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Priorities (Pt 2)

P/n: Gif is not mine, let me know if you want me to tag you. :) I am still in shock with the amount of response I got from “Priorities” part one. Since people really liked the first one, and I had a couple of people request I do a part 2, here it is! It was so difficult. Honestly, I’ve been in such a good mood lately, the angst kinda faded. But I do hope you all enjoy reading part 2.

Rafael Barba x Reader

First part here.

The heel of her boots clicked loud and fast as she scurried to the nearest bathroom. She kept her head down and avoided any eye contact with anyone that crossed her path. The blanket of long hair flowed with every bounce of each step, but it hid her flushed face. She burst into the bathroom and got into the closest stall. Thankfully, no one was inside.

Behind the closed and locked stall door, she finally release the sob she was fighting back. She rested her forehead against the door and let her tears flow freely down her face. Her hands covered her mouth to muffle the cries that escaped her lips. Her shoulders trembled as she replayed the last words she said before walking out on Rafael. The realization finally sunk in, and she didn’t want to accept how much it pained her to reveal her loneliness.

She stayed in the bathroom until she fully composed herself. She didn’t have time to taste, she needed this dinner to be perfect. The last thing she needed was them to question if her relationship with Rafael was shaky. So, she focused on making sure the dinner went as smoothly as possible. She didn’t want a single inkling of how she felt to show.

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“De ninguna manera la clase entera fracasó, tal vez no deberías beber durante las horas escolares. Ahora ve a cambiar nuestras calificaciones a mejores, gracias” She watched as the teacher scurried away to do what she said. Marnie turned around with a pleased look when she noticed someone was standing there staring at her.“What?”

More Gems?! - Closed for kristines-rp-lair


Peridot scrunched her face up. This didn’t make any sense! Why wasn’t this WORKING?

The small gem was fiddling with some kind of contraption that looked to be a mix of a toaster and a lamp. What she was making, only she knew.

“RrrrRRRRGGH!! STUPID, CRUMBY HUMAN TECHNOLOGY!” Peridot hissed, picking up the device, holding it over her head. Before she had a chance to throw and smash it, she stopped. Were those… Voices outside?

The technician scurried to the door of the barn and peeked out, so that just her eyes and the tip of her hair stuck out. Those eyes widened. Were those… Gems?!

Oh no.

This was NOT good!

They were here to SHATTER her! Or bring her back to Yellow Diamond… WHO WOULD SHATTER HER!

This was bad. This was bad, bad, bad, BAD!

Peridot scrambled back inside, hiding herself behind one of the hay bales that they never bothered to move, though they always spoke about it. She had no way of escape! They were at the front door! And Lapis wasn’t even here to save her!

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Headcanons for living with the weasley(but not being one) and dating Draco. Thanks

- secret meetings

- pebbles tossed on window sills

- he’d visit at the darkest hours of the night

- “ron, I hear something coming from outside. I think its near the girls’ rooms. should we go-” “shut up, harry. I’m trying to sleep.”

- scurrying to hide the clothes he forgot from the rest of the house, especially granger

- smirks when coming back to school

- still not being able to tell friends, so the hidden kisses continue

- finally, before the departure to winter break, he leans in and gives a kiss at the train station

- however, little ginny weasley couldn’t help but notice

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▲ 2 or 15, your choice

“2.falling asleep on or next to them” {because 15 wouLD PROBABLY BE DEATH}

He was relaxing under a tree his eyes shut as he waiting, the forest was quiet for once no sound of the hounds braying or spiders scurrying around. It was nice for once after awhile he felt movement near him opening his eyes to look over to his side spotting the mime curled up next to him sleeping. 

He must not of been keeping track of what was going on as he never heard him come over.

“……Why is he still coming near me”

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🔊 techno-ghost 🔊 [there was a knock on the door, then a rather large scratching noise. and then a crash as three claws penetrated the door, sick beats flowing through the cracks a visor looking through]

Napstablook scurried backwards from fright!

I had a great day yesterday! My mom and I went out to a national park and hiked up through wilderness for 4+ hours. It’s really incredible how the environment varies over such little distance.

