14k Rose Gold Clicker from Scylla Fine Jewelry! Featuring Genuine AA Amethyst hugged by Black Spinnel! Be safe this weekend and I’ll see everyone on 07/05 #danchan #fidelitytattooco #baltimorepiercers #marylandpiercer #scyllafinejewelry #jewelryporn #14k #rosegold #septum #piercing #daith #gentlesafefancyaf #goldisgood #piercings #sniffinginstyle #safepiercing @scylla_fine_jewelry @fidelitytattooco

Lots of gold in this ear! Fresh outer helix with a genuine moonstone set in 18k rose gold from anatometal, fully healed outer helix with 14k rose gold beaded seam ring from scyllafinejewelry, fully healed forward helix with 14k rose gold skeleton key and fully healed tragus with 14k rose gold and genuine AA grade amethyst from bodyvisionlosangeles!

We just received a fresh batch of beautiful gold clickers from the good people at scyllafinejewelry.  

The craftsmanship in each one of these pieces is unbelievable. Any one of these would look amazing in piercings such as septum’s, daith’s, lobes and various cartilage.

Swing by this weekend to snag your favorite one before they’re gone!

Monterey, CA

We pierced Tasia’s septum a little over a month ago. She stopped in today and picked out a lovely new clicker from scyllafinejewelry​.

This 14k yellow gold “Miramyd Princess” has a delicate but ornate design about it, perfectly accented with a princess-cut genuine Amethyst.

Great choice, Tasia. Thanks so much!

Monterey, CA

We are in love with these gorgeous clickers from scyllafinejewelry

Pictured on the left is The Miramyd Princess: 14k yellow gold with a genuine Black Spinel. 

Pictured on the right is The Baronet: 14k yellow gold with genuine white topaz. 

Amazing pieces that would look fantastic in septums or daith piercings. 

Come swing by and have a look in person. We’re also happy to ship! 


Our friend Liv had us pierce her septum back in January.

She always has a knack for picking out really stunning pieces that go great together, and today was no exception.

She picked out a stunning hammered rose gold septum clicker from scyllafinejewelry.

She also chose these lovely fossilized ammonite ear weights.

These pieces go perfect together.

Thank you, Liv!