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RWBY June Challenge, Day 2

RWBY Team Member: Ruby Rose

Needed to draw Rubes.

I can imagine after training hard with her super cool, badass hunter idol that naps were common place. Qrow doesn’t want her to get a cold, so a cape-turned-blanket is in order.

Sleep tight, Petal.

Akatsuki Headcanons!

Ok, I have a giant list of headcanons, and these are the ones I’m willing to give away. They won’t really spoil much for my comic, so here they are!


- Kisame had mastered many various sword-types before obtaining Samehada.

- As a child, he was very kind-hearted and innocent. He also had a low self-esteem due to his appearance. I believe that he was actually born looking the way he does.

- He has an older sibling. (He is not an oldest child)

- Kisame had crushes on several girls in the academy, but never dared voice his interest.

- Kisame hated unnecessary rudeness as a child, and always respected someone less once he heard them say anything of the sort. As he grew up, however, he learned to find entertainment in rude comments instead.

- He loves to take walks. He also dislikes routine, and would try to see something new everyday.


- Hidan loves to climb trees, and made up lots of games involving climbing on them like a monkey when he was a child.

- Before mastering the scythe, he had mastered the chain and sickle.

- He wasn’t the best student, but he was the top of his class when it came to actual combat.

- He was always an exhibitionist. His mother couldn’t get him to wear a shirt or pants around the house until he was 8.

- Hidan was always on a spiritual journey, and to him, Jashin is his savior.

- He actually had a decently ordinary childhood (for a ninja).

- He was that kid who liked to scare other kids. He got in trouble often because of this, but he didn’t really understand why, since he thought ninjas were supposed to train to be rid of fear.

- He got blamed for things he didn’t do, and this upset him a lot as a kid.

-He is a fidgeter.

- Hidan was actually quite forgiving if someone apologized to him. Once he found Jashin, however, he would still kill you for being a heathen after you apologized. He admires repentance, though.


- Kakuzu currently needs reading glasses, but refuses to spend any money on a pair.

- He loves to read, particularly about famous battles, legendary ninja and political leaders.

- Back when he lived in Takigakure, he owned an armchair made out of brown leather that he would sit in to read.

- He is good with his hands, and builds everything himself.

- He was always organized and very good at saving and making money, even before his obsession with it.

- Understands economics and enjoys theorizing future GPD and the like.

- Enjoys eating anything that is cooked for him, even if it doesn’t taste that great, because it was made for him and it was free.

- He was exposed to battle at a very young age.

-He actually wrote a book once, on his experiences in battle. He used a pen name, because it would be embarrassing if anyone ever traced it back to him.

- He looks back on his childhood as a good preparation for his adulthood.


- Deidara is a total mamas boy, partly because his father wasn’t that great.

- He underwent some sort of childhood neglegence or abuse at some point.

- Deidara obviously loves 3D art, but is an excellent 2D artist as well. 

- He enjoys doodling on any paper that is given to him. He doodled in class all the time, but he still got good grades.

- He didn’t stand up for himself much as a child, until he got tired of it and lashed out. Since then, people were a little bit afraid of him.

- He loved to play outside, and if it was muddy or dirty, it was even better. He also liked to find bugs and other “artistic” things.

- Kurotsuchi was the one to inspire him to sculpt birds.

- He was actually tanner as a child, since he spent more time exposed to the sun. Deidara tans very easily, and he doesn’t burn.

- He had more muscle on him before he got ahold of Iwagakure’s kinjutsu. Since then, he quit exercising as much, because he didn’t need to be in shape in order to get around or fight. 

- Deidara was the healthiest person anyone had ever met. He radiated health. After Sasori’s death, though, he lost some weight as well as his healthy glow.


- Sasori has a faint birthmark on his tailbone, as well as a corrosion scar from accidentally dropping a poisonous spider on his right thigh while he was studying it in his lab. His grandma had to make him an antidote, and did so before he died from it. She thought it was funny.

