• "You're like a brother to me": best friends, just dudes being bros, purely platonic, #nohomo, CANNOT be interpreted differently & anyone who says otherwise is a scumbag that supports pedophilia/incest
  • "Hey man": gay, beautiful shipping foundation, clearly intended to show how romantically affectionate X is toward Y, expresses emotion like no other line, actually the ship just became canon
Scumbag John McCain meme

>gets horrifically tortured after being rendered a POW

>selflessly refuses to be traded if the men under him aren’t also traded

>has health problems that still affect him today from this pointless war and his time being a POW

>turns around and becomes a warhawk that advocates against healthcare he directly benefits from

>wants america to always go dick first into pointless interventionary wars like the one that fucked him up so badly, created more people like him


time to dance // panic! at the disco

i don’t really like talking politics, but my country is currently being destroyed by a maniac and his political party, who have the majority of seats in the parliament.

first, they fucked up the Constitutional Tribunal, and now they passed a bill to terminate the Supreme Court, so now they will choose their own judges, who may vote in their favor in all cases, meaning that it will be possible they will never lose another election.

people are flooding the streets holding candles and flags

the president tried to change something, and have more power in the selection of Judges (which wow, at least he tried, because before he was signing literally anything they shoved his way), but it backfired and now he will be able to do even less than before

the maniac (if you remember 2010 and the tragic plane crash involving the president and his wife, as well as the majority of the most important people in Poland) is the late President’s brother and like two days ago he blamed the opposition for “murdering my brother, you scumbags, and don’t you dare be using his name with your filthy mouths” - his words, not mine. but even more inappropriate for the parliament.
this is not him grieving anymore. this is him losing his mind.

the EU is already angry with us for many things, starting with the destruction of the CT, and not accepting any immigrants from Syria, and if nothing changes I feel like they might kick us out

Since today, Poland is semi-officially not a democratic country anymore… what was the fight for freedom in the late 1980′s even for..

god help us all

keep your racist, misogynistic, sexist, transphobic, islamophobic, ableist, xenophobic, fucking white supremacist bULLSHIT OUT OF PUNK, METAL, AND HARDCORE. Keep that fucking degenerate bullshit in the trash where you all belong you fucking scumbags