Christianity, taking your hard earned money for personal gain whilst attempting to fool people that it is the epitome of high morality.

This is just another example of the taint of Christianity, and the corruption of it’s money grabbing hypocrits.

Well done to those who did the right thing and gave a helping hand to those in need.

Frater 440.’.
93 93/93

This happens occasionally… most militant creationists are Protestants, and thus hold to a faith-alone conception of salvation. However, since they believe so strongly that God created the Earth in 6 days and that Earth is 6000 years old, they tend to emphasize the necessity of creationism in practically every public appearance they make, at the expense of… well, at the expense of everything else that Christians believe in. I’ve actually heard someone say once that it’s impossible to believe in Christ’s salvation if you don’t take Genesis literally. Seriously, guys, what the hell (pun intended). 

Yup, this is actually a thing. A small minority of fundamentalists believe that the King James Version is the only legitimate, worthy English translation of the Bible. The only one. 

Never mind that we’ve had, like, 400+ years of scholarship and archeological findings that have given us much more accurate translations, or that people don’t speak in Elizabethan English anymore.