- When he was little, he stumbled upon a small cave on the outskirts of Suna, which then became his quiet place. He would go there whenever he wanted to be alone.

- He is very tidy, and showers whenever he can. He constantly stared at his imperfections and would try to scrub them away as a child. He couldn’t help himself.

- Sasori actually likes the terrain of his homeland, partly because it’s dry and so it’s good for his puppets, but also because it makes him feel like he’s in a sea of nothingness. He won’t admit it but he misses the desert. (He hates the village, though)

- Sasori can sing, and he sings to himself a lot without noticing.

- He’s allergic to peanuts. (It’s ok, he doesn’t like them anyway)

- Sasori loves his hair, and secretly admires it. If you asked him what his favorite feature about himself was, he’d definitely say his hair. He doesn’t ever brag, of course. 

- He was very modest as a child. He always slept with a turtleneck on. As he grew older, he slowly became less and less squeamish about showing skin in front of others. When he was a teenager, he finally started to go to bed shirtless. He currently likes to walk around shirtless all the time (to show off his puppet body), and it irritates Deidara slightly, because he secretly admires the detail work on Sasori’s torso.


- Itachi flosses his teeth all the time, as well as keeping his nails clean and cleaning his ears. He’s obsessed with this sort of thing, according to Kisame.

- Itachi is one of those people who has a bunch of useless facts stored up in his brain from reading random bits of material. He secretly gets excited whenever he knows a useless fact relevant to a conversation. 

- He has sensitive skin and he gets flushed easily for no reason sometimes.

- He enjoys watching sunrises and sunsets whenever he is traveling.

- He also can actually be picky when it comes to where he sleeps. Kisame always lets him pick where they stay for the night, because Itachi’s sixth sense is knowing whether or not a hotel/ryokan is worth their money.

- When he was little, he got very flustered whenever he was asked to answer a question in class. Kids teased him, but several girls developed crushes on him simply for this fact. 


- Konan came from a well-off family, and they had class. She was raised to be a lady, and it shows.

- She enjoys watercolor painting as well as making origami.

- She has obsessive tendencies, unbeknownst to most. If she stumbles upon a new hobby or food she likes, it will soon take over her free time until she grows bored with it. 

- She dislikes jewelry or anything that gets in the way of the motion of her hands.

- Although many people think she gets flustered easily, Konan is actually difficult to embarrass. She simply does not voice her confidence.

- She talks a lot once she trusts you.

- Konan is a bit of an exhibitionist too, but in a more subtle way. She enjoys wearing sexy clothes underneath her cloak, because it makes her feel like it’s a secret that she’s actually hot.


- Nagato liked to sing a lot as a child, but he’s not very good at it. Not that he cares. You go, Nagato!

- Nagato used to be somewhat disappointed with his life. He wished something big would happen to him. Then his parents were killed, and he regretted those past thoughts ever since.

- Though Nagato was always outwardly kind to everyone he met as a child, it took a lot to earn his respect. Now, it is even harder.

- Nagato had acne on his forehead as a teenager, but nobody ever knew.

- Nagato is a great cook, though he doesn’t make meals very often anymore, now that he’s in charge of Amegakure.

- When Nagato was in school, kids often asked him if he was feeling ok, since he is so pale. He would always grin sheepishly and say “yes”

- Nagato could tell that Yahiko and Konan liked each other way before either of them did. 

- He was always sensitive about his personality. He got hurt whenever people brought up his introverted nature. As he aged, he grew less timid. Kind of like being afraid of answering the phone as a kid, but totally owning it when you are an adult.


so I somehow thought of an au where Morro decides to possess all the ninja just to take them all out and not worry about them later

it gets kinda long so I put it under a cut lol but here’s why I paired each ghost with their ninja annnd why Kai doesn’t have one

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Based on a cool Soul Eater meme floating around, something along the lines of “tell me whether I’m a Weapon or a Meister; and if Weapon, what type would I be?” I am taking this as an opportunity to apply this to my OTPs.