One end was mostly sort of beachy, water lapped at the rocks, and lots of yachts populated the wharf- the boardwalk was really comforting to me, there was a small drink shop, a boat rental, a tiny painting studio, in a single strip- blue wood panelling and white windowframes. it was all really reminiscent of ‘home’.

Another section was mostly marshlands, mangroves that seemed to extend into forever- tiny bubbles emerged from the bottom of the water, little crabs were scurrying around, tadpoles and fish darted around. The trees twisted into amazing formations.

The last end was mostly spinifex, which lead into dense bushland. All kinds of trees extended into the sky, not a single person was there- just lush plant life, exotic birds and their unique calls, rock formations…some of the rocks had distinct grooves in them, which were left by axe-grinders millions of years ago…

Even in the more populated park area, there was a goanna! Like, a big monitor lizard- just hanging out.

Sorry, I’m just still really excited about this all omg

Anna’s Story (Pt. 16 S5E12)
Pt.1, Pt.2, Pt.3, Pt.4, Pt.5, Pt. 6, Pt. 7, Pt. 8, Pt. 9, Pt. 10, Pt. 11, Pt. 12, Pt. 13, Pt. 14, Pt. 15,

Based on Season 5 Episode 12 “Remember”

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Season 5 Episode 12 “Remember”
Chapter 16
Just as the gates were opening a trashcan turned over, a rather large opossum scurrying out of it. Daryl was the first to react, shooting it down. He grabbed it by the tail and looked to the wide mouthed man who’d opened the gate. “We brought dinner.”
Aaron took to speaking for us. “It’s okay. Come on in, guys.”
“Before we take this any further, I need you all to turn over your weapons,” said the gate guard. “Stay, you hand them over.”
“We don’t know if we want to stay,” Rick said menacingly.
“It’s fine, Nicholas,” Aaron vouched.
“If we were gonna use them, we would have started already,” Rick told them.
“Let them talk to Deanna first,” Aaron said.
Abraham spoke up from the back of the group. “Who’s Deanna?”
“She knows everything you’d want to know about this place. Rick, why don’t you start?”
A walker was making its way towards the gate. Rick called for Sasha, who took it out with one silenced gunshot. “It’s a good thing we’re here,” Rick said.


The woman was short—I was short, her being a couple inches shorter than me said something—with a round face and light hair. You could tell just by looking at her that she was a leader. We were all given private interviews, filmed. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to mine, though I knew how to deal with people—how to impress them. I’d gotten that ability from my mother.

“Hello. I’m Deanna Monroe.”
“Do you have a last name, Anna?” she asked.
“Not anymore.” I’d abandoned that a long time ago.
She nodded, seeming to accept that answer rather quickly. Getting to her feet she asked, “Do you mind if I film this?”
I shook my head in compliance but still asked, “Why?”
Her next words seemed rehearsed. “We’re about transparency here. How long have you been out there?”
“Um…on and off since the beginning.”
“Did you know any of them before?”
“How did you find Rick and the others?”
I shrugged. “I was a part of a community for a while. The leader, though, he was a dick. He killed a whole bunch of people and Rick became a target. I left the community with Michonne, she was the only other person who actually understood the dangers of Woodbury. And we found Rick’s group and for some reason he let us in.”
“Before all this I was a congressperson. Ohio, 15th district. You?”
“I was an art student in Atlanta.”
“So you’re an artist,” she breathed, seeming pleased with that. “What kind of art?”
“I mostly do portraits.”
“Do you have any on you? I’d love to see them.” Her face was kind, I didn’t feel like she was bad, not like I did with the Governor or the Termites. I pulled my sketchbook from my bag and handed it to her.
You would have thought I’d handed a child candy from the look on her face. I took that time to look around her home. It was the nicest place I’d ever been in. A very suburban home; Books, art, nice furniture everywhere. My mom always wanted a place like this, but with my dad’s crappy salary that was just a dream.
“These are wonderful,” she said to me. “These are…your people?”
I nodded. “They’re my only references anymore. And incase anything…it’s nice to have a picture of them. Some of those in there…are dead now.”
She handed the book back over to me, a gentle aura taking over her. “I’m sorry for what you’ve lost out there. I hope you find it more than hospitable here. It can be your home now. Would you like that?”
I looked down, thinking over my answer carefully—aware of the camera. After a moment I looked up, meeting her blue eyes. “No matter what, I’m doing what Rick does. I owe him. And more than that, I trust him.”

