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I’m gonna lay it out there…if you knew 15-20 years ago, you would have probably thought I was a loser scumbag junkie.  

And you wouldn’t be wrong.

This is going to be pretty personal, so I’m going to put it under the cut and you can read it if you so desire.  

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Hanna Marin: the rundown

Season 1:

Hanna is portrayed as once ugly duckling turned Rosewood High’s it-girl, equipped with faithful sidekick Mona, and sticky fingers when it comes to department stores. I think Hanna masked her insecurities by pretending to be someone full of confidence but she’s really a good friend and cares about her mother. And even though her father is a dead beat piece of crap scumbag, she still loves him and that’s a source of insecurities that have outgrown as the series progressed. I didn’t like the chemistry between her and Sean and I like how that fizzled out when she met Caleb. A was definitely gunning for her with that car, she bounced back quickly.

Season 2:

Hanna went through it this season with her scumbag dad marrying Isabel but it wasn’t a too eventful season for her individually. I’m glad Haleb reunited(and it feels so goood..sorry, started singing).

Season 3:

After all Mona has done to them over the course of the first two seasons, Hanna still went to visit her crazy ass. I don’t think she should’ve given Mona the time of day after all that bullcrap. Mona had no reason for doing all that because she felt like they were stealing Hanna away from her boo hoo Hanna was loyal to her and got stabbed in the back in return. I think she gave Mona too much power over her. I think she should’ve told the girls.

Season 4:

I think Hanna’s connection with the girls got stronger as a whole this season. Hanna and Caleb got weaker-say what you want but this is the third breakup and he left her to figure out the secrets of a town that he’s been to once with a girl he met on a bus, get real. I’m a Haleb shipper.

Season 5:

I feel like her identity crisis was for no reason and she slipped back into the slump of insecure Hanna. She didn’t know who she was when Alison came back so she tried to be the person she wasn’t, switching up her style so they look opposite and drinking way too much. I’m glad she realized the problem before it became a real one. I think that Hanna could’ve avoided the whole Ali made me mentality she had and just do her. Alison influenced her to upgrade herself but she damn sure didn’t make her. Hanna is a stronger person than she gives herself credit for, and I would’ve loved if it’d been approached differently. At the same time I don’t like how she wanted to get her out of town, I know she doesn’t feel her true self when Ali is around but don’t convince her to leave when she’s in danger, Hanna is so much better than that. Hanna and Travis were cute for a minute but he’s no Caleb. How Mona’s “death” effected her showed a lot about forgiveness and how she can’t help but be loyal. Moving on the 5b, how pissed was I when she got arrested? Very.

Season 6:

The peak of her maturity. I think that you could truly see how much she grew as a person. Her and Caleb were solid and there for one another. Her bond with her friends was strong as per usual. I love how they stuck together and got out of the dollhouse in the premiere. Flashing forward I’m glad she semi followed her dreams. When I found out that Haleb wouldn’t be together when we came back for 6b I was salty about it, but Jordan seemed like a great guy and I think if she had not been summoned to rosewood that they would’ve made it. It seemed like he was willing to help her with whatever. I felt bad for him when she gave him the ring back. Ok the Haleb thing—–Caleb took a job in the city Hanna wanted to be with, with a salary that would allow her to follow her dreams, only to be neglected. I feel she was acting out of her character when they moved. Hanna always takes Caleb into consideration but then she didn’t. Let’s be clear, Hanna is an ASSISTANT, she’s not some high up in the fashion industry that’s making millions and jet setting across the globe, there was no reason to put being an assistant over a boyfriend who would do anything to make you happy. Hanna and Caleb were broken up for years and during the course of the breakup did not see each other. I don’t feel like she should have been acting interested once he got with Spencer, that’s not being a good friend. I’m a Haleb shipper and I think that their relationship post A should’ve been done better. Keep them together or apart. How many people have been with someone for two years, haven’t seen them in 3 years and then see them and bam get back together? Nobody that’s not realistic. Given the timeline of the show they’ve spent more years apart than together. Her taking charge- or so she thought, by trying to trick AD made my eyes roll back in my head. Although she didn’t deserve the actions that followed- she pretty much put herself in harms way leading her to being kidnapped

Season 7:

Hanna was put through absolute hell by AD. In my opinion more physical pain happens to her and Emily. I’m glad that her and Caleb are getting back together and sealed the deal and that he gave her a sense of security after all the hell she’s gone through. I do t think she should’ve gone rogue and went after Noel but I didn’t hate it when she knocked his smart ass out. She should’ve thought it through and told the other girls. Several parallels happened with her thinking for a second time that Noel was A and her needing Mona to coach her into a lie again.

