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House Collision (Harry Potter!AU:Sehun)

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Request: Request for the Harry Potter!AU (Exo) where sehunnie is a Slytherin and the reader is a Gryffindor but you two have a potions class together or something and are forced to work with him and he is stoic af (as always) and rolls his eyes at you all the time and all that jazz, but secretly he has feelings for you 😄

Sehun stood there calmly as many Slytherin girls made a commotion about him not being paired up with them but instead a Gryffindor for potions. After breaking off to begon workong on the most recent assignment your friend turned to face you “your grades for potions are going to go down” she teased while Sehun rolled his eyes “you mean going down as much as you go down on your knees. No I don’t think that’s quite possible actually what am I saying” he spoke as a smirk came a crossed his face making your friend gasp while the only sound that came from you was the air leaving your mouth. You had to say it was a good burn by him. “I don’t know how good you are at potions really” you spoke “better than you’ll ever be” he told you as he began getting the ingredients out and ready. “Living up the Slytherin name quite well I see” you told him as you looked over the steps for the potion.

Half way through it all seemed to be going smoothly until you saw a smirk come to his face as he put the wrong amount of an ingredient in on purpose. It caused an explosion, a very small one that burnt his hand soon many girls were rushing to check on him. “Sehun are you alright?” they asked “I’m fine really it doesn’t hurt that much” he told them as they turned to you “I bet this was all your fault. Trying to ruin our Sehun so your team can win the upcoming Quidditch match” one accused as your eyes went wide. Your arms moved rapidly as you were unsure what to say “I’m the good guy. I don’t do the whole sports thing or even hang with people who do. I’m not some slime ridden Slytherin who wpuld ruin someones chances” you spoke forgetting what the room consisted of, Slytherin in the class to shot you glares. By the end of the class you were getting points deducted and have to stay with Sehun to clean up afterwards.

You sighed as you scrubbed the cauldron mumbling about how the teacher was a Slytherin alumni and was out to get you. Sehun came walking back in with his hand bandaged as you turned to him “how dare you” you hissed getting up in his face “what?” he spoke. “You’re a bastard” you told him as he went back to cleaning. He just smirked as he went to organize the supply closet “you did that on purpose” you yell as you put the cauldron down with force unable to contain it anymore. He peered out of the room with a raised brow “you purposely screwed up the potion” you say. He rolled his eyes as he went back to work “and you aren’t even denying it” you then spoke. “You Gryffindors don’t know when to shut up do you?” he teased in a loud voice as turning around he jumped seeing you there. “No we stand our ground” you told him. He smirked again “stop doing that” you hissed. “Why is it turning you on?” he flirted letting yet a other smirk come to his face. You decided to play along walking close to him running your hand over his chest feeling his heart race as you hand grabbed his neck. You tugged his forehead against yours as you leaned in to kiss him. He thought his daydream was becoming reality until your fist hit his gut with a decent amount of force. He groaned as he fell to his knees “you think I would let my tongue go anywhere near a a snake tongued Slytherin, you’d be dead wrong” you said with a large smile before walking out.

He thought it would be easier than that to win her over. Since their schedules didn’t always cross he went to potions when they had it and would glance over at the Gryffindor girl who tried to redeem herself from her partners mistake. She would take much more detailed notes as he didn’t take his like normal. “Stop looking at me” she said in low tone making sure no one but him heard her. His eyes went back to the board as he rested his chin on his hand. After class his normal fanclub had finally left and you were staying behind to finish your homework so he decided to stay as well. “Why don’t you leave me alone? I get threats all the time-” you were cut short by his lips covering yours.

You hands hit him the chest as he caught them holding them tight in his. He pulled back before giving you another hard kiss as you finally began melting into it. Your hands were around his neck as he pulled you on top of the table so he could stand between your legs as you kissed. “Snake tongues are pretty good aren’t they?” he teased as he pulled away out of breath but rested his forehead against yours. “Why?” you asked him “why what?” he asked back as his fingers tickled you thighs “why did you burn yourself” you asked him. His hand was getting closed to being fully healed “I was hoping you would help me. You know check if I was alright” he told you as a blush came to his face. You laughed loudly at him “you hurt yourself on purpose just got an opportunity?” you asked him. “I didn’t have many options” he mumbled as you grabbed his green and black tie bringing him in for another kiss.

Imaging Predicts Language Deficits After Stoke

Approximately 20 percent of stroke patients lose the ability to speak or have that ability impaired. According to new research from the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) and the University of South Carolina (USC), mapping all of the brain’s white matter connections after stroke, in addition to imaging the areas of cortical tissue damage, known in totality as the connectome, could better predict which patients will have language deficits and how severe those deficits will be.

The study findings also suggest that connectome-based analysis could be used to inform a more individualized approach to stroke care. Because the algorithms developed using these study patients as the training set are generalizable to a broader stroke population, connectome-based analysis could one day be used to identify the distinctive features of each patient’s stroke–which connections have been lost and which preserved–and then the algorithm could be used to predict the type and severity of language impairment and the potential for recovery. This information could then be used to direct rehabilitative therapy to improve outcomes.

“By mapping much more accurately the individual pattern of brain structural connectivity in a stroke survivor, we can determine the integrity of neuronal networks and better understand what was lesioned and how that relates to language abilities that are lost,” MUSC Health neurologist Leonardo Bonilha MD, PhD, senior author on the Journal of Neuroscience article, whose laboratory focuses on connectome imaging, particularly as it relates to language loss after stroke. “This is, broadly stated, a measure of post-stroke brain health. It is the individual signature pattern that could also be used to inform about the personalized potential for recovery with therapy and guide treatments to focus on the deficient components of the network.”

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Funding: This study was funded, in part, by  the NIH/National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders.

Raise your voice in support of expanding federal funding for life-saving medical research by joining the AAMC’s advocacy community.