scythe earrings

Climate Change // AU

The late winter air was cold, it hurt the skin on her bare legs. Her dress wasn’t long enough to cover her knees and she didn’t exactly have a coat to put on before she left the basement. Father’s nose was cold when he came from outside & now she knew why. Alas, she was gradually growing tired, her wobbling legs finally coming to a halt after what seemed like hours of running. 

This was her first time outside of the manor in 16 years. Drenched in her father’s blood whilst pathetically carrying her mother’s scythe over her shoulder made her quite the easy target to prey on. As if she knew how to use the scythe– Ears perked at the sound of crushed leaves and her grip on her weapon suddenly tensed. 

                          Could it be that THEY found her? 

                 ‘ Sh-… show y-yourself!
                   I-I am Yuuki of the Kuran family. 
                   I am armed! …Please don’t make me use my weapon on you! ’