Meister: Gray
Weapon: Natsu
Weapon Type: scythe. Gray eventually masters the demon hunter with him through resonance and when Natsu is in this form, his blade is ON FIRE.

Meister: Lucy
Weapon: Juvia
Weapon Type: double ended spear. She’s also capable of spewing water attacks out of the spearheads.

Meister: Erza
Weapon: Jellal
Weapon Type: Sword! With multiple forms!!!
Bonus: Jellal shifts out of weapon form once to save Erza’s life. The kishin egg moves in to finish him and Erza discovers dormant weapon powers. She covers Jellal in steel armour, saving him, and her arm transforms into a cannon and she takes him the fuck out.

Meister: Levy
Weapon: Gajeel
Weapon Type: Mace. If Levy smashes his end against a hard surface, his iron spikes shoot out at all angles and impale their opponents.
Bonus: if a kishin hurts Levy to the point she is out of commission and her life is in danger, he will shift back into his human form, change his forearm into a chain and use it to choke the fucker out.

Meister: Laxus
Weapon: Freed
Weapon Type: LIGHTENING HAMMER. I may have gotten a little excited over that idea.

Meister: with them I feel they’re both weapons. All weapons can double as meisters.
Weapon type: pistols, both of them. The twIN PISTOLS. Whoops, got excited again. They match, but Sting’s gun is white and Rogue’s is black. Sting shoots shadows, Rogue shoots out light/white lasers because pistols shoot compressed wavelengths of their meister’s soul.

Meister: Chelia
Weapon: Wendy
Weapon Type: kusarigama, or chain sickle/scythe. Chelia can swing one side around by the chain and create strong winds capable of knocking the enemy off their feet.

Meister: Levi
Weapon: Eren
Weapon Type: either a huge sword or twin swords. I can’t decide which but I do lean towards twin blades.

Alternate to above: Ererijean
Meister: Levi
Weapons: Eren and Jean.
Weapon Types: matching swords and Levi can wield both at once. Their wavelengths all sync up. Don’t you dare fight me on this.

Meister: another pairing where I feel like they’d both be weapons. They meet, see how strong the other is and know they have to partner up.
Weapon types: for Mikasa, a ninja sword. For Annie, a halberd.

Meister: Katara
Weapon: Zuko
Weapon Type: he has multiple forms. One is dual broadswords. Another is his pearl-handled dagger. He is also a crossbow that shoots out either insanely hot flames or boiling water (wavelengths) in lieu of arrows.

I know in Soul Eater canonverse, you need two people to produce dual weapons (such as the dual swords/broadswords I’ve listed for both Eren and Zuko), but as I’ve said to myself many times… fuck canon.

Also, thinking about how protective the weapons would be over their meisters is killing my shipper heart. Bury me in the dumpster where I belong.

I have a Soul Eater x Fairy Tail crossover (gratsu centric, of course) AU in mind and when I learn to write fight scenes, I am writing some of these pairings in it!

tyrantwaffles  asked:

Thoughts on the Qrow being Ruby's biological father theory?

I had to wait a day to answer thing just because I’m so sdjfhklasdfhsaklj about this theory, it is my absolute #1 theory from rwby, where on one hand, I’m absolutely ok with it being not true but on the other hand I WILL TAKE IT WITH ME TO MY GRAVE


So to start it off, their clothing. In RWBY, we know that color schemes are styles are very important to characters and often tend to stay in the family. For example, Yang may 100% have Raven’s structure, but also has an almost identical outfit to Taiyang’s. It’s something that is pretty important in the RWBY universe.

But what always made me like Ruby is that even though she’s innocent and kind, her style is badass LIKE NO OTHER. Seriously, I’d kill for that style, she has them Branwen colors man. Haha, literally…

Summer and Taiyang are supposed to be her parents, who have a very light color scheme. They wear light colors, but Ruby’s character design is very dark and of course, badass. Also, I can’t seem to find one part of Taiyang in Ruby. With Yang, it’s very obvious where she got her features from. But for Ruby? She got her structure and outfit from Summer, but… brown and yellow from Taiyang? Blonde hair? Purple eyes? Anything? Uhm.

