Excusing the horrible writing with the mouse and the white out parts because ~spoilers~, I am trying out a new plot planning method. I find it hard to follow general outlining a lot of the time because it’s just not how I think. But this plot charting seems to be really working for me. Basically, there are three starting plots as you can see (still deciding on how I want to handle plot 3 as you can see) with arrows, and those arrows follow actions that result in converging or diverging from resulting plot points. This way I can see how the points are actually interacting with each other. It’s not perfect or pretty, but this is working for me so far! 

So, I’m posting this to share with other writers who, like me, aren’t so great with outlining but still want to plan. Color coding is not necessary and you do what fits you best (I just love color coding, it makes me feel good inside).