A list of character bands

So a couple of people said they’d be alright with this, so here’s a compiled list of character/fictional/whatever ya wanna call it bands

•Studio Killers// Genre: electropop

Concept: CGI animated band consisting Main singer Cherry and her anthropamorphic animal band mates Gold Foxx and Dj Dyna Mink

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Ghost// Genre: Doom Metal and Rock

Concept: based around a satanic religion, consisting of a fictional skeleton pope known as a “papa” (so far there have been three) who is the main singer and the musicians a gang of nameless ghouls (who do have names but ssshhhh)

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Gorillaz//Genre: Electronica,rock, alt hip hop, just a whole bunch of shit

Concept: alright everyone and their mom has heard about them I know but putting them in anyways cuz I love em. Basically a virtual band of four musicians who have all kinds of zany adventures. Too much lore to put in this one post

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Tupperware Remix Party// Genre: electronic rock

Concept: four funky aliens from the 80s and also the future and also space who are basically here just to play sick jams and be BFFs

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Ninja Sex Party// Genre: Rock and Comedy

Concept: Forever horny main singer Danny Sexbang and Murder obsessed keyboardist Ninja Brian are here to make love to your ears with sweet jams (they team up with TWRP a lot)

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GWAR//Genre: Heavy Metal and comedy

Concept: Group of bloodlusting aliens known as the “scumdogs of the universe” who were banished to earth for their heinous acts. Now all they wanna do is well, fuck and kill. Live shows are known for being drenched in fake blood and gore.

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Daft Punk//Genre: Electronica

Another one y’all are probably know, but they’re still amazing so they get included. Two French robots here go play funky 70s like sounds. Most lore and such is fanon due to the bots not having much personality while performing and generally secreative

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The Aquabats//Genre: Ska Punk and Rock

Concept: five heroes who love junk food and fighting evil. Super nostalgia filled. Even had their own TV show at one point (first season is still on Netflix last time I checked)

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The Phenomenauts//Genre:psychobilly or “rocket roll”

Concept: Bunch of space adventurers with punny names sing about their love of space and science. Their lives shows are known for being extremely wild

That’s all I’m gonna list for now if ya got suggestions/add ons lemme know!


GWAR - West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys cover)

The mighty scumdogs of GWAR have terrified A.V. Undercover with their presence twice before—first in the tiny round room with the definitive version of Kansas’ “Carry On Wayward Son,” then in our newer space with a sideways glance at Billy Ocean’s “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car.” As everyone who follows evil rock from space knows, there was a great disturbance in the GWAR universe earlier this year: Either longtime leader Oderus Urungus disappeared into space, or his earthly analog, Dave Brockie, died. (Or some combination of the two.) Whatever the case, GWAR has decided to soldier on without him, adding two players to fill the void: New singer Blóthar is a Berserker who has appeared from the distant past (he may also have been a GWAR bassist in the early years), and Vulvatron is a “cybernetic female assassin” from the future.

I really enjoy AV Club’s cover series, with GWAR’s participation being the crowning achievement. Now with their new singer, I’m glad they’re still giving it a go.

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