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dont you think that some lesbians simply prefer pussy? that's why they have a preference of cis women over trans women

Well I’d like to think that lesbians are more than folks with a fetish for a particular style of body part.

You scumbag.

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Headcanon: Before she dies, Ibuki tells you she's bored and wants to do something to help. So: Mikan gets Ibuki to the music venue by saying Nagito has recovered enough to travel and they're going to hold a special Lift The Spirits Of The Ill concert

First of all, how dare you. I’m gonna cry.  Second of all, this makes a lot of sense, tbh?  But it wounds me that such a precious child would die trying to help the-scumbag-named-nagito.


tbh besides paulie being a grade a scumbag misogynist what is the difference between paul/victor going after paulie [and for personal reasons i’m glad they did] then nat/meech going after victor/paul? they also had a f5 with paul, and were targeted the next week. nat/meech had a f5 with paul/victor and went against them and were targeted the next week. the only real difference is just based on a game sense that nat/meech can’t rely on anothrr buyback to get them back in the game. but they both pairs went against someone that would have been loyal to them until their final 5.

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Lestat is too pure for this world. Everyone envies him because he's awesome, pretty, charismatic, and witty, but he just wants to be loved. I was kind of moved when I learnt he made Louis a vampire just because he reminded him his first love. T.T For the time being, I only read Interview With A Vampire & The Vampire Lestat, so of course Armand spent his time acting like the worst scumbag. I just knew he's been brainwashed by the Satanic Cult, but even Marius admitted he was his worst mistake...

Oh, I certainly encourage reading more to get a better portrait of the characters. Lestat is whiny and childlike, giving that youthful vitality to ask questions and do new things that are probably unadvised and I love him for it. And Armand wasn’t ever the angel you’d assume by his face, but he certainly wasn’t so stone-hearted during his time with Marius (though he was a grade-A brat). 

A woman has signs of physical injury, witnesses to back up her statement that her husband abused her, screenshots of text messages between her and her husband’s assistant where they discuss him hitting her, VIDEO PROOF that he was violent around her…and people still call her a liar and a gold-digger and defend her scumbag husband??? Really? What more could she possibly do to prove she was being abused?

“harley quinn can only be shipped with other women!!! she’s bisexual and shipping her with a man is bi erasure!!!!”

just in case we weren’t clear

you don’t have to like a ship – hell, in the case of ONE certain ship that puts harley with a certain scumbag i COULD name, you can actively despise it and tear it to shreds. but shipping a bisexual woman with a man is not fucking bi erasure.

Power Couple (Chato Santana)

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“What do we got here? Twelve pounds of shit in a ten-pound sack.” Rick said as some soldiers carried a body bag towards him and set it on the ground. One of the soldiers unzipped the body bag, “Welcome to the party, Captain Boomerang.” Rick welcomed the man as he struggled to get out the body bag. He then quickly punched the soldier that unzipped the bag and was held down by other men.

“Hey, what’s going on, man? Hey, one minute I’m playing Mahjong with me nanna then this red streak hits me outta nowhere.” Digger lied. “Shut up! You were caught robbing a diamond exchange.” Rick told Digger. “I was not!” Digger exclaimed.

Another car drove in, “Here comes Slipknot, the man who can climb anything. Wonderful.” Rick said sarcastically. “Have a good time, scumbag.” A woman told Slipknot as he calmly exited the vehicle. He then headbutted the woman, “Straighten up.” One of the men told him. “She had a mouth,” Slipknot told them and Harley laughed.

“Where’s the witch?” Rick asked one of his men. They shrugged and Rick groaned. “Witch?” Floyd questioned. One more black car drove into the area and three soldiers ran towards it then stationed themselves and pointed their weapons at the car. Two soldiers exited the car and opened the side door where you walked out.

“I understand the straight jacket and chains, but a fucking shock collar? Is that really necessary?” You asked Rick. He gave you a look that said ‘really?’ and rolled his eyes. “You in need of another witch?” You asked him. “What happened to Crazy Moon?” You questioned and with a push of a button, electricity ran through your body, causing you to jerk and fall on the ground. The eyes of the other members wandered to you as you laughed. When the electricity stopped, you were yanked off the ground. “How do you expect me to help you on your suicide mission to rescue A-” You were cut off when Rick pressed the same button, sending you into an agonizing pain.

Seconds later, he stopped and his men, once again, yanked you off the ground. “You’ve got nothing on me.” You laughed. “And don’t try to scare me with the bomb in the neck shit.” You added and the rest of the team furrowed their eyebrows.

This bitch is crazy.

What did she say?

Bombs? In our necks?

“Stop thinking!” You shouted. “Their thoughts hurting your brain?” Rick taunted. “I could snap your neck with my mind, I wouldn’t test my patience if I were you.” You growled at him. “Listen up!” Rick shouted and you rolled your eyes. “In your necks, like the witch said, you’ve got a nanite explosive. It’s the size of a rice grain but it’s powerful as a hand grenade.” Rick told them and you rolled your eyes. Chato’s eyes glanced at you and saw the chains they had around your ankles.

“You disobey me, you die,” Rick stated and looked directly at you, causing you to smile. Killer Croc gave him a low growl. “You try to escape, you die. You otherwise irritate or vex me, and guess what?” Rick asked. “You die.” You answered in a mocking tone, causing Digger, Floyd, and Harley to chuckle. Harley then raised her hand, “I’m known to be quite vexing. I’m just forewarning you.” She told him and you smiled.

“Lady, shut up!” Rick shouted at her. “Don’t have to be such a fucking dick, Flag.” You told him. “I swear to God I will find a way to kill you.” Rick threatened you and they all turned to look at you. “Honey, I’m the closest thing to a God there is and you can’t kill a God.” You told him and Digger chuckled.

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At this point it isn’t even a joke. Paulie is such a disgusting human being, I don’t get how he can live with himself saying all these disgusting things. He deserves to get evicted and booed. No way in hell should he get that 500k. He needs to leave.

Tbh I hate dominant men. I don’t care if they’re “polite” about it. I hate all of them and will assume they are scumbags until they prove themselves otherwise. And even then I still won’t completely trust them. 👎👎👎