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I'm getting the Little Mermaid vibes, ya know? Riskua is Ariel, Ace is Eric, Thatch is Scuttle the seagull that tries *and fails* to get them together, while Sabo and Koala are Sebastian and Flounder just telling Ace to "Kiss the Girl". Then Mihawk and Shanks flip the boat because Ace 'isn't worthy' and that there was no way that he was getting anywhere close to those 'innocent' lips. Riskua has to save Ace cause he can't swim.

“Why were we even on a boat in a little lake if you can’t swim anyway?”

Riskua huffs, dragging Ace out of the water and slapping him on the back a few times; that huge-ass tattoo making an excellent target on just where to hit.

The flame user coughs, pond-water splashing onto the ground and Riskua’s hand evolves from smacking to soothing rubs; she knows what it’s like to be hacking up half the ocean after all, given all that time she’s spent hauling Luffy’s rubbery ass from the great blue.

“Se-seemed nice,” Ace hacks up, wiping at his mouth with one hand, the other still supporting his hunched over body, trembling.
Riskua feels kinda bad, because she knows what Ace really means.

He’d been content to sit on the shore; she’d been the one that wanted to go out onto the lake.

And for some stupid reason, he hadn’t wanted her to be on her own. For those ten minutes on the boat, the company, the atmosphere, it’d all been sort of nice, she’ll admit.

“Come on, let’s head back to the Merry, see if Sanji’s cooked some dinner yet.”

Holding out her hand, Riskua heaves Ace to his feet, turning to her back in the direction they’d come.

Only Ace’s fingers weave with hers before she can recall her arm, trapping their hands together as his long legs work to keep up with her quick pace.

Riskua takes a moment to consider their adjoined hands before shrugging it off.

She’s held hands with Luffy before, even if that’d just been their hands curled around one another, none of this threaded fingers stuff. There not much difference after all.

..and it sort of feels nice, she guesses.

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Little Mermaid AU

Hmm, this is interesting! Though… I’ve not watched it in ages so lol sorry if this is a bit off.

I’d have to say it would possibly be something like this:

MC - Ariel - She’s curious about the human world (or idk the RFA), and is willing to lose something to get to know more about it.

Zen - The prince. I mean, he gets saved by MC, and then falls in love with her? I guess?

Rika - Ursula - Takes something of MC’s away to let her meet the prince, but tries to get people to mess up her chances?

Yoosung - Flounder - cutie best friend!

Jaehee - Sebastian - a bit more serious and critical than Yoosung.

707 - Scuttle the seagull - E C C E N T R I C

Jumin - Not too sure…. Rip;;; Maybe he could also be the prince.

Unknown - Those uh… eel thingies. - Loyal to Rika…

TaeKook Drabble

Title: Unplanned Death, Well Almost Death

Genre: Little Mermaid AU

Rating: General Audiences

Length: Word Count : 253, Characters : 1,477

Pairings: Taehyung and Jungkook, TaeKook

Summary: Basically my shitty retelling of The Little Mermaid through TaeKook. This came from the inspiration of @artofennun and @noranb

A/N: Like I said in the summary, this is my telling of this story. I became obsessed with this AU after I saw these incredible artists taekook Little Mermaid au art and screamed my head off. Also, disclaimer I am not as talented as other army fans out there. Please don’t hate me I just wanted to share this TaeKook story. Ok without further ado, here I go.


“Oh no, oh shit are you okay? Please tell me you’re alive.” Taehyung brought his ear to the young boy’s foot. “Oh crap, he’s dead. I couldn’t save him in time. He’s dead and it’s all my fault!” He turned to his friends: the seagull, Scuttle, and the crab, Hoseok. They both looked at him bewildered. 

Before Taehyung could freak out any more than he already had, the unconscious young man began to cough out water. Taehyung immediately laid cross him and cupped his hands around the other boy’s face.

“Oh dear Neptune, are you okay?” The boy beneath him stared up at him dazed. He blinked a few times to adjust to the light in his eyes; he then settled his sight on Taehyung’s soft tan features, bright red hair, and large brown eyes.

“Jeongguk! Prince Jeongguk!” Someone called for the boy before he could properly understand what was happening. Jeongguk turned his head to the familiar voice and Taehyung then hurriedly peeled himself off the prince and rushed into the ocean with Hoseok and Scuttle in pursuit.

“Oh! Prince Jeongguk, what happened? Are you fine?” The older male helped him up.

“I’m fine, Grimsby, but did you see where he went?” Jeongguk looked frantically around for the mysterious male that saved his life.

“What are you talking about? I just barley managed to find you.” Grimsby threw the prince’s arm over his shoulder.

“But he was just here, he couldn’t just have disappeared in midair.” he tried shaking off Grimsby but ultimately failed.

“I’m afraid I have no idea what you are talking about. Come, let’s get you home and dry you off. Your kingdom has been worried sick about you.” Grimsby began to drag Jeongguk to the other direction towards his castle.

Meanwhile hidden behind a rock, Taehyung watched as the prince still searched for his unnamed savior over his shoulder.


There is a very specific type of scene in Disney movies that makes my eyes water and tear up every time. 

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It’s not the romantic songs. 

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It’s not even the death scenes with Mufasa or Bambi’s mom. 

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The scenes that make me blubber and cry every stinkin’ time I watch them is what I like to call… “The Reinforcements Scene.” 

You know the scenes I mean… 

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as a mermaid, in spite of your father’s disdain for humans, you’d always been intrigued by them. you were fascinated by the fact that they had “legs” instead of fins and all that there was to their life on land, always prompting you to swim to the surface to observe them against your father’s wishes. naturally, when he found out that you’d been up to the surface once again, you were lectured and reprimanded, making you tearfully retreat to your secret grotto full of human knickknacks. while hiding out there, you notice a ship sailing by overhead and you and your best friend, a fish named flounder, swim to the surface to get a closer look. there, you’re joined by your friend scuttle, a seagull, and the three of you get as close as you can to the ship without being detected. on the ship, a human named luke is celebrating his birthday. the celebration is cut short, however, when a storm moves in, ultimately destroying the ship. you find luke floating unconscious in the ocean and carry him to shore, staying with him to make sure he’s okay. when you hear others approaching, you flee just as luke starts to regain consciousness, because even though you defied your father’s rules, you know the the one rule you can’t break is being detected. when luke opens his eyes, he swears he catches a glimpse of you just as you dive underwater and disappear. he tells his manservant and confidant, grimsby, about the lovely mermaid who had saved him and how she had the most beautiful singing voice, vowing to find you just as you vowed to return to him and be a part of his world.

for quiffedluke and featuringluke‘s disney!5sos night

If Ariel didn't lose her voice when she became human
  • Prince Eric: Um.. Ariel, why are you using a fork to brush your hair?
  • Ariel: You mean a Dinglehopper?
  • Prince Eric: A what?
  • Ariel: You know, a dinglehopper! The thing you use to straighten your hair out, in order to make it aesthetically pleasing?
  • Prince Eric: And.... who told you that?
  • Ariel: Scuttle, he's a seagull
  • Prince Eric: .............