scythe master

Based on a cool Soul Eater meme floating around, something along the lines of “tell me whether I’m a Weapon or a Meister; and if Weapon, what type would I be?” I am taking this as an opportunity to apply this to my OTPs.

Meister: Gray
Weapon: Natsu
Weapon Type: scythe. Gray eventually masters the demon hunter with him through resonance and when Natsu is in this form, his blade is ON FIRE.

Meister: Lucy
Weapon: Juvia
Weapon Type: double ended spear. She’s also capable of spewing water attacks out of the spearheads.

Meister: Erza
Weapon: Jellal
Weapon Type: Sword! With multiple forms!!!
Bonus: Jellal shifts out of weapon form once to save Erza’s life. The kishin egg moves in to finish him and Erza discovers dormant weapon powers. She covers Jellal in steel armour, saving him, and her arm transforms into a cannon and she takes him the fuck out.

Meister: Levy
Weapon: Gajeel
Weapon Type: Mace. If Levy smashes his end against a hard surface, his iron spikes shoot out at all angles and impale their opponents.
Bonus: if a kishin hurts Levy to the point she is out of commission and her life is in danger, he will shift back into his human form, change his forearm into a chain and use it to choke the fucker out.

Meister: Laxus
Weapon: Freed
Weapon Type: LIGHTENING HAMMER. I may have gotten a little excited over that idea.

Meister: with them I feel they’re both weapons. All weapons can double as meisters.
Weapon type: pistols, both of them. The twIN PISTOLS. Whoops, got excited again. They match, but Sting’s gun is white and Rogue’s is black. Sting shoots shadows, Rogue shoots out light/white lasers because pistols shoot compressed wavelengths of their meister’s soul.

Meister: Chelia
Weapon: Wendy
Weapon Type: kusarigama, or chain sickle/scythe. Chelia can swing one side around by the chain and create strong winds capable of knocking the enemy off their feet.

Meister: Levi
Weapon: Eren
Weapon Type: either a huge sword or twin swords. I can’t decide which but I do lean towards twin blades.

Alternate to above: Ererijean
Meister: Levi
Weapons: Eren and Jean.
Weapon Types: matching swords and Levi can wield both at once. Their wavelengths all sync up. Don’t you dare fight me on this.

Meister: another pairing where I feel like they’d both be weapons. They meet, see how strong the other is and know they have to partner up.
Weapon types: for Mikasa, a ninja sword. For Annie, a halberd.

Meister: Katara
Weapon: Zuko
Weapon Type: he has multiple forms. One is dual broadswords. Another is his pearl-handled dagger. He is also a crossbow that shoots out either insanely hot flames or boiling water (wavelengths) in lieu of arrows.

I know in Soul Eater canonverse, you need two people to produce dual weapons (such as the dual swords/broadswords I’ve listed for both Eren and Zuko), but as I’ve said to myself many times… fuck canon.

Also, thinking about how protective the weapons would be over their meisters is killing my shipper heart. Bury me in the dumpster where I belong.

I have a Soul Eater x Fairy Tail crossover (gratsu centric, of course) AU in mind and when I learn to write fight scenes, I am writing some of these pairings in it!

Old Friend || Thedistantsun

If there was ever a god you didn’t say no to, it would most definitely be Hades. This especially applied to his children. No matter how impossible the task, as long as they worked for him they would do whatever he asked. That is, if they wanted their immortality after their death. It was terrible and cruel, but it was what they had to do. It had really taken its toll on her in the last year.
Morgan was hunting down a witch that had been avoiding her death for hundreds of years. She was extremely powerful, but so was Morgan. With her father’s scythe in hand, the master of souls was going to capture her soul.
The demigod had her on the ropes when suddenly the witch disappeared.
“Damn.” She swore, focusing for a moment to hone in on any powerful souls nearby. One stood out, and that was where she went next.
She was waiting in the shadows for the one she had felt to walk by, once he did she charged at him, swinging the silver weapon to take his head off. But as it swung to behind his neck (not cutting him but close) a pair of pistols was pointed at her stomach.
The two looked at each other for a moment, before she dropped her scythe completely. “KID!” She yelled, pulling back. She’d recognize those stripes anywhere. Even if it had been almost a year since they’d seen each other.

Maka the Scythe Master

This gif is bae

Now time for some heartfelt honesty:

Maka has got to be my most favorite female anime character of all time simply because I can relate to her so well. I can understand everything about her completely because she’s a very real character. When I watched the show for the first time, I was struck speechless about how many traits we have in common

Our personalities are so very similar. We both tend to overreact. We both care too much. We’ll do anything to save a friend or help someone in need. We somehow end up befriending the weirdos and the rejects, but that’s okay, because we both know that they’re people too, and need a little bit of t.l.c.. We both feel the need to be the best at everything (including school). We both work hard and won’t take no for an answer. And we both won’t ever give up without a good fight. 

I know she’s only a fictional character, and there are plenty of other awesome female main characters out there, but Maka is so special to me. So very special. She was able to overcome so many difficult physical and emotional situations, and that gives me hope that I can do the same. That’s why she’s my favorite.



The ground in front of Faleen opened into a vortex, and a familiar Cyclopean Pokemon emerged from the void “….Faleen. You have returned. Follow me…” It was the voice of Death reverberating from within the armored tree-pokemon. He slowly trudged forward to the ruins dragging his scythe behind.

“Master is awaiting your arrival, mistress. In the King’s room, next to his study. And for the record, I have been renamed Exdeath. It is… good to see you again… young mistress”

The great hall was in complete shambles. Only a handful of the Count’s army was left. A few Murkrow and bat Pokemon. They were all lifting debris and piling it in the corner for disposal. One of them approached Faleen, a Golbat, and informed her that there was a small stash of herbs stored in the kitchen for her use.

Faleen quietly thanked them, dipping her head towards them. She then turned her attention towards the hall around herself. She was once again, and rather unexpectedly, hit with a wave of sadness. Faleen gritted her teeth for a moment as she shook her head. There was no reason to feel sorry for this building. It was only temporary after all. 

“Exdeath was it?” She turns towards the treveant, her hands clutching the satchel at her side tighter. “Do you mind taking me to him quicker? I do not want to delay any longer please.” She huffs quickly as she twitches the tip of her tail ever so slightly. She could tell her emotions were starting to get out of hand too. She would need to take more of her mood eveners soon. 

Hopefully she could make it through the meeting with her mate without any mishaps. She hated the thought of stressing him out at all. The state he was probably in was poor and he didn’t need to get any worse.