scuttle the seagull

as a mermaid, in spite of your father’s disdain for humans, you’d always been intrigued by them. you were fascinated by the fact that they had “legs” instead of fins and all that there was to their life on land, always prompting you to swim to the surface to observe them against your father’s wishes. naturally, when he found out that you’d been up to the surface once again, you were lectured and reprimanded, making you tearfully retreat to your secret grotto full of human knickknacks. while hiding out there, you notice a ship sailing by overhead and you and your best friend, a fish named flounder, swim to the surface to get a closer look. there, you’re joined by your friend scuttle, a seagull, and the three of you get as close as you can to the ship without being detected. on the ship, a human named luke is celebrating his birthday. the celebration is cut short, however, when a storm moves in, ultimately destroying the ship. you find luke floating unconscious in the ocean and carry him to shore, staying with him to make sure he’s okay. when you hear others approaching, you flee just as luke starts to regain consciousness, because even though you defied your father’s rules, you know the the one rule you can’t break is being detected. when luke opens his eyes, he swears he catches a glimpse of you just as you dive underwater and disappear. he tells his manservant and confidant, grimsby, about the lovely mermaid who had saved him and how she had the most beautiful singing voice, vowing to find you just as you vowed to return to him and be a part of his world.

for quiffedluke and featuringluke‘s disney!5sos night

Ok, so, whilst writing episode six of OUADT (progress is… slow but encouraging), I started thinking ahead to episode seven so that I can integrate them nicely.

Episode seven will be Ariel’s back story. 

And I managed to put Scuttle the Seagull into it. I swear I didn’t realise until too late and now he is, in typical obstinate seagull fashion, refusing to leave. 

He’s not a speaking part, thank goodness, but still. I am sitting here wearing a hat of shame.