical violence, death, mentions of violence, mentions of torture, etc. 
His hand trembles; a precious dove with crumpling paper wings fighting through the night. Weighted drops of rain implant their arctic touch inside his skin until his bones rattle. There is no more warm blood flowing through his veins; completely full of ink it paints his insides blacker than whispering shadows passing on the streets. His feet plant themselves firmly on the cracked cement where carmine blood trickles over like a river cutting a current through the mountains. Clouds taper off towards the lush city streets lit with gold and money; but he is stuck in a wormhole of dirt and grime.

Despite the aching in his wobbling knees Chuuya’s eyes narrow. Glistening gems hidden under stacks of coal and scarlet locks tangled at the nape of his neck. The dagger crashes and the smell of bullets hit the air. Light flashes; crumbling brick avalanches around him. He sinks into the earth as crimson tides engulf his body. Tingling and dizzy he plunges the knife into the man’s stomach. His shoulder burns as he wrenches it; his body won’t stop sinking through the cement.

Rain pounds into the city. Red blooms through his tattered shirt and his frigid, pale fingers barely cover the hole. The taste of metal fills his mouth, but Chuuya is still breathing. His focus shifts to the opening a few feet in front of him. Car lights zip past shedding dirty rain water beneath the tires. Everything is covered in filth. He is a child born to nothing but he grabs at the slicked street with knees scraping the floor.

Something is worth fighting for.


He hopes and grits his teeth. Colors spin round in his vision as his brain loses oxygen. The world glistens near the edges as they’re pulled apart at the seams, tunneling his view in pricks of blue and jade toned hues. His stomach heaves and his forehead smacks the pavement; dirt grinds into his hair.

“Such a young boy! He shouldn’t be out in the cold!”

“Poor kid is a bloody mess. He should go home and take a bath.”

The whispers pour into his ears and surge through his ice cold veins. He inhales as sharp as a dagger and pushes himself up on his knees. The world is a blurred carousel. Round and round people untangle themselves from the outside and huddle indoors with their coffees and lovers and well-dressed children. Away from the alleys and the dirt and the blood swirling in the gutter; their concerned façades are merely judgments with no actions; accusations filled with malice.

Nobody steps forward; nobody braves the rain.

Chuuya’s shoulder throbs like a war drum and the tingling sensation from his fingers have gone numb. Grey clouds billow above his figure, stringy orange hair clinging to his face. There’s a hunger etched in his stiffened gaze hidden by burnt out streetlights hovering near the mouth of the alley.
‘I am not a ghost’, he thinks through the pain, ‘I’m still breathing’.


Dirtied nails scrape forward dragging a limp leg behind. His shoulder is useless now; he curses loudly through a hiss and bites back tears brimming at his hollow eyes.

“Are you alone boy?”

He’s ready to bite the hand that reaches forward with such elegance and grace. Her skin is warm and dry as she bends forward to rub her thumb over the muck caked on his cheeks. Barely older than he, she radiates a stunning refinement and indescribable tenderness Chuuya has never felt. Her hair pinned back shows her youth and bright eyes, but there’s a hole behind them Chuuya can’t ignore. However, the traditional umbrella she grips has shifted to him and the rain begins to fall on her nape.

“Now now don’t be afraid. Come with me.”


anonymous asked:

Headcanons for the boys having Youtube channels


• YouTube famous. Most of his video are ridiculous pranks he pulls on unsuspecting members of the ADA—mainly Atsushi and Kunikida.

• Sometimes does ‘Dates with Dazai’ videos where he petitions his female fans to send him different ways they would commit a lover’s suicide with him. Answers fan questions and is an all-around flirtatious little shit

• Accepts the weirdest promotions ever, usually obscure food that tastes like spicy garbage or hair products made from snail poop but make your hair shiny fresh.


• Featured on Dazai’s channel as the recipient of many pranks.

• DIY channel because he’s never owned anything in his life. Kyouka is his partner and she shows people how to sew their own stuffed rabbits out of tea towels.

• Most of his videos are him embarrassed af while trying to answer creepy personal questions from fans. Once Kyouka asked why a viewer wanted him to ‘give them a pearl necklace’ and he nearly died on camera trying to explain it to her.


• Teaches people how to bullet journal and organize every second of their lives.

• 80% of his following is from Dazai pranking his ass all over his channel

• Viral video of him kicking Dazai into a tree.


• Twenty minutes of him narrating various cases he’s solved while eating candy the entire time.

• Hella candy/sweets sponsorships. Shamelessly advertises just for the free candy.


• Five minute videos of him explaining how to do random things no fourteen year old should know how to do. Need to your replace your brake pads? Kenji shows you how. Can’t get your tomatoes to grow? Kenji shows you how. Can’t figure out why your spouse cheated on you? Kenji explains why you’re the greatest human on earth.

• Doesn’t understand how viewers work, or the internet.  He just thinks he’s making helpful videos for one person asking him a bunch of different questions.


• Cooking lessons with the Tanizaki siblings.

• Most of their videos are actually helpful and they make really good food. Except that one time they set the kitchen on fire when they were arguing.

• Got a cookbook deal out of their channel, hella successful. Notorious for Naomi being a perv and making Junichiro burn shit on accident, including himself.


 • Wears an unbuttoned white shirt with a wine glass 98% of the time. Looks like he’s going to teach you manners, really he just teaches you how not to be a little bitch.

• Does martial arts in his dress pants and explains how to round-house kick your enemy in the teeth without scuffing your shoes.

• Hella fangirls. Sometimes he drinks too much wine on camera and ends up falling asleep. There was once a fifteen minute video of him sleeping. It’s one of his most popular videos.


• “[insert random object] vs Rashomon” Every. Time.

• Vlogs his walks around the city and mumbles things like ‘this ignorant asshole’ while walking past a toddler or ‘look at this pompous douche. I’m going to cut his coffee cup in half’.  Ends up cutting the guy’s car in half instead.

• Finds anyone who asks about his hair through their IP address and kicks them in the face. 

Here’s another one of my drawings
I made this one when I was sick at the beginning of this year. I hate being sick .-.
I know this one is not beautiful, but I was bored, so why not? 😂 I put this one on a wall behind my desk
Also I have some kink on Cat Dazai?? Is it normal?? He had a lot of arts with cat ears, what’s not helpful since I love cats so much 😆 and Dazai. Yeah, I know, I’m not original: he is my favourite XD