sd 4000


So I was on this date with A POT (I almost canceled and I’m so freaking glad I didn’t!) and as per usual I told my POTs to bring gifts or monetary gifts to show that he’s serious for an arrangement. 

He slot me a white envelope when we got seated and I just dump it in my clutch and forgot about it for a bit. During dinner it was nice, the conversations are smooth and all then I had to use the bathroom. So I figured to check the envelope for a bit since I’m there.

When I opened the envelope, I saw an unusual color on the note and the denomination of 1000. I was confused for a bit and for a moment there I thought it was Indonesian money or something cause there’s 4 of them. I looked at them closely and it says “Singapore”. 

The entire bathroom moment for me was OMG OMG WTF is going on. I have $4000 in my hands and that’s just a first date!!! So I tried to fish for more information out from him to see if he’s expecting anything more but doesn’t seem like he was. He said he wants everything to go with the flow.

After dinner, we went to the lobby, we hugged goodbye and he kissed me on the cheeks goodnight.

Just like that. Didn’t even ask me to go back to his hotel room. I WANT HIM AS MY SD OMG!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m $4000 richer without doing shit. Sugar Gods, thank you!!!!