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looks like a cinnamon roll and is actually a cinnamon roll: elizabeth

looks like a cinnamon role but could actually kill you: diane

looks like they could kill you and would actually kill you: ban

looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: king

sinnamon roll: meliodas

Bungo Event Report

As promised, here is the Bungo event report. This is only a personal report so it may be biased.

The event this time was held at Pacifico in Yokohama and there was a daytime show and a nighttime show. The majority of the event was showing selected scenes from the anime and discussing about them and there was also a game corner as well as concerts of the opening and ending songs of the first and second season of the anime. The opening and ending of the event was a live script reading by the voice actors behind the stage while SD characters showed up on the screen.

Daytime show
The event started about five minutes late, probably due to the fact that the goods line outside was very slow and many people were still in line. The hall darkened and on the screen popped up cute SD characters. They were Dazai, Akutagawa, Atsushi, and Chuuya. They welcomed the audience and the event went on the way.

There were many great cut scenes from the anime and each of the voice actors had a turn discussing about the cut scenes. Mamo started up by impersonating Lovecraft while people were discussing about one of the particular scenes with the Guild. Everyone else also started impersonating Lovecraft and in the end it was quite difficult to tell who exactly was being Lovecraft.

Then they dabbled a little bit into the Kuro no Jidai cut scenes focused on Ango, Jiido, and Odasaku. After each cut scene, there was a video letter from the particular voice actor of each character.

After that was the game corner where they were students at school taking a test and they had to answer questions about the anime. There were a total of four questions but the best question was how on many times Akutagawa says “Yatsugare” between a certain number of episodes. The staff had spliced together all the cut scenes of Akutagawa saying “Yatsugare” which was really entertaining to watch. On one of the answers, it was cute how Ki-yan made a mistake in one of the kanji, which he apologized for later.

The last mini concert ended with GRANRODEO and they called everyone back up on stage to say thank you. After that everyone exited and once again on the screen popped up SD characters. This time it was John S, Kunikida, Tanizaki, and Ranpo. They wished everyone goodbye.

Nighttime show
It was almost the same set up as the daytime show but with different cut scenes and different questions during the game corner. Also the opening and ending live script reading was different with the appearing members switched. In fact, during the daytime show, I had no idea this was a live reading until Hosoya made a mistake in the opening of the nighttime show and Ranpo ad-libbed, telling him to not make mistakes.

Then, during the game time, the question this time was not how many times Akutagawa says “Yatsugare”, but how many times he says “Jinko”. Once again it was accompanied by the spliced cut scenes.

It was a very funny and enjoyable event. Mamo was fooling around as usual and Ki-yan following suit. Hosoya was getting made fun of by the others as usual and also sweating buckets from nervousness; although I think he has made progress since the last time I saw him on stage w. Toshi was very persistent about Naomi while Kamiya-san about pudding. And the multiple Lovecraft impersonators OMGww. It was also great that my seat was so close to the stage that I could see the facial expressions and actions of the voice actors very clearly. It’s a bit of a pity that for both day and night shows, I was seated on the right hand side and slightly far from Mamo… (T_T)

And how could I forget? The two new pieces of news they announced was that Bungo will have a stage play and an original story movie in the upcoming future. Looking forward to the movie very much. As for the play, I’m not so into 3D unless Mamo is involved so I’ll probably pass this one.

Another bunch of doodles!
Now with some of the Ancestors in my sketchbook.

[And the last one, the blue rectangle, it’s from a silly au thing I have in my head, I’ll draw more stuff for it soon, signless, psiioniic and summoner have a silly band!! hahaha it’s ridiculous and I love it]