sd 9's

Wrestling Tag

1. Favorite Current Male Superstar?
Nobody replaces Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens.

2. Favorite Superstar of all time?
I don’t have one :x

3. Favorite Current Female Superstar?
Becky Lynch

4. Favorite Female of All Time?

5. Wrestlemania or SummerSlam?

6. Do You Have the WWE Network?

7. Favorite Title Belt of All Time?
Big Gold belt!

8. Favorite Current Belt?
SD Women’s Championship

9. Least Favorite Superstar of all Time?
I’ll never forgive Benoit.

10. Least Favorite Current Superstar?
Braun Strowman. Mr. Boring AF.

11. Favorite Wrestlemania moment?
The Women’s Championship revival.

12. Favorite Era?
Ruthless Aggression era for stories, current Era for the wrestling

13.Favorite Match of the Year (so far)?
Still love Kenny v Okada

14. Favorite Piece of Merch You Own?
I’ve been wearing my Alexa Bliss shirt a lot lately, but I do love my Becky shirts.

15. Favorite Faction of All Time?
Does the Four Horsewomen count?

16. Do You like the Current Main Title Holder(s)?
Not all of them… Can’t wait for Dean, Randy, and Brock to lose. I kinda wish Bayley retained at Payback the more time passes.

17. Do You Think That the Women Should Have More Titles?
Never thought I’d see the women have two main titles, so if they want to add another one, like a tag team one, I’d support it. It’d make them a bigger part of the show and I want to see more of the ladies!

18. Favorite Finisher? 
I love submission finishers; Black Widow is my favorite!

19. Favorite Stipulation? 
Elimination Chamber

20. Favorite PPV?
Great Balls of Fire– I like Survivor Series and Backlash!

Bonus: Have You Met Any Superstars? If YES, Who?
No :(

Top 20 Chiraq Drill Rappers (Alive, and at least 1 mixtape)

1. Chief Keef
3. Lil Durk
4. Lil Jay
5. King Louie
6. FBG Duck
7. Lil Reese
8. SD
9. S. Dot
10. Fredo Santana
11. Swagg Dinero
12. BossTop
13. Rondonumbanine
14. Ballout
15. Lil Mister
16. P. Rico
17. Cdai
18. Edai
19. Mikey Dollaz
20. Billionaire Black