Favorite moments so far:

Haleb’s first time Her style

Hanna being so accepting when Emily came out to her

Hanna’s freak out when she saw that A signed her cast

“She’s blind, she can’t hear us”

To Jenna when they found out she could see “aren’t you a sight for sore eyes”

Showing up to Jordan’s office in that killer red outfit

“Why am I beeping I haven’t even stolen anything yet”

Haleb 7a finale reunion

What I want from her in the final 10 episodes:

I want her to be happy with Caleb post AD. I want her to have the marriage and start the family that she wants. I can’t wait to see how amazing her dress will be if she gets married on screen

xxxxx-what-xxxxx  asked:

I love that you blocked traumatized//////official ❤️❤️❤️❤️ he is a massive aphobic ableist scumbag!

We know them well. Mod Oka dedicates a lot of time to fight aphobes and traumatizedofficial has always been one of the most hateful, horrible and vicious aphobes we have met. Just like tiredofcishets and other scum like that. 

We will have none of that shitty noise in here.

Hugs for you love

- Mod Guillermo

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Why is it because Chris is a man playing a "douche" on tv? To be honest I rather date him then be up to arms praising Floriana Lima who is dating a Casey Affeleck a real life creep who sexually assaults women

Hey dude I don’t support Floriana or that scumbag she dates. I like Maggie and Sanvers but that’s it. And Chris seems like a nice enough guy but he’s too supportive of Kar*mel and said it was better than Westallen so I’m kinda meh about him. The other thing is just the quickness of it all and the circumstances.

These are my two main ocs, Garch (the ghost) and Riley. They both hunt ghosts and demons as a part of their job, blasting them and sending them back to whatever kind of other world they come from. Riley is the one that does the blasting, with Garch powering the suit she uses and giving her temporary ghostly abilities. Together they battle enemies, including the werewolf pirate Dogbeard, the Banshee, and a scumbag named Will.

(submitted by @phantomarceus)

mangainvestment  asked:

I swear Meta used to be part of a group called fireballxcomics/sprites 20 or something about 8 years ago. Does that name sound familiar to you?

Yes, that was me, I had two comics on the site that both featured Meta and Nilla, The Scrambled Channel and Shades of Green. Meta was my screen name back then and the character was sort of an author avatar at the time, so he made some cameos in other comics on the site.

I don’t use Meta as an author avatar anymore, he’s his own character now. And neither TSC or SoG is canon to my current comic Meta & Nilla.

Also Fireball20xl doesn’t exist anymore because it came out a few years ago that its founder Psyguy is a scumbag who groomed and preyed on and sexually coerced close to two dozen women and young girls. I suggest you look into it yourself if you haven’t heard of it. There are piles and piles of evidence and chat logs and testimonies.

Some of the other authors from the site are still very good friends of mine today, so overall I don’t regret being a part of it, but I’ve burned bridges with a lot of people from back then for obvious reasons.


time to dance // panic! at the disco

Old Ship Wars: My ship is more canon than yours. Let’s do 112693847589292 essays of why my ship is better. But in the end we’ll still having our opinions and enjoying our respective hobbies.

New Ship Wars: My ship is better than yours. Let’s do 643928472827482287474838 essays of why your ship is Problematic™ and mine is perfect, pure, progressive, and a sweet parameter of Social Justice. Also you can choke and die uwu.

If I was a world leader I’d be desperate to visit Trump - does wonders for your media coverage, doesn’t matter if you’re a scumbag like Shinzo Abe or Angela Merkel… he’s like the Pope, you just stand next to him and your sins get forgiven