More Fake Apologies

Knowing this player will say anything to get attention, downplay his offenses and distance himself from his past, I yet again have to issue a public statement.

Kormed, GM of the <City State of Alterac>, is NOT forgiven for his many offenses made either to me or in the process of trying to attack me. If he says otherwise, it’s simply a lie.

In a Skype Call, he and a friend attempted to apologize for his behavior, but at the same time insisted that the offenses were not nearly as damaging or attempted to shift guilt. His words were as follows:

He admitted to making jokes using racist and anti-Semetic slurs, but that he “had not done any for a week" and then proceeded to name friends who also participated in using the N-word, spamming the Nazi Sieg Heil and quoting "Mein Kampf". His only protest was his being labeled as a Neo-Nazi, since he "was not the only one doing it" and "they would be, too”.

He admitted defending a sexual harasser he invited to the Guild (Inigo, who asked Rennali’s husband ”how her pussy felt" and whether he had "raped Afghan women [during his tour]”) by saying he didn’t deserve being kicked—-saying he that should be let back into the Guild on grounds that “it wasn’t that big a deal" and that Rennali was "overreacting”.

He admitted to attacking allies while under my banner and arguing OOC when he was arrested and imprisoned for it—-but that he is a “different person now" and that I should "Forgive and Forget”. When he made this offense, he was on his third and final strike, having shamed the Guild thrice; he was kicked and placed on ignore from then-on.

Being a racist anti-Semite, arguing against a GM’s kicking a pervert and behaving as he did IC and OOC during an event was grounds for his kicking one year ago. Once he was out, he then spiraled into a rage and dedicated himself to “getting even” with me.

He admitted to slandering OOC and trying to usurp my current Guild (Dominion of Alterac) IC out of spite for kicking and ignoring him—-but that my telling others what he had done, posting the screenshots thereof and people’s ignoring him and/or forbidding him from their RP because of his offenses was “slander”.

He admitted he had called various Guilds to assist him in the IC attempts and told those same Guilds the lies he had created. As much as the individual Guilds have apologized to me for their following him and believing such lies, he insisted that it was he who “called them off”.

He admitted to harassing me by making a Tumblr to debate the screenshots of his offenses and insult me, posting angry rants on the Moon Guard Forums about why he was right to usurp/slander me—-asking Guild Members to assist him in both instances—-but that “he’s changed now”.

He admitted that he had made a mockery of himself because of his offensive behavior, but that his Guild “shouldn’t suffer for his reputation"—-even though he is their GM and often led them in slandering us OOC and trying to attack us IC. Should a GM be the lead example Members are to follow, I would think otherwise.

As I’ve made clear to my followers, Guild Allies and friends times before, he has committed all offenses I’ve mentioned before and he repeatedly admits to them—-even if he tries to downplay them.

Other Guilds are receiving such pseudo-apologies from him and from what they allege, he is merely attempting to wipe his slate clean as a means to promote himself and get into groups he was/is kept out of.

It is impossible for me to forgive him and it’s insulting that people continue to vouch for his redemption after he has had numerous chances to curb his behavior. Time and time again, he has failed to redeem himself after each offense and he has wasted every “second chance” given to him.

I ended the Call with “[Kormed’s] redemption is between himself and the Almighty" and that I wanted to neither see, hear or smell him ever again.

I will not entertain friends’ begging on his behalf and I will not take part in any RPs he is allowed within. I shouldn’t have to spend my online time repeating myself like a tour guide because people forget history.

Hackeable || ¿Qué pasó aquí?

Había pasado 1 semana desde que Geist estaba asuente en El Santuario, se había ido a Liechtenstein (su país de origen) a resolver unos asuntos, pero finalmente había vuelto a casa. 

Había sido un largo viaje, tenía sueño y hambre, así que lo primero que haría sería ir a su cabaña, ir a los baños a ducharse, ir a comer algo para después regresar y morir hasta mañana. (ahora si podía darse el lujo de hacerlo).

Pero tenía un presentimiento, llegando al sendero que loa llevaba a su hogar, vio que trozos de tablas, como de pared, iban apareciendo en el camino.

-¿Qué rayos? -susurró.

La chica se apresuró y tremenda sorpresa, su cabaña estaba hecha añicos.

-Aber was zum Teufel ist hier passiert? Scheiße!!

Se preguntaba que qué carajos había sucedido ahí, seguramente las otras aprendices le habían jugado una mala broma, así que con toda la intención de deshacerse de las culpables, fue a las cabañas (que si estaban en unidad) de las demás amazonas, pero su sorpresa todo estaba igual o peor.

-Pero qué… ¡De esto se va a enterar Shaina!

Deprisa y olvidandose del cansancio, fue rumbo a las 12 casas a buscar a la actual patriarca.