I won the Service Dog bingo in a single interaction the other day!

Some lady came to speak to me because she used to have Collies and wanted to compliment Syca… Then she asked if he was training to be a guide dog for the blind.
Me: No.
Her: What for then?
Me: To be a service dog.
Her: So you’ll be giving him away once he’s all trained?
Me: No, actually he’s going to be my own service dog.
Her: Oh, why?
Me: Because I have a disability…
Her: Oh you’re sick? What do you have?
Me: ……..I’d rather not say.
Her: Oh, okay, I didn’t mean to be intrusive. You just don’t LOOK disabled to me!
Me: …………okay??
Her: Well you should be grateful for that!!
Me: no?????????
Her: *tries to pet Syca*
Me: *screaming internally* Please!! don’t!! pet!! my!! dog!!
Her: Ohhhh sorry I didn’t see his vest! Teehee!

I know she didn’t MEAN to, it was clearly just genuine ignorance, but that was so upsetting! It’s like she had a list of “what not to say/do when you see a SD” and she was just checking the boxes one by one… ugh.

October 26th, 2016

Dear diary,

Being sick is horrible. But really, it’s fall, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Nearly everyone is sick, many of our friends are, too.. But stomach bugs are just the worst kind of sickness on the planet. Ugh.

Though… I do remember that one time Richard was sick with the flu during the Hobbit. Well, the last days of filming were really stressful for him, the whole fighting choreography with Azog and all that, and the stress that had been building up ever since filming started. So he and Pete got sick the second the first shot of the Azog scene was wrapped.

I remember well how I went over to Rich’s trailer that evening to drink a glass of wine (it was a little ritual we had initiated some days after our first meeting). And when I was there he refused to kiss me and I clearly remember the horror that went through me and I immediately thought that he didn’t like me anymore. That really was a pure nightmare for me! But then I realized that he was sick and didn’t feel well so I changed the plan and made tea instead of wine…

Thing is, I got sick soon after as well. (I just couldn’t stop myself from smooching him. He is just too adorable.) And that’s when things got ugly. We fought over who was going to get the hot water bottle all the time!

But to be honest it was just ugly for maybe five minutes because we shared the hot water bottle peacefully then by putting it between us and cuddling around it :D


And now you can have the hot water bottle all for yourself and also the big blanket and also all our tea and later I’ll cook you chicken soup with our very own vegetables…

And don’t you dare to not be healthy again tomorrow!

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You already are :’D

Please Respect Service Dogs

1. Service dogs can be any breed (pure or mixed), any size, shape, gender, color, or coat type. Though Labs, Goldens, Poodles and a mix of these three may be a common sight in service dog work, any breed can be a service dog. 

2. Every service dog is trained to perform a specific task. Leading the blind, detecting seizures or severe allergies, to assisting for balance and helping PTSD victims the possibilities in tasks these dogs are trained in are vast. Handlers who have service dogs have a disability (whether visible or not).

3. These dogs are doing a job. You wouldn’t touch someone’s wheelchair or hit a blind person’s cane. Service dogs are no different than medical equipment, they assist the disabled.

4. Please do not touch, pet, talk to, look at, stare at, feed, or even acknowledge a service dog. Completely ignore them. Distracting a service dog can literally mean life or death for someone. Seizure alert dogs can detect a seizure minutes before it happens, giving the handler time to get to a safe place to prevent injury. If a person has a seizure and cracks their head open because you distract that dog, that is on YOU. If a diabetic alert dog (?) fails to detect high/low blood sugar and that person goes into a diabetic coma because you pet that dog that is on YOU. Do not distract a service dog, regardless of how you feel. Dogs are not public property because they are in a public place.

5. Service dogs are not required by law to wear a vest.

6. You are not entitled to touch a dog merely because it is in a grocery store, park, train, bus, or anywhere. Even if the dog is just a pet, ask before you pet. And if there is a patch on the dog that clearly says DO NOT PET then do not pet. It is that simple.

7. Teach your children to ignore service dogs. Time and time again, children of many ages have ignored the vest, patches, and even myself. You have no right to get offended or angry when I tell your child “No.” I do not have to give a reason. I should not have to school your kids on why they cannot touch my dog.

