An adolescence filled with violent, blasphemous grindcore and death metal that took itself way too seriously, and GWAR’s hilarious Scumdogs of the Universe remains the only album my dad ever took away from me. Congratulations, Oderus Urungus, you finally escaped this filthy planet. R.I.P. #gwar #OderusUrungus #RIP

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Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!
I know the Black Friday madness starts in only a few hours, so save the journey into shopping hell & pick something up for yourself or a loved one with a click on the button! I need to remind you all that the GWAR kickstarter for their comic book has successfully been funded, but there’s still a few hours to pledge!! I’m ridiculously excited to create a variant cover for this book (which you can pick up;) ) & I was super happy that my custom, 5x7, watercolor/ink commissions sold out so quickly, SO we JUST added FIVE MORE SLOTS for this pledge! If you’re interested in grabbing some original art (AND it comes with the comic!), or you want to select from ANY of the amazing goodies the band & their kickstarter is offering, head to now before it’s too late! Again, there’s ONLY 35 HOURS LEFT to be a part of this, so please don’t miss out!

If you’re unable to pledge at this time, PLEASE share with your friends as that is a MASSIVE help for this campaign & truly, truly appreciated!