“They’re still your guns. You can check them out whenever you go beyond the wall. But inside here, we store them for safety,” Deanna said, as she stood in front of our group.

We were putting our guns in a wheeling bin. Parting with mine was not easy, but considering I had my knives on me, I would live with it.
I noticed Carol, as she put her guns up there, looking like a meek small woman—very un-Carol-like. It took me a moment before I realized, she was putting on a show. That woman was a damn cameleon. It was definitely something to live up to.
“Should have brought another bin,” said Olivia, the woman in charge of the guns and pantry. 


After the guns we were sent to get cleaned up. Two huge houses, enough room for everyone, at our disposal. The showers had hot water, hot water that chased away the gunk of the world. I stayed in the shower as long as I could—keeping the next person in line in the forefront of my mind. Being considerate was really hard in this moment. But I’d never felt so clean—at least not that I could remember. The shampoo and conditioner smelled like coconut, the body wash smelled like honey. I smelled like coconut and honey. I spent extra time brushing my teeth, the peppermint toothpaste that cleaned my teeth of yuck was dubbed my new best friend.
Looking in the mirror I realized I hadn’t seen myself in such a long time. I let my towel drop to the ground as I looked myself over. My dark hair had gotten so long, nearly to my butt. My body itself was tan and thin, too thin, but I had muscles filling out my arms and legs that made me feel good. I could defend myself. There were scars and bruises that colored my skin in random places. Being malnourished didn’t help them heal very well. I poked a few of the bruises to see if they hurt…they did. 


When I was dressed, in a new t-shirt and jeans, I walked outside, where Daryl was cutting open the opossum. “Are you going to shower?”
He looked up at me, his eyes trailed over my drying hair and new clothes. “You’re like a whole different color.”
I could feel pink coloring my cheeks. “You will be too when you get all that gunk off of you. You’re covered in the same shit I was.”
“Sure.” He pulled the guts out and let them splat on the porch.
“Oh, come on, Dixon. Dirtying up our new porch with opossum guts?” I shook my head at him in mock distaste. “How rude of you.”
He looked up, trying to figure out if I was serious. His smile was small, and if you didn’t know him you wouldn’t see it. “You can clean it up then, if you care so much.” I leaned down to punch his arm.
“Go shower, you stink.”


Rick decided we would be staying in the same house tonight. That actually made me feel more comfortable. We had been on the road so long, it didn’t feel right splitting up so soon. Seeing Rick clean shaven was kind of nice. Even I couldn’t deny he was a handsome man—not that I ever had—but he was. Seeing him cleaned up was refreshing…nice. I’d never actually seen his face so clean before, not even at the prison.

It was nightfall, when we were all settling in, when Deanna came to check on us. “Listen, I don’t mean to interrupt. I just wanted to stop by and see how you were all settling.” She looked around at us, most were spread out on the floor with blankets and pillows. Daryl was positioned by a window, beside Judith’s pack-in-play (aka her makeshift crib for the time being). I was leaned against the crate Daryl sat on. Still trying to convince him to shower. Let’s be honest, if Rick looked that good I couldn’t even imagine how Daryl would look—though I didn’t actually want him to shave, I liked his facial hair. It worked for him.
“Oh, my,” Deanna said. “Staying together. Smart.”
“No one said we couldn’t,” Rick told her with a shrug.
“You said you’re a family,” she pointed out. “That’s what you said.” A family. We were a family. The thought brought a smile to my lips. “Absolutely amazing to me how people with completely different backgrounds and nothing in common can become that. Don’t you think?”
“Everybody said you gave them jobs,” Rick said.
“Mm-hmm. Yeah. Part of this place. Looks like the communists won after all.” She’d given me the run crew with her son, the guy at the gate named Nicholas, Glenn, Tara, and Noah.
“Well, you didn’t give me one,” Rick noted.
“I have. I just haven’t told you yet. Same with Michonne. I’m closing in on something for Sasha.” Her eyes moved to Daryl, mine followed. “And I’m just trying to figure Mr. Dixon out, but I will.” Good luck with that.