I have barely scratched the surface on the list of disabilities and tasks but that isn’t the point. Handlers are getting sick and tired of ignorant people who think it is okay to mess with our dogs. I should not be afraid to go out in public with my dog because of the people who touch my dog, talk to my dog, call me out, or accuse me of faking my disability.

This has been a PSA.


I want you ladies to be careful, I don’t even know where I start but this is a tiny piece of our interaction. (I choose to put up those to show that when he fails to realize he’s making you uncomfortable, by pushing it that’s a red flag)

Have been talking to him for 2 weeks, the first week he “really wanted to meet” but I couldn’t since I was traveling for wok and already at plans with my sister. Anyways this is the man I thought I was talking too( firs pic) not the man I actually meet.

Super ugly, pot belly short little man, looked nothing like that.

Please bare with me and do not judge me for what I did but there were several red flags, one week into him texting me every day- some how he bought up the topic of sex, and I usually always shut that topic down but decided to go along since we’d talk over the phone about his foundations - a scholarship and a pediatric partnership with mayo clinic . I figured the guy seems legit and he’s doing things

Red flag number one :
1. Asked if I was on birth control because he like finishing inside, I replied I don’t have unprotected sex (I have screen shots but I can only upload 10 per post) with people I’m not exclusive with, he then said he was celibate for 14 months and really liked me and wanted me now. I told him there were a lot of factors to consider, like getting testing and building trust (I’m very picky about who touches me) and unprotected sex was out of the question and I tried to drop the topic.

2 . Week number 2 I had to travel again for work, while at the hotel I tried to FaceTime with him, the first time he was on the phone on an important call, if we didn’t tonight we can the following day. The following day I couldn’t since I decided I drive to Canada to visit family (wanted to spend time with my family) told him we can the following day when I was back at my hotel. The following day I asked him too, he said he was watching the debates and had people over, he would try after. I got annoyed and he then said I sounded exhausted and we can try the following day. Mind you he knew I was working a few cases that day and traveling back to MD , meaning that would be hard. Plus we’d agreed to meet the Saturday so I figured what the heck. But I should have been suspicious

3. He won’t tell me his last name because he’s “really important in politics” …….“ Hilary Clinton is a personal friend” (that slips out after I made a comment about how I’d never vote for her) … He wrote two pages of the Obamacare bill, one of his biggest clients was Mayo clinic…he said after we agreed to move forward he’d be happy to give me his last name and I can goggle him.

4. He insisted he star our arrangement at day one, because what the point if we have sex on the second or fourth meet, it wasn’t a relationship and he didn’t want to do that chasing thing and he was willing to wire $5k that day ….He was like I don’t want to be in a relationship and I feel like all the woman want that, he had everything in his life but the intimate part.

Now these texts above are from Saturday morning but I’m writing this because this guy turned out to be a creep
Mind you this was not his pics and he didn’t look a thing like that photo (he’s going to send you guys this pic above)

The following day I told him good luck, that’s when it got more creepy

He sent a message saying I was ugly and he wouldn’t have slept with me even if it was free hahaha I still laugh thinking about that because I sent him my actual pic and I look like my pic and he kept referring to me as “sexy and hot and he wanted to finish inside of me” before I turned him down but now I’m ugly, anyways I blocked him he sent me an other message using a new number, to which I blocked then he reach out again on another number and said something about “no wonder there is racism” I said don’t scope that low and I blocked the number . He then reached out on another number and said “

“I have student loans and I’m stupid and black and I’m not getting paid much. I’m slaving for a white man. Vote Bernie the Jew he will give you free tutu ion”

To which I replied to him on SA letting him know that , the color of my skin doesn’t define me, there’s nothing wrong with not getting paid much and I’ve never been called stupid , so he’s pretty low to scoop down that far, and I’d hate to hurt his feeling but that didn’t get to me as he’d thought it would . Told him to grow up and thought that was the end of it

Well today he sent me 3 text from a NEW number

“So I fucked my first black pussy ever. Was so good”
“Do all black pussy smell like rotten eggs”
“What does yours smell like”

This man has gone out of his way to reach out to me using 5 different numbers….please be careful and I know a lot of people have bills to pay but don’t let creeps like that have their way with your body. These men do not know how to take rejection.

