An Epitaph for Diogenes the Cynic

Ausonius, Epitaphs 30 “Diogenis”

A shoulder-bag and some barley meal,
  A cloak, a walking-stick, and a cup-
Such was the Cynic’s scanty baggage,
  And yet he thinks it excessive.
For when he saw a ploughman
  Drinking with the cups of his hands,
He said, “Why do I carry you,
  Cup, when you’re not needed?”

Pera, polenta, tribon, baculus, scyphus, arta supellex
  ista fuit Cynici: set putat hanc nimiam.
namque cavis minibus cernens potare bubulcum:
 ‘cur, scyphe, te,’ dixit, ‘gesto supervacuum?’

Diogenes Searching for an Honest Man, Jacob Jordaens, ca. 1642