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One of my coworkers who stocks shelves gets so many of those creepy "Heh heh, love seeing a woman on her knees!" comments that her standard response has become "Yes. Praying." It's great because bringing religion into it subtly shames them and they scurry off.

The nearest leaf struck the ground and stopped being a leaf. It became—or perhaps it always had been—a lizard, a flat-bodied, stubby-legged lizard like a horned toad. It scurried away through the pine needles.

Summer in Orcus, Chapter Four

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I scared off all of the other crabs trying to get a picture of the weekly crab meeting but I have a picture of Leonidas who is too mighty to scurry (totally Not tucking into their shell, just relaxing).
Leo would like to extend a claw of friendship to Voigt, the mightiest of the Sticky Frogs. Voigt deserves all the treaties.

Hello Leonidas! 😀🦀🐸 Voigt says what a beautiful name for such a beautiful crab in such a beautiful shell!

Voigt thanks you for your claw of friendship and he grasps it stickily with a sticky feetie of joy!

He also sends you all a very large box of crab-treaties! 😊🦀🐸🦀😊

Out of all the things to do, his favorite was embracing you every chance he got. When you’re walking down the hallways he would reach out to grab your hands and pull you against his chest, ignoring your pleas to let go before you would be late to your class. Other times you would be in line to buy a drink or some snacks and he would snake his arms around your waist, resting his chin on your shoulder and you would have to apologize to the flustered cashier several times before scurrying out the store with him still attached to your back. This time you were perched on top of the kitchen counter laughing at whatever your best friend was texting you. He made his way forward and stopped in front of the counter, counting the seconds it took for you to finally look up at him. ‘’Oh Jimin, what’s up?’’ You said, plugging your phone into the charger. 

32 seconds.

He smiled and shook his head, stepping forward to place his hands on your hips. ‘’Tell me how much you love me.’’ 

You couldn’t help but laugh at his sudden request. ‘’I love you this much.’’ You held up your fingers to show him how much. He groaned and dropped his hands. The space between your fingers was smaller than an inch. 

‘’Ah Jimin i’m just joking.’’ You slung your arms around his neck, pulling him closer. ‘’Then how much?’’ He asked eyeing you cautiously. ‘’Hmmm.’’ You looked up at the ceiling momentarily before looking back at him. ‘’As big as the sun? The sun and the moon combined? Bigger than the galaxy?’’ 

He chuckled and caressed your cheeks. ‘’However big your love is for me, just know that i love you more.’’ His eyes were hazy as they came to a close, his lips soon finding yours. He let out a sigh when your fingers threaded through his hair. 

Yup, his love for you was definitely unmeasurable.

I haven’t written any sort of original writing in months, so I wanted to do a little thing for Paradox Falls to get back into things. This is shit, I’m sorry lmao 

This may not make much sense, but it’s basically a “teaser” for the fic and I’m just messing with some of the prominent elements from the story that I have in mind. (Also the kid is Rena, SHE’S ADORABLE AND A LITTLE SHIT I LOVE HER //CRI) 


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Sex. It was something very intimate between two people. Nicolette had only had sex with Hayden before, but somehow a week into her relationship with Ben it had already happened. Usually, she would regret something like that, something happening so quickly, but she didn’t regret it. She didn’t regret it one bit. It had been the best damn sex she had ever had, and she couldn’t wait to do it again with him.  But this morning, she wore the boy’s shirt, and her own underwear, as she lounged around his apartment. She gave Ben a sweet kiss on the cheek, “I’m going to go to the bathroom, but keep cooking, it smells delicious.” She said, scurrying off towards the bathroom.

Belle was on her way into the coffee shop, and it was her brother’s day off. She always hated working when Ben wasn’t. It was a weird without him around, so she figured she’d stop at their–his apartment before heading in. So she made her way up to his floor, using her key to let herself in. The first thing she saw, was Nicolette Graham, the popstar that her brother was dating sipping into the bathroom in just her underwear. Her mouth dropped open, and she ran to the kitchen where her brother was, “N-Nic–Nicolette Graham, she—shes in her underwear, in our bathroom.”