It was a couple days later when Carol came out of the door looking very motherly—a cardigan, button up shirt, and khaki’s. “Time to punch the clock and make the casseroles.”

“What?” Daryl asked, he was perched on the railing of the porch. I was leaned against it. I knew this place made him uncomfortable, I wanted to help I just wasn’t sure how.
“Make dinner for the older people— moms who need a break, people who can’t cook. Get to meet a lot of the neighbors that way.” Daryl and I both scoffed, seeing Carol like this was kind of funny. Her eyes raked over Daryl’s dirty appearance. “Have you taken a shower yet?”
He nodded his head while I shook mine. “Mm-hmm.”
She and I both rolled our eyes. “Take a shower. I’m gonna wash that vest. We need to keep up appearances, even you.”
“Hey, I ain’t starting now.”
“I’m gonna hose you down in your sleep,” she retorted.
“Please do,” I told her, a smile on my face. “He stinks.”
He shoved my arm and called at Carol over his shoulder. “You look ridiculous.”
After she was gone I looked at my wrist, where a new watch sat. “I’ve gotta go.”
He tensed, seriousness taking over “Run today?”
I shrugged. “I don’t know. I was just told when and to meet up with Aiden and Nicholas.”
He held out his hand to me. “Be careful.”
I slapped my hand to his and shook it. “Always am.” It was a seemingly small gesture to an outsider but I knew what it really was.

“Glenn, Tara, Anna, Noah? Nice to meet you. I’m Aiden. You met Nicholas pulling gate duty.”

“You’re Deanna’s son?” Glenn asked.
“That’s right. I hear you got experience making supply runs.” Aiden was kind of attractive—in a way. He was tall, with dark hair and an athletic build to him.
I spoke up. “I saw your pantry. You guys seem to do pretty well.”
Aiden’s eyes trailed my body up and down and the corners of his mouth lifted into a small smirk. “Yeah, well, had some training before this. ROTC. Was nearing lieutenant when this shit blew in.”
“My dad did ROTC,” Noah said.
“He didn’t make it?” Noah shook his head. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry a lot these days. Come on, I’ll show you the ropes.”
“We’re doing a run today?” Tara asked.
“Just a dry run. Show you the terrain outside the walls, see how you do. Weigh each other’s sack a little, you know?”
“No, I don’t, but cool.” I was in the same boat as Tara in this moment.
“What about weapons?”
“Oh, yeah. We pulled out some sweet-ass biscuits for today.” They handed us each a handgun. Though I almost always preferred my knives, I knew these guns weren’t exactly what we considered “sweet ass biscuits” …whatever that meant. 

“We’ve been increasing our radius mile by mile, spreading in a semicircle around the town.” We were making our way into the woods now.
“We’ve made it 53 miles out so far,” Nicholas added.
“We break into two groups when we step outside our vehicle. If shit hits, we fire a flare. One group gets the other.”
“Good system,” Noah commented.
“It is. Still, you’re standing here because we lost four people last month.”
“What happened?” I asked, my eyes narrowing. In all honesty I wasn’t sure I trusted these guys.
Aiden turned around and started walking backwards, to talk directly to us. “We were on a run, roamers came out, they didn’t follow the system.”
“They were good people,” Nicholas said.
“They were. They were just scared. Look, I can be a hard-ass. And I know I’m a douchebag. Someone’s got to call the ball around here and that someone is me. If you’re on this crew, you do exactly as I say.” The four of us shared a look.
“Sorry you lost your people,” Tara said.
“Yeah. We got ours. Managed to snag one of the deadheads that took them down. Strung it up there.” I tensed, anger coursing through me. The dead were not toys, they were monsters. They needed to be taken out.
“What? Why?” Glenn asked.  
“Now we have a little pregame ritual. Get our heads on straight. Remind us what we’re up against.” We came to a small clearing where a chain hung from a tree; blood, skin and guts fallen under it. “Son of a bitch! Help me find it. Look at this shit.”
“Blood’s still wet. It’s nearby.” Nicholas whistled.
We all reacted. “Shh! Hey—hey, hey. It’s gone.”
“It took down one of our friends. It’s nearby, we’re not letting it go,”
They whistled and clapped their hands. Their efforts unfortunately paid off. The walker came out of the trees. Aiden couldn’t keep his grip on it and Tara stepped up to help. He told us to stay back, they would handle it. It reared on Tara for a moment and I could tell there was no stopping it—not their way at least. Well that and I’d had enough of their shit. I launched forward and buried the knife of my dagger in the walker’s skull.
“What the hell?!” Aiden shouted at me.
“Yeah, what the hell?” Tara snapped.
I stepped up to him, despite the fact I’m much smaller. “You almost got her killed!” I snarled.
“I told you all to stay back!” He yelled. “I told you to listen to every damn thing I said. I told you that.”