Instead, Ruby wears black and red, just like the Branwens, Raven and Qrow. It is impossible not to point out that Qrow and Ruby share a very similar color scheme, and it’s easy to make the connection that they’re related.. except they’re not. In any sort of way. But their character designs are extremely similar to one another. Of course, they both have the red capes, which is impossible to miss. But, they also share white crosses on their chests. The two holding up Ruby’s cape, and the necklace around Qrow’s neck. And, they’re the only two characters in the world of Remnant to wield a scythe.

It’s hard not to notice the similarities between these two, even though they’re not supposed to be related to each other at all. But, let’s focus on some theories, some TEAM STRQ HEADCANONS HELL YES YALL KNOW I LOVE SOME TEAM STRQ


Ahhh yes, Team STRQ. The coolest team to ever graduate Beacon, who supposedly have “crummy fashion sense”, but the the two girls who said that also dress exactly like Team STRQ so it’s hard to tell. We have Summer, Taiyang, and the Branwen Twins (probably?) (hmm yeah probably)

I know that most people are automatically drawn to the idea of Summer and Taiyang together because that’s what we knew them as until Summer died, but back at Beacon, really it was Taiyang chasing Raven around. In fact, it’s widely believed that Taiyang was sort of a player, but specifically liked Raven more than anyone else. Qrow was probably like what the fuck that’s my sister, but let it happen anyways can ya know. Like we know with many couples/ships in the RWBY universe, couples are often partners on teams, which means Taiyang and Raven were likely partners on Team STRQ. So naturually, that leaves Summer and Qrow to end up becoming partners.

While a lot of Team STRQ is a mystery, it’s safe to assume while Taiyang and Raven were hanging out, Summer and Qrow got close too. Them as a team probably had a lot of cute adventures that I can only dream about, (like Summer sneaking food into their dorm room under her cloak, or Taiyang saying such a bad pun that Raven uses her portal to leave), but in the end, Taiyang and Raven had Yang and Raven ultimately disappeared.

Sooo that leaves Taiyang with a baby, and (assuming this is after they graduated) Summer and Qrow are the only two people that Taiyang can really lean on for help. But, it’s very possible that Qrow had also gotten recruited by Ozpin at this point, and became a busy huntsman who traveled from Vale to Mistral to wherever he needed to at a moment’s notice. So of course, that leaves Summer and Taiyang together, and I’m sure that Summer offered to help with Yang in her downtime. But every once in awhile, Qrow would come back to Vale, and it’s likely that Qrow and Summer hooked up during that time, or they had been together for the two years leading up to Ruby, but Qrow had to continue his life as a traveling huntsman, working for Ozpin and the maidens. In that situation, it makes sense that Summer would have told Taiyang “Ok well, we each have our own kid, and since Raven left you and Qrow would never be around enough to be a good father, we could raise them together instead.” 

I can see Qrow reluctantly agreeing to that, because it would be dangerous to Ruby and Yang if people knew they were related to Raven and Qrow too.

So because Ruby grows up to looks just like Summer, and Yang grows up to look just like Taiyang, it works out. Summer is a really good huntress and mother to Ruby and Yang, while Taiyang is a teacher at Signal Academy and looks after the two girls. It works out for a little while, until of course, Summer leaves for a mission, and never comes back. Yang mentioned Taiyang becoming depressed, and that’s when she found out he loved Raven before Summer. Shit goes down, Yang starts finding ways to find out more about her mother, and the whole flashback scene from Volume 2 happens. Of course, Qrow comes in to save the day, because he always does. And Qrow probably chose to stay closer to home now, since Taiyang is too depressed to look after his own children. 