In the sunny little spot right on the edge of the window that overlooked the garden, the smol lizard basked. The sun was warm on her pretty green and yellow scaled back, the stone was cool on her soft belly. Flies bumbled stupidly against the glass - zzz bonk zzz bonk zzz bonk bonk. One particularly stupid fly bonked into her side, causing her to startle and scurry a little away from her comfortable spot.

The fly buzzd. Smol lizard blinked and hunkered down. She could catch and eat the fly, but her belly was still full from an unlucky spider earlier. And in her new spot the sun was warm on her back and the stone also warm beneath her belly, because it hadn’t been shaded by her smol body for so long. So instead she blinked and returned to basking.

Behind her, tol lizard made noise. Ticking and tocking with his tools and machines. Smol lizard didn’t mind, even when he sang and talked and made many noises. Tol lizard was nice, he didn’t shoo her away from the window that overlooked the garden, that was perfect for catching stupid flies and basking in the sun. So smol lizard liked tol lizard, and decided that she would stay there.

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Dexterous claws gently gripped a thin screwdriver as Ken’pai tightened a tiny screw in his newest project, stopping just short of forcing it too strongly to strip it. it was a small object made of scrap bits of bronze and brass, shaped to resemble a creature, the intricate details showing through despite its rough fusion of scrap parts.

It had a small head, attached to a slinky body with four short legs. At the end of each leg were miniature toes beset with claws that arched over the desk it sat upon. The long tail was the hardest part to create, mostly because the mechanist found himself scrambling around the workshop to find just the right parts to weld together.

He set the figure aside for the moment, glancing at the window to see his new friend quietly soaking in the sun’s rays. He smiled a toothy smile, reaching over to grab a small metal plate. He set it down in front of him, grabbing a peculiar tool that consisted of a long iron needle connected to a tube with a wooden grip. At the other end was a small glass orb with an herb inside: Flamewort, to be precise, its vibrant red and orange petals leaving brilliant spots of color on his desk as the sun pierced through.

He twisted the tool, which allowed a small bit of alchemical catalyst to enter the orb. The flamewort inside reacted to it, starting to gleam with a gentle light that brightened to a dazzling blaze that made Ken’pai thankful he’d kept his goggles on. He examined the needle, which was now glowing red hot.

Holding the tool much like one of his writing quills, the reptile etched a series of deliberate marks of differing lengths and angles into the metal plate. When he was done, he checked his work before nodding with confidence. He twisted the tool back, which drained the concoction back into the base. He then set the “etching pen,” as he called it, into a nearby cup of water, the heat from the needle forcing a wisp of steam to waft into the air.

Ken’pai grabbed the small figure and set it down, grabbing its front legs. He delicately turned the legs inward, leaving them to appear as if they were gripping something, which just so happened to be perfect enough for the plate he’d just finished engraving. Setting the plate inside, he finally started to chuckle at the very idea of what he was doing. His task complete, he then slowly crept over to the window.

His new basking buddy didn’t seem to mind his approach, something Ken’pai treasured in a way. He very carefully set the small figure about a foot away from the small lizard, nodding again when it realized that he’d managed to capture its shape just about perfectly. He turned his lizard construct so that the plate was facing his new friend, even if she didn’t seem to pay it any mind as she stared out the window.

Etched on the plate was a single word, in the tongue of his people.


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A blue wolf came up to Red, sniffing at his belly and making a face. She looked up at Red curiously

*He wrapped his arms protectively around his ecto-belly and scurried away.*

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The doctor nodded and turned to one of the nurses, asking her to bring some kind of shot, Hazel didn't catch the name, and the nurse scurried out as the doctor checked Nico's vitals. "His oxygen levels are still dangerously low..." she said. "Hopefully once he's awake, he'll be able to breath a bit easier." The nurse came back in then with a syringe full of some clear liquid and handed it to the doctor, who carefully administered it into Nico's IV.

Will watched Nico closely, letting the fingertips of his free hand brush against Nico’s hand. He watched Nico fight against the drug and silently prayed to Apollo that Nico would just give in to the medicine for once and let it do its job. Nico always fought against his medicine, even when he knew it was in his best interest to take it. Especially his sleeping pill. He hated being forced by medication to sleep. His finger tips twitched under Will’s hand and Will hoped that it meant that he was waking up and that it wasn’t just a side effect of the almost-seizure. Will held his breath as Nico’s eyelids twitched.