We were walking back into Alexandria, all of us fuming, when Aiden spoke up. “You three need new gigs. You’re not ready for runs yet.”
I scoffed, I was ahead of everyone. “Yeah, pretty sure you got that backwards.”
“Hey,” he called to me. He tugged on my arm when I didn’t respond. “Hey.” I faced him with a cold glare. “Look, we got a way of doing things around here.”
“You tied up walkers.”
“It killed our friend. Look, I’m not having this conversation. You obey my orders out there.”
I knew I should say the next thing but the words sprang from my lips in my anger. “Then we’re just as screwed as your last run crew.”
Aiden was closer and his voice was lower. “Say that again.”
Tara spoke up, “No, back off, Aiden.”
“Come on.” He pushed against my shoulder.
“Come on, man,” Noah said. “Just take a step back.”
“Don’t do this man,” Glenn warned.
“Come on, tough girl,” he egged me, pushing my shoulder again. A crowd had formed around us and I felt Daryl behind me, ready to beat Aiden into the ground.
I held my hand out to him, telling him to stay back, and kept my cool. “No one’s impressed, man.” I told Aiden, my eyes glaring into his. “Walk away.”
That’s when Deanna shouted, making her way over to us. “Aiden! What is going on?”
“This chick’s got a problem with the way we do things.” He turned to his mother. “Why did you let these people in?”
I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut. “Because we actually know what we’re doing out there.”
Aiden lost it then, swinging his fist at me. “Aiden, no!” His mother shouted. I ducked under his arm before coming back up and punching him to the ground. “That’s enough!” Deanna’s words were unnoticed. When Nicholas started forward, Daryl was there tackling him to the ground, growls coming deep from inside his chest. “I said that is enough!”
Rick came running in then, immediately to Daryl. “Whoa, whoa! Hey, hey, hey! Let’s not do this now.”
Aiden stood up, facing me and Michonne was there immediately in front of me “You want to end up on your ass again?”
“Cool, all right?” Aiden looked at me over Michonne’s shoulder, seeming almost impressed.
Rick managed to get Daryl off of Nicholas, who was now coughing as he tried to regain his breath. As Daryl sprung away he was immediately at my side, pacing behind me, ready to strike again. I grabbed onto his arm, steadying him.
Deanna’s voice was loud now as she spoke over everyone. “I want everyone to hear me, okay? Rick and his people are part of this community now in all ways as equals. Understood?” She looked to Aiden.
Aiden’s eyes trailed over me again; I could feel Daryl’s arm flex as his hand curled into a fist, ready to take down Aiden just like Nicholas. “Understood.”
“All of you, turn in your weapons. Then you two come talk to me.” A bunch of people walked away and then Deanna turned to Rick. “I told you I had a job for you. I’d like you to be our constable. That’s what you were. That’s what you are.” She looked at Michonne. “And you, too. Will you accept?”
“Okay,” Rick nodded.
“Yeah, I’m in,” Michonne agreed.
Daryl scoffed at my side, and turned away, grabbing his abandoned crossbow from the ground as he went. Deanna looked at me before I could follow him. “Thank you,” she smiled.
That was weird. “For what?”
“For knocking him on his ass.”
I chose not to say what went through my mind—“my pleasure”—and instead opted for a small nod and a simple walk-away.


So I switched Glenn for Anna, I felt bad doing it but I really wanted that part to be her. I hope you guys don’t mind it too much. 

I hope you enjoyed this part as this is one of my favorite episodes.

Thanks for reading! 

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