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Sasuke SD: Hallowe'en

I usually totally foget about Halloween (we don’t celebrate it here as much as in other countries), but rather conveniently there’s a Halloween-themed section in ch.9, so enjoy! I tried googling it and found nothing, so maybe it’s new for ya

Ah Suigetsu is so cute, he thinks he’s a villain….

Happy Halloween folks!


~ Hey Everyone! ~

I’ve decided to take up commissions because we are a little tight on money right now. I thought it would be best to bring myself out to Tumblr for some help. 

Prices (Extra Characters are +$5 each): 

  • Line Work - $5
  • Rough Sketch - $5 - 10
  • Full Color - $15 - 20


I will and can draw:

  • FanArt
  • Anthro Furry
  • Cartoon Gore
  • Soft Core NSFW

I will not / am not able to draw:

  • NSFW of underage characters
  • Complex Mecha
  • Realistic Animals
  • Extreme Gore
  • Hate Art

Please Inbox me before paying for order, all payments must be made first before receiving art. Please allow 1-4 days for Commission to be completed and sent.

Send Payments to:

SD&S for the lovely and fun @im-your-huckleberry!  Again, shamelessly, I used the timer because I’m loving this dress!!!  I noticed that @lizzielulu114 mentioned yesterday that it’s at the point in Arizona when she can only wear dresses, and here in Texas, it has reached that point as well.  Today is supposed to reach 100 degrees.

Amazon has just become WAY too familiar with me, and suggested this dress to me.  I don’t typically buy clothes online, but there were so many positive reviews!  I find it VERY helpful when people include their height and measurements in the reviews, too–because a few people with my similar measurements shared their sizes orders and thoughts on the dress, I went for it (they’re SUPER cheap), and I’m so happy that I did!  I have two colors and love them both (and so does the husband)! ;)

It’s also awesome to be home from work at 1:30 on a Friday afternoon!  We’re having a pool party tomorrow, so I’m off to the store to buy snacks and more drinks and then I suppose I should pick up the house a bit before going for a swim and settling in on the lounge chair with my book! ;)

Hope you’re all having a fabulous Friday!  Annnnnd, I tag @liikeahummiingbiird, @fortheloveofmango, and @healthyontheinside to show their lovely faces! :)

No More Work for Two Weeks!!

Post workout SD&S for the stunning @leebeeloves!  I tag @high-heel-mileage, @busylivinnow, and @katherinerunson! And, if you were wondering…yes, yes I do own at least 8 of those plain black Target tank tops for working out.  I promise I don’t just wear the same one over and over! ;)

I’m DONE with work for the next two weeks, and on Monday, we’re off to Germany!  Crazy small world moment: My gym friend, Frieda, has a brother who owns a grocery store in Bamberg where my father-in-law lives!  How cool!

Tomorrow, I think I am going to bite the bullet and get a kindle.  *sigh*  I LOVE real books, but for traveling, they really take up a lot of space.  And, if I don’t bring enough of them, there’s the chance that I end up stuck with a random airport book purchase like while we were in Malaysia and I had to read The Luckiest Girl Alive even though I was thoroughly unimpressed with it.  And, last night at book club, I learned that you can share books with friends on the kindle–I love that.  I don’t see myself abandoning real books anytime soon, but I guess I am a tiny bit excited to start traveling lighter annnnnd maybe sharing ebooks with some of you!!  Who else has a kindle and wants to borrow/share books with me!!?

Heart Happy Things:

The beautiful @leebeeloves tagged me for a SD&S this morning, and I obliged but I’m just getting a chance to post it!  (Tagging: @pennytoupee, @snapthistiger, @mybikerunstri, and @amater-photographeur–some lovely gentlemen, today!)

  • I wore this dress today for the first time (it’s another one of my thrift store finds).  My mother-in-law told me that I should NEVER wear yellow because it “looks horrible” on me, but I think yellow is such a happy color, and this dress was only $8, so whatever, I got it!  However, whenever I feel unsure about an outfit choice, it brings to mind one of my favorite students from when I was teaching.  He wanted to be a fashion designer, and he was always super quick to let me know all of his thoughts on my outfit (and hair, and makeup, and accessories…) every morning, first thing.  He was…shall we say…very direct and always very…again, we’ll say…honest and this often got him in trouble in other classes, but I just adored him.  And, a little honesty is important!  I wish I could get his opinion on this dress!  When he graduated, I told him, “Now, _____, I have no doubt that you have everything you need to be a success.  You’re brilliant, you’re talented, you’re hard-working…but you’ve got to try to be a bit less of an asshole in your delivery.”  He emailed me when he got accepted to college, “Ms. S, I got into _________.  I’m going to take your advice and be less of an asshole. ;)”  God, I loved that kid–I smile every time I think of him! 
  • This morning, I went to Cafe Java and witnessed an outpouring of love from everyone in the restaurant for a group of police officers when they walked in.  And, the owner told me that the woman who’s meal I’d “payed it forward” for yesterday was actually brought to tears because apparently she’d been having a really rough week and the gesture really brightened her day.  I’m glad I got plenty of napkins with my order because I was crying by the time I left.
  • This afternoon, I did my reading and book giveaway at the housing authority sites and I was asking all the kids if they’d read their books from last time.  Most of them were clamoring to tell me all about them and shouting “YES!” But, one little girl just shook her head and said no.  I asked her why not and she said she couldn’t read it by herself and no one would help her.  An older girl at her table immediately piped up, “I LOVE to read; I’ll help you read your book!!”  So, I got the littler girl to pinky promise me that she and her new friend would read the book together.  Before lunch was even over I saw them hunched over the book together.  It melted my heart.

There’s been a lot of happy tears today.  Yes, there are a lot of problems in the world, but I know that I see so much good every single day, and I’m so grateful for it.