Okay kids, I’m all graduated now and I am here to tell you to NOT GET YOUR SCIENCE INFO FROM MAINSTREAM MEDIA. If you see something along the lines of 

“NEW STUDY SAYS XYZ” go to the site, find the researcher’s names if you can (if you can’t, just leave) and find the actual study. Often times reputable sites will include links to study summaries or the study itself - use that link, go there instead. Mainstream media is meant to sensationalize and create drama to capture your attention, but the article titles are often created with just the barest grain of truth to what the study is. 

Compare these two titles, the first from Huffington Post and the second from one of the university’s that sponsored the research.

Pretty different. And that second one isn’t even the actual study, it’s a report from the university on what was going on. But Huffpo’s title is misleading and sensationalist. There’s drama in it. Science isn’t about drama. It’s about learning and and explaining. I’m not saying science is without bias because there is often bias, but journalism reporting on science is FULL of bias to the point where the study and what it actually found is often lost, and replaced with a twisted version of itself. 

The source is always best, but I understand if reading those studies can be difficult. There are scientific journals that while can also be a little dramatic, but are still more reliable than mainstream media reports like Huffpo. 

This has been a PSA from your friendly neighborhood Scurv!