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My New Audio Sigil Method

A little while ago I tried my hand at making an audio sigil. I like how it turned out, but it was a bit too complex. The range of tones was just too great. It was great to make a track and just listen to it, but I wanted something that I could easily play on the piano, hum, or whistle. So, I rethought how I chose the tones that represented the letters of the alphabet. I decided to use just one octave of notes, no sharps or flats, just the 8 notes starting on C. After I dropped the vowels, the letters fit perfectly. Here’s what I came up with.

Note = Letter of alphabet

  • C = B, K, S
  • D = C, L, T
  • E = D, M, V
  • F = F, N, W
  • G = G, P, X
  • A = H, Q, Y
  • B = J, R, Z

Getting from a statement of intent to musical notes looks like this. “I sleep peacefully” get rid of vowels and repeated consonants “SLPCFY” translate into musical notes “CDGDFA.”  Now my audio sigil is quite simple and easily played/sung/hummed/whistled/etc.

Here, let me play it for you.

I am very happy with how this method turned out. It will be pretty easy to whip up a sigil in the morning for that day and whistle it as I go about my business.

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Welcome to BTS Single Dad Hell!

Hi! I’m Peach, also known as Satan!

Today we’ll be looking at how the papas get their babs to sleep!

Single Dad!AU - Part One - Part Two - Part Three -


  • you best believe seokjin sings his princess to sleep
  • putting talent to use since big hit insists on sleeping on his vocals
  • EH HEM
  • anyways
  • his princess is easy to put to sleep bc she generally gets sleepy after dinner
  • wouldn’t you b content after eating jin’s cooking i would b damn
  • v delighted when he learns that you also sing to your son to get him to sleep
  • bc cute, kind, funny, laughs at his jokes AND can sing???????
  • no way seokjin’s ever gonna let u go now
  • not that you’d complain
  • he discovered you sang your bab to sleep by accident bc you left your son’s bedroom door open n jin was able to hear
  • ofc you didn’t sing around him bc how could you when his voice literally sounds like a chorus of god’s best singing angels
  • you almost scream when you tuck your little one in n turn to leave his room when you see jin leaning against the doorway with literal hearts in his eyes
  • (♡ヮ♡)
  • at this point you believe you must have saved a country in your previous life in order to have a man like him to happily call your partner
  • bed time eventually turns into both of your babs in your and jin’s bed as you both sing them to sleep
  • gets them to dreamland much quicker w/ jin singing harmonies
  • then once they’re asleep you carry them to their bedrooms n tuck them in w/ a little kiss on their heads
  • you usually get a lil sleepy from hearing jin sing 
  • sometimes when jin knows you’ve had a more tiring day than usual
  • he just picks you up n carries you to bed, singing to you on the way n cuddling in bed w/ you n givin you a lil smooch before falling asleep
  • what i wouldn’t give to have kim seokjin to sing me to sleep u g h
  • when he’s away you let both babs into your bed n sing them to sleep
  • both babs attach themselves to you during the night w/ your arms wrapped around them
  • jin comes home n sees who youre all cuddled up together
  • heart eyes x100000000
  • makes you the best breakfast youd probably think youd died n gone to heaven once you tasted it

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When bread expires aka moldy and all it becomes un-consumable, aka useless. However, when milk expires it can be used to make yogurt (and cheese??). Also, as stated before Milk is Essential for bread to have flavour. Therefore, Milk is much more superior than Bread.

Creepy Dream Suite Visit #6: Lavender Town (THE REAL DEAL THIS TIME.)

Oh dear, it has been a really long time since I did one of these o-o I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. My mayor is like, “Shut up and let me sleep.” xD Here we go~!

Well then… o-o But are they talking about Ash/Red/the trainer or someone else???

After watching the vid on their YouTube channel I realized it was the trainer ._.

I always talk to the cuties living in ppl’s towns c:

Wahhhh! It’s like the rooms in the Pokemon Tower… :c *a wave of nostalgia hits*

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i fucking,,, hit post limit

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I'm way up in the northeast, but yeah!! the only other south dakotans I know on tumblr are my brother and my girlfriend. its kinda surreal...we're like cryptids.

dang???? i went to school in aberdeen tbh but i moved back home now

i met one friend via tumblr, met another person on tumblr and saw them irl at a con once, and then i made friends w/ someone irl who also has a blog

but yeah we

are cryptids

like i KNOW there are a lot of people from sd on tumblr b/c i knew a lot who had blogs but actually running into people is rare lmao

I’ve been enjoying my new tablet. Its already completely replaced my laptop for lesson planning and has a great screen for watching TV and movies. Initially its primary purpose was to give me a decent device to watch TV on while on the plane (because i spent a lot of time on planes these days).

I have, however, used it every day since i got it. I have however had to buy a few extras to make it more practical. Namely, a 64 GB SD card, a USB C adaptor and a new external power pack (because boy does that 2K screen use power).

—- DOGMA special limited type
Price: ¥10,800 (tax-in)

  • D I S C 1 : C D

01. N I H I L
02. D O G M A
03. R A G E
04. D A W N
05. D E R A C I N E
06. B I Z A R R E
07. W A S T E L A N D
08. I N C U B U S
09. L U C Y
10. G R U D G E
11. P A R A L Y S I S
12. D E U X
13. B L E M I S H
14. O M I N O U S

  • D I S C 2 : D V D


  • D I S C 3 : D V D

01. DOCUMENTARY OF [-13-] AT 日本武道館

  • PHOTO BOOK(A4 size / 80page)

  • b o o k (A4 size / 64page)


#1V I S U A L I Z A T I O N
Graphics by art director Koji Yoda for each title Liner notes by the GazettE members for each song.

#2D O C U M E N T A R Y  O F  D O G M A
A documentary photos from a picture shooting and music video recording studio of a work of ALBUM「DOGMA」.

#3I N T E R V I E W
What is “the GazettE”, and member`s thought and feeling. The Band member talks about their real intention for creating this album. Personal interviews the GazettE talk about NOW is only available in this book.

#4P R O J E C T : D A R K  A G E
Creator team [PROJECT:DARK AGE], they are an essential of this album to create the view of the GazettE word. [SOUND], [ART/DESIGN], [HAIR&MAKE UP], [COSTUME], [PHOTOGRAPHY], [MOVIE], [SHOW] and [TEXT]. the GazettE talks about their emotion for these 8 sections and why it`s necessary to have team initiate for this project.

#5S T O R Y  O F  D O G M A
Writer You Masuda write about reason how 『DOGMA』became 『DOGMA』.