Most kids loved super heroes..... I loved GWAR!

I believe it was the year 1997 I stayed home from school for some reason on this day. The day that would stick with me for the rest of my life (well kind of)… I was laying in bed and flipping through the channels and landed on Jerry Springer. What i saw blew my mind.. These demonic evil looking creatures I was so intrigued and stunned. I didn’t really understand the whole thing but i had to keep watching. I thought they looked so fucking cool. I was always intrigued by strange things. Around this time i was into whatever i was told was “cool”. Fast forward to about 2001-2002, I was over a neighborhood friends house. His father was a musician… Hell of a guitar player and one of the biggest influences on me. He was listening to music and what was coming through the speakers blew my mind. I asked who it was his reply “the mentors” the song was “heterosexuals have the right to rock”. (these guys come up later in life- That’s a whole different story) What they were saying I never heard before in music. I was young and impressionable. “if you like this check this out”. He handed me 2 cds and on the front of the first album was the demonic evil looking creatures I saw on jerry springer a few years back “GWAR VIOLENCE HAS ARRIVED” The other was “Pantera Far beyond driven”. Needless to say I hopped on my bike with these two albums tightly in my hands made it home in record time ran up to my room and put on violence has arrived. The first song just floored me. It was like the floor opened up underneath me and i fell into a pit of everything evil. I FUCKING LOVED IT. To this day Licksore and happy death day are my 2 favorite GWAR songs. THEN i put in far beyond driven… The opening riff the fucking mean vocals. Everything, That day changed my fucking life with in an hours time. I knew where i stood and who i was thanks to GWAR and PANTERA. Today was a very heart breaking day for me if you know me you know how passionate about music i am. Hearing the news of Dave Brockie the man who had the voice that influenced me to become the man i am today. I never let go of these two bands and I never will. Seeing GWAR was more then just seeing a band (most will agree) it was a special thing. I swore to this day when i have kids “MY KIDS WILL GO SEE GWAR WITH ME!” I will forever hold every show i saw of them close to my heart. Great memories and if you (any of my friends) were there with me you know I couldn’t of been happier. The past two times i saw them they played the songs i always wanted to hear live (Hate love songs, Preschool prostitute, Jack the world and last of course happy death day!) All i gotta say is Dave Brockie R.I.P. Alotta people are hurt'in because of the news today. You were a brilliant and talented individual.