scythe lucifer

I (finally) finished reading Neal Shusterman’s newest YA thriller, Scythe. And boy oh boy was I blown away by his concepts! :faint:
Anyway, there is certainly not enough fan art for this wonderful book. So, ahead of the second book in the series, and the release of the film, I created this. I tried to pay homage to Chloe Foglia and Kevin Tong, who designed and illustrated the cover of the book.
Here we see Citra (turquoise/blue) and Rowan (black) dressed in gleaning attire with scythes. I hope you enjoy, and take the chance to read this excellent book!

anonymous asked:

It's not Valentines Day in my timezone yet and I forgot to rq something earlier so would you consider adding a playlist for Rowan Dansich to your list of requests? (Maybe one for Scythe Marie Curie as well? I dont mind either way )

Rowan Damisch playlist: I hope this is the type of music you like (it’s the type I like!) I was going to do one of Scythe Curie as well but most of the songs I’d put for her would have the same sort of themes as Rowan’s. So here’s just this. Enjoy!

*turn the brightness on your phone up, the pic is kinda dark* It’s I while since I did any kind of fanart so here we go: Rowan Damisch as Scythe Lucifer from my fav trilogy “Scythe” by Neal Shusterman. Visit my instagram if you like my art because I’m much more actibe there. Insta username: @kathar2004kss