Ruby mentions in the very first episode that Qrow taught her everything she knows, and including becoming a master scythe weilder, and also, dem funny jokes bruh. she didnt get that shit from taiyang wherever the hell HE is

But on a more serious note, If this is really what happened, then it could explain Qrow’s drinking. I like the idea that he’s an alcoholic because he couldn’t save Summer, and regrets that he left her and Ruby alone for the last years of her life. So now he feels obligated to look after Ruby, especially for Summer. So, Qrow becomes a teacher at Signal Academy, just like Taiyang. He’s working with Ozpin on the side, but now has chosen to spend more time with Ruby. This is when he takes her under his wing, and trains her to become the only other master scythe wielder in all of Remnant, which is a pretty big thing to do for a kid he supposedly isn’t related to. When Ozpin meets with Ruby after the fight in Episode 1, Ozpin points out two things, Summer’s silver eyes, and Qrow’s fighting style. After realizing the connection,(aka probably like god damnit Qrow you missed so much for this kid) Ozpin lets her begin training at Beacon Academy without any entrance exam, right there, on the spot.

TL;DR: Qrow being Ruby’s father is entirely possible within the Team STRQ storyline and explains Ruby’s clothing style, Ruby’s fighting style, Qrow’s favoring of Ruby, Ruby’s early acceptance into Beacon, and Qrow’s alcoholism.

I completely recognize that there is a lot to go against this theory, and the main thing that stops me from fully believing it is what happened a couple of years ago. Someone theorized that Summer Rose was actually Yang, until Monty corrected them and said no, Yang is her half sister, Summer Rose is Ruby’s mom. It’s that half sister line that really stops most people from looking too deeply into this theory, but I still like the idea of it because it explains a lot of the reasoning behind certain things in the show which may only be revealed much later into the series. Yeah, I’m talking years here. Gotta keep myself sane somehow ayyyyyyyyy BUT HEY. THAT’S JUST A THEORY



(If Qrow and Ruby did some synchronized scythe wielding before the girls had a chance to introduce their uncle)

Steel whizzed a bare inch above Ruby’s head.

Tossing their scythes up, Ruby and Qrow both twirled tightly before catching them again, whirling around in a wide slash that nicked wickedly at the edges of their clothes.

Blake’s bow flinched back in shock. “Isn’t that dangerous?”

“Nah.” Yang dismissed with a grin, not taking her eyes off the performance. “I mean, for other people yeah it would be, but Ruby and Qrow could do this blindfolded in their sleep. Don’t worry.”

“That somehow fails to be very reassuring.” Commented Weiss from her perch at the edge of her seat.

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Old Friend || Thedistantsun

If there was ever a god you didn’t say no to, it would most definitely be Hades. This especially applied to his children. No matter how impossible the task, as long as they worked for him they would do whatever he asked. That is, if they wanted their immortality after their death. It was terrible and cruel, but it was what they had to do. It had really taken its toll on her in the last year.
Morgan was hunting down a witch that had been avoiding her death for hundreds of years. She was extremely powerful, but so was Morgan. With her father’s scythe in hand, the master of souls was going to capture her soul.
The demigod had her on the ropes when suddenly the witch disappeared.
“Damn.” She swore, focusing for a moment to hone in on any powerful souls nearby. One stood out, and that was where she went next.
She was waiting in the shadows for the one she had felt to walk by, once he did she charged at him, swinging the silver weapon to take his head off. But as it swung to behind his neck (not cutting him but close) a pair of pistols was pointed at her stomach.
The two looked at each other for a moment, before she dropped her scythe completely. “KID!” She yelled, pulling back. She’d recognize those stripes anywhere. Even if it had been almost a year since they’d seen each other.

After those Set descriptions got revealed, it also shows that for the first time, some villains have titles!

Unlike other ghosts, who are called Ghost Ninja/Warrior placenamehere, these four guys are Masters. Scythe Master Ghoultar, Chain Master Wrayth, Blade Master Bansha and Bow Master Soul Archer. I assume they have higher ranks in Morro’s army. But why?

What if these four have to face each Ninja? Like Ghoultar=Cole, Wrayth=Jay, Bansha=Kai, Soul=Zane and Morro=Lloyd. I think that would be interesting