I know it’s all over the place but be careful with this man….I’m a bit sick right now but thought I had to warn you guys before someone falls for him - I’ll try to post the 5 numbers later

——————————————————————–As promised, Here are the 5 numbers he’s using, again be careful 651-666-8869 iPhone main number 267-517-8733 321-985-3377 610-609-2080 917-725-6023 A little more I learn from our talks He’s the partner at a law firm in 4 states (PA, NY, MN and I think FL) He’s a health care lobbyist He will claim he’s been celibate for over a year He will insist on have sex on the first meet and claim to wire 5k He will insist on have unprotected sex (don’t ever do that no matter what) Will claim he has results from last week since he renewed his life insurance Will refuse to give you his last name Will talk at you and not too you in person, Almost like you can’t have an opinion (but I stood my ground and let him know when I disagreed) He thinks most women on SA are stupid and he’s been on since 2013 and he tried to convince me I’m the first one he’s met, since everyone else is stupid and slutty (his words not mines) The love of his life/ soulmate is his firm partner named Layla (who just happens to be marrying the other firm naming partner- forgot his name) He got so intense and scary when I told him I didn’t believe in one soul mate and question why he was letting his go with another man He will say relationship isn’t for him and all the women he encounter want to tie him down, honestly based on his looks I find that hard to believe (nobody is trying to tie him down) He will try his best not to take you to lunch or dinner because that’s like dating and he’s looking for an NSA Which is why I think he tried to rush into sex, but will claim to be selective He will try to charm you into thinking he’s a good guy and other creeps onSA ruined it for him He will get aggressive once you turn him down He said I was miserable - I told him of course I was I had to stare at your ugly face, and you would too if you had to look in the mirror 😂😂 I suspect 4 of them might be texting apps

Osomatsu dump from various doodles from this and last week. Give Choro love♥

I also keep experimenting with my other style. Like, I’m trying to find enough balance for it that it more or less matches how I usually draw them while more detailed…? IDK

Also, again, please look forward for an update at the Kara&Sisters AU~!

How to become a sugar baby and find a sugar daddy secretly

How to find a sugar daddy while keeping it your little secret? 

1.How to start?

Make a fake email, or an inactive one that doesn’t connect with your real infoemation. Normal email like yahoo, gmail or outlook is okay. It’s the foundation of sugaring, you can use it to register dating sites, paypal account and chat apps.

2.Where to start?

Rigister some sugar daddy dating websites. Except SA, you can also use an sugar daddy dating app called Sudy, which is one of the platforms that I use. It’s like tinder+instagram for sugar dating, much easier than SA and more intersting, but the user is less than SA. If don’t want to use any sugar dating site, you can use normal dating sites like tinder, I heard that Ashley Mandison is also a good choice. You can also use omegle, search the interests “sugar daddy” ,“sugar baby”. 

3.Sugar baby profile?

If you don’t want to show your real information, creat a fake one is okay. Use fake information and wait for daddies to message you. The picture must be attractive, you can edite the picture or hide part of your face. 

There’s a  bold way, use the pictures you’ve posted on instagram, twitter or other sites, if your friends find your profile, you can just say someone stole your photo and made a fake account.

I don’t suggest you use other girls’ photo cause it’s immoral and might hurt others. But if you do so, make sure she is not famous or you won’t pass the verification.

4.How to communicate?

Before meeting a POT, if you can’t confirm he is safe and trustworthy, don’t give him your real phone number, use a burner phone. You can also make a fake Kik or Skpe account to communicate with potential sugar daddies.  Don’t talk to sugar daddies in your area unless you actually plan to meet them. 

 5. How to get paid?

Cash is the best way, but for those who wanna keep a long distance sugar relationship or want a sugar daddy on line, make a fake paypal. You can register it with your fake email. You can also make a google wallet account.  Your sugar daddy won’t see it because he only gets to see the email he sends to.

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Hey girls @sugardaddysudy  just contacted me cause I mentioned their app, so I’ve edited it into a promotion (So glad that I can just share my experience and earn some extra money) !

Here’s the download link: http://bit.ly/sugarbabyproblem , try it if you’re intereted.

literally it’s only the suggestion of mine based on my experience so you should think twice before taking actions. Like I said I don’t have a problem with paid promotion as long as it’s truthful and objective, tagging with “ad” or “sponsored” is necessary. Hope this can help